Identify If Someone Screenshot your WhatsApp Status/Story

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Due to some privacy settings, WhatsApp does not allow all types of notifications but there are some techniques.

For the DP on your WhatsApp profile, if someone just takes a screenshot then you will not be notified for that case.

If you want, you can change the privacy of your DP on your WhatsApp profile making it visible only to friends.

If you want to know if someone just takes a screenshot of your status or story on WhatsApp, they will only see the name of the person as a status viewer when he opens the status but that does not confirm that the person screenshotted the person’s status.

This article will answer a few features where WhatsApp notifications can be determined as screenshot notifications, just note the answer in order to make certain actions on WhatsApp status.

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Does WhatsApp Notify for Screenshots of DP?

If you want to get notified when someone screenshots your DP then that is not possible from WhatsApp’s core notification system rather you can play a social engineering game with the person you know.

To just take the screenshot of your DP, the person needs to open the profile and go to the profile picture section and then he can screenshot to get it on his device.

But, if your privacy is public and if the person is not on your contacts then also he can screenshot your DP, otherwise not.

🔯 Alternative to Know If Someone Screenshots WhatsApp Status:

You can also follow this setup,

Ⅰ. Install Screenshot Notifier on your phone.

Ⅱ. Now, register with your WhatsApp and then go to settings.

Ⅲ. Set up the screenshot notification on that mod app and it’s done.

If someone tells you that he screenshot your DP then check how your privacy is configured on WhatsApp.

To know if he screenshotted your DP,

◘ First, send him a message and tell him that you got a notification for his screenshot on DP (in reality ‘not’). (Not really, just an experiment)

◘ Now, if he responds positively or agrees to it then you might be sure that he screenshotted your WhatsApp DP.

play or ask person on screenshot

Yes, he may deny that he had not but if they agree with you that he screenshot the DP then it’s good to go. You will find the reality if you follow the process.

You can even directly ask the person without getting him into the trap, and you may get the answer as well.

WhatsApp Notifications for the Screenshots of a Story

This is quite the same process if you want to know if the person took a screenshot of the status on WhatsApp. Now, directly WhatsApp would not notify you if someone just took a screenshot of your status or stories from the WhatsApp status section.

You will know who are the persons who viewed your WhatsApp status by tapping on the ‘eye’ icon. Just reach them and play a trick.

To know if he screenshotted your status on WhatsApp,

◘ First, send him a message and ask if he took the screenshot of your status.

◘ Now, if the person agrees to it then be sure that he screenshotted your WhatsApp status.

But WhatsApp itself would not let you know, you have to follow the above tricks to know if the person really took a screenshot of your WhatsApp DP or status.

Can you Identify if WhatsApp Status is Screenshotted?

Actually, there are no ways recently to tell if the status is screenshotted, but if one of your friends just uploaded the same image on their status then you can just assume that he took the screenshot or you can also ask the person directly if he really did so.

Follow the below instructions:

1. The Status uploaded by another friend:

If the status is unique and captured by you only that someone else is using on their status or DP then you should think about it.

Yes, he might have saved or screenshotted your status and that is why he is able to upload the same from his end.

If you notice someone is using the same image or video that is unique and on your status then the person has screenshotted or downloaded that from your status. This is the indication that you can use in order to confirm if someone really screenshots your status on WhatsApp.

His status will be visible under the ‘Recent updates‘ section.

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2. Profile Picture Visibility is Public:

If your WhatsApp profile picture visibility is public then you should know that all people or WhatsApp users can view your DP or screenshot it. However, in case it is private then only the people saved in your contacts will be able to see your DP, and then the screenshot is possible by only those people.

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So, if your profile picture or status privacy is set to public then that can be copied by others screenshotting it. It is advised to keep the DP or Status visibility to friends only or the people you have saved on your contacts.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained if you can get the notifications when someone takes screenshots of your DP or Status and this is clearly explained how things work and how you can know if the person screenshotted, from the above-mentioned points.

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