If I Remove Someone From Facebook Group Will They Know

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In the case of the Facebook group, the person won’t receive any direct notification, saying, you have been removed from a particular group or something.

The person will only come to know about this when they visit the group and see the “Join” button on that group.

There are some methods to extract all emails from Facebook groups. Also, if you need to join the group without permission, you have some ways to join a private Facebook group.

How to Confirm if you’re removed from the Group:

You can follow the simple methods below:

1. Open the Group:

If someday, after opening the group, you instantly find the “Join” button on the group that means you are removed from that group. Because usually, when you open the group, you will see messages, posts, and at the bottom, a message space to write and send a message. But after you have been removed, you won’t see any of these and only get an option of joining the group.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Facebook account on your device.

Step 2: Tap on the “Hamburger” icon, three horizontal lines, on the right upper corner.

three horizontal lines on facebook

Step 3: Scroll a little and go to the third option, you will see “Groups”.

Groups on facebook

Step 4: Next, you will see the section of all groups, select the targeted group, tap, and open.

targeted group on facebook

Step 5: Now, after opening, in the middle, you will see the option in the blue box: “JOIN”. To join tap on it.

join group on facebook

2. Check if the Group is Closed:

The second possibility can be that the group has been closed and deleted, due to some reason without informing the members, and that’s why you are not receiving any notification or messages. Because, once the group is closed and deleted from Facebook, you will not see it again.

To check and confirm, you can two things,

Closed Group

1ST: Open your Facebook, go to the group section by three horizontal lines, and find your group. If you do not find it, means it’s been closed.
2ND: Open your Facebook, tap on the search bar, write the name of the group, and see if you find it or not, if not then it’s been deleted.

How To Remove Someone From Facebook Group without them knowing:

Try the following methods:

1. Create A New Group

If you want to remove someone from a Facebook group without them knowing, you can’t do that. So the best way to remove the person is to create a new group on Facebook without the particular user in it.

Step 1: Launch your Facebook account

Open your Facebook account on your device.

Step 2: Tap on the > “Group” icon, on the upper right side

Upper Right Side

With all the attention, roll your eyes towards the upper right corner of the screen, just below the three-horizontal line. There you will find the group icon, tap and open it.

Step 3: Select > the “Create Group” option

Create Group option

After selecting the Create Group option, next, you will ask to add a group name and choose privacy. Select the option accordingly.

Step 4: Lastly, tap on “Create”

 invite below the group

And it’s done, your group is created, Now, tap on “+ invite” below the group name, to send an invite to your friends and other members.

2. Invite All Old Members without the Person

Once you’ve created a group, you’ll be shown the Invite Members page. You’ll need to invite all those members to the group who were in your old group. But don’t invite the one member who you want to remove from the old group. Click on the blue Invite button to send the invites to the members and then click on the Next button.

invite group

3. Restart Activity on New Group

After creating the group and inviting people, you’ll need to add a new cover picture to the group. Then add a description and choose a goal for your group. Next, you need to add new posts to your group. Restart the activity on the new group and start posting stuff on the group. Don’t post anything on the old group. Instead posts all those stuff on the new group.

4. Close Old Group For All

After starting the new group, you need to close the old group. You need to delete the old group after removing all the members from the group.

You should know that only if you’re an admin of the group, you’ll be able to remove members from the group to close it.

🔴 Steps To Close a Group:

Step 1: You need to open the Facebook app and then log in to your account.

Step 2: Next, you need to click on the three lines icon and then click on Groups.

click three dots

Step 3: Next, open the group and click on Members and then click on the three dots icon next to each member in the list.

click group option

Step 4: Click on the Remove member option and confirm it.

click on the remove
click on confirm

Once you remove the other members, click on the three dots icon next to your name on the screen and then leave the group by clicking on Leave Group. Confirm it to leave the group.

