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Can Someone See That I Viewed Instagram Video If Not Friends?

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can be visible when viewing Instagram videos on a user’s Story, with your name appearing in the Viewers list.
» Also, use a Professional account setting to control visibility in Likes and Comments, ensuring your interactions are attributed only to your account without revealing your name.

If I View A Video On Instagram Will The Person Know:


If you watch a video on Instagram, the person who posted it will not be notified.

View Count Visibility:

People who can see the post can view the total count of how many times the video has been watched. However, you can’t see the exact number of views for videos in a post with multiple photos and videos.

Can Someone See That I Viewed Instagram Video If We Are Not Friends?

Before seeing someone’s video on Instagram, you should know where the person posted the video. There are two ways to share a video on Instagram publicly: either the person can share the video through his story or share the video as a post.

1. For Story Videos

If you are talking about the Instagram story video, then if you view someone’s video, they will be notified. But as you guys know, Instagram sets their algorithms that a story on Instagram will disappear after 24 hours.

People can see the video within this time limit. After that, the video will disappear, and you can not see the video again. You can see a video as often as you want within the time limit. If the person shared his story with his Close Friends, then those who are his class friend can see the story and g

2. For Posted Videos

Now, if you are talking about the posted videos on Instagram, you can not see the name, but you can see the views number. For security reasons, Instagram does not disclose the data of this user.

If the person’s Instagram account is private, then there is less number of other people who can view your post. You can see those names who have liked your post; using this, you can say who has viewed your post because those who liked your post also viewed your post. 

How Would Someone Know If You Viewed his Video on Instagram:

Several ways are using which one person can determine who viewed your posts. Those who give a like, comment, and share your post, can see their name. So, they have viewed your post.

1. If you Liked His Video

If you want to know who viewed your post, then log in to your account and go to your Profile. After entering your Profile, scroll down the page to see all of the posts you have shared on Instagram.

Number of Like

Open any of these posts, and in the bottom left of this post, you can see the number of likes and some of their names. Click on the number of likes, and you will be navigated to a new window where you can see the list of the people who viewed and liked your post.

2. If you Commented on His Video

You can also determine who viewed your Profile with the help of the number of comments. To see who comments on your video, go to your Profile and open the video whose comments you want to see.


Below the post, you can see three options: Comments and Shares. Click on the Comments icon, and Instagram will redirect you to a new window where you can see all of your users’ comments. 

3. If you Shared His Video

If you share his video, it will also be counted, and you can see the number of shares just below the Share button. But using a general account, you can not see the number of shares counts, and you have to transfer your account to a professional account.

From Settings also, you can change the Like and Comments settings. Go to the Settings of your Instagram account and tap Privacy; there, you can hide likes and view counts from the Posts and change who can comment on your post.

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