How to Use Search bar Settings to Find a Word in Safari?

I was browsing the webpage on Safari to find the exact word that I needed for my academy purpose. The page was so long that I had to browse and check through the entire content like a novice, rather I used the quick search on my Mac.
The result was quick and as expected, with the command I got the search bar appeared and now I could find the text that I was looking for.
To find the text on your Safari browser you just need to press the command + F button from the keyword. Now, if the command does not work you can find it from the bar Edit >> Find >> Find…
I will share the settings that you can alternate in case of the text starts or contains on a webpage to look after onto this. You have too many ways to get the search bar appeared onto the Safari and to happen this you can alternate the settings to find out which one works quickly for you.
You will learn the ways to start bar on your Safari and the correct method to use the settings with your purposes. I personally used the Command + F button from the keyboard to get the search bar on Safari.
But, things get a little noisy when a few settings are changed and the search bar can’t work finding the text even after having on a webpage. That’s what I will guide you to use the search bar settings while you’re finding a word on a webpage.

About the Search Bar Settings on Safari macOS

While I was searching the keyword on safari I found a few options that worth sharing. If you’re searching for a word in safari you should know the settings very well to get a step ahead of knowledge.
Once you’re performing the search on a webpage you have to know the settings that can make changes to the results. If you watch at the search bar, you’ll find the two options ‘Contains’ and ‘Starts With’ on the searched word.
To inform the meanings for you, the ‘Contains’ set up works with a long phase and will show on the result if the letters are containing on any part of a long keyword or text and where the ‘Starts With’ only displays the text result that starts with the key phrase you typed for search.
search settings
With a showcase, the thing will be more clear.
For example, if I search for the term ‘Techniquehow’ and select the ‘Contains’ options then all of the keywords that got ‘Techniquehow’ added in it with show up. But, if I select the ‘Starts With’ then the terms start with ‘Techniquehow’ will only show up and exclude terms like ‘BGTechniquehow’. I hope you understood.

How to Find a word within a webpage in Safari? (Mac)

If you want to find a word within a webpage on the Safari browser then you can do this with two different methods. I normally press the Command + F button from the keyboard and the search bar opens up on the web page and I can search there anything that needed.
Still, you can do this with another option by going to the settings of your Safari browser and manually opening the search bar on that webpage.
Using Command on Keyboard:
If you want to open the search bar with the command then just follow the three simple steps:
1. Open the webpage by you want to search on.
2. Now press Command + F from the keyboard on your Mac.
3. Now type the word or phrase that you want to search on that web page.
Using Safari Edit:
If you see the command does not work, on that case you can edit the settings to open the search bar on the web page, for this follow these steps:
1. Just open the webpage on your Safari browser.
2. Click on the ‘Edit’ option from the upper bar.
3. Now from the list just click on ‘Find’ and then click on ‘Find in page’.
4. Enter the word that you want to search on the web page and hit enter.
Pictorial Guide:
Step 1: Open webpage and go to Edit > Find > Find…
Step 2: Type what you want to search.
That’s all you’ve to do.
⦿ BONUS: In case you are searching for a text in a word document then you can press the Command + F button from keyboard to enter the search bar and then you can search for the keyword you want to find on that particular document.

How to Find a Word on a Webpage in iPhone?

When you’re on your iPhone you have one way to open the search bar on your Safari browser. The best advantage that you can get from the Safari browser on the iPhone, is the quick Search bar option on the right side of your web page URL. You will find the share option once you click on that you will get the ‘Find in Page’ option that you have to use in case of searching a word or text on the web page.
Just load the webpage until it gets fully completed and now we can perform the search on that search bar on your iPhone.
This method is the same for the iPhone or iPad users and any devices using the iOS on it.
Still, you have the best apps available on the Apple store that can perform the quick search on any given webpage.
I have seen that opening the search bar on the iPhone is much easier and can a term in 4 steps. Just go ahead and find the word you’re trying to find on a webpage.
On Safari iOS: [iPhone or iPad]
1. First of all, once you opened the webpage just click onto the arrow icon beside the URL on that page.
2. Then a few options will appear, just tap on the ‘Find on Page’ search icon.
3. Now the search bar will appear to find the word.
4. Here you can type the word you want to search & perform the action.
Pictorial Guide:
Step 1: Click on the icon.
Step 2: Tap on ‘Find on Page’.
find on page
Step 3: Input word and search.
⦿ BONUS: However, in case of a word document you can install an app from the apple store that enables you to search for a text in the word document more easily and quickly.
Wrap Up:
Finally, it’s really easy to find one or multiple words within a webpage. Just follow the guide as mentioned in this article either you want to find a word on iPhone or Mac and use the most efficient method that works for you. While you are performing the action just make sure to use the settings correctly to ease out the check.

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