What Happens If you Remove Someone From A Facebook Group:

These are the things you will notice:

1. He No Longer can Post on Group

Once you remove someone from a Facebook group, the person will no longer be able to post stuff on the group.

As you’re removing him from being a member of the group, he won’t be able to post stuff as to post anything the user has to be a member of that particular group.

The users who are harassing and creating a disturbance in the group should be removed so that they can’t create a nuisance anymore.

2. Can’t See New Stuff on Group (if the group is private)

After you remove the user from a group, the user won’t be able to see new posts. As you’re removing the user, he will not be a part of the group anymore which is why the new stuff of the group won’t be visible if it’s a private group.

The group will appear locked to the user. The new posts of the group will only be visible to the existing members. But in case the group is public, the removed user will still be able to see the new posts.

3. Can Still Find the Group on Search

You should know that even if you remove a person from a Facebook group, the person will be able to search for the group and find it.

Even if the user finds the group on Facebook, he will not be able to post stuff on it. If it’s a private group, the group will appear locked seeing which he will be able to understand that the admin has removed him from the group.

How to Track From Where the Most Group Members Are:

If you want to track and know where most of your group members are you need to use a tracking link from the IP Logger tool.

You can send the shortened tracking link to the group and then you need to ask the members to check out the video associated with the link.

Wait for the members to click on it. As the members click on the link, you’ll be able to see their location from the results. Check the location from where most of the click shows as most of the group members are from that location.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Copy the link to any video. Next, you need to open the IP Logger tool from the link: https://iplogger.org/.

Step 2: Then, you need to paste the copied link into the input box and then click on the Create a short link button.

paste video link and click create a shortlink

Step 3: From the next page, copy the shortened link and then open Facebook. Post the shortened link on the Facebook group and ask the users to click on the link to check out the video.

copy shortlink and share on your facebook groups

Step 4: Next, access the results link or the tracking code on IP Logger. Then, you need to check the IP address and the country of the users from the results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will Someone be Notified if I Remove them from a Group?

Like WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook doesn’t send a notification regarding the removal. If you have removed someone from a Facebook group, he/she won’t come to know via a notification. The person who is removed from the group will realize when he or she opens the group, as the option to “Join” the group shows again.

The “Join” option means that the admin has removed you, and you are no more part of the group.

Also, you will no longer be able to either send any message or any post.

Now the only option left to you is to send a message to the admin in the personal chatbox, asking him/her the reason, and if everything is fine then you can easily rejoin the group.

2. Who Can Remove you from a Group?

“Admin”, the person who has created the group can remove anyone, any time from the group. Only the admin has the option to add and remove someone from the group.

The admin is the creator of the group, it is his responsibility to take care of the members of the group and also the activities going on in the group. If any member sends a message or post that is illegal or is spam and is hurting someone’s feelings, then the admin has all the rights to remove him/her from the group.

Activities such as debate, or any inflammatory discussion are prohibited in groups. So, anyone found doing all such activities is removed from the group by the collective decision of group members and major of admin.

3. Can you see who removed you from a Facebook group?

When you’re removed from any Facebook group, it is the admin of the group who has removed you as the members of the group don’t have the authority to remove other members from any group.

All the moderating powers and features of the group are only available to the admin or the moderator of the group who has created it in the first place.

4. If you delete a post on the Facebook group will the person receive a notification?

If you delete a post on the Facebook group, the post won’t be visible to other group members or the admin. The admin or the moderator of the group who handles it, will not be notified about the deletion of the posts with a notification.

When you post something, either you can delete it after it’s posted or the admin can reject your posts from the group.

5. If you remove someone from the Messenger group will they know?

When you remove someone from a messenger group, the person won’t receive a notification about it. But that doesn’t ensure that the user will not be able to know that he has been removed because when you’re removing someone from the group, some changes appear seeing which the user will be able to understand that he has been removed.

As the user won’t be able to send messages to the group after you remove him, seeing this clear indication, the user will be able to know that he has been removed.

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