Instagram Camera Not Working – Why & Fixing

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To fix if the Instagram front or rear camera is not working, first, reinstall the Instagram app on your phone and then disable & re-enable the camera app on your smartphone.

Doing these two things might fix the issue that was happening due to camera settings.

If your camera is not working on Instagram then first you make sure your phone camera is working well. If you’re using an Android or iPhone device then in both cases, if the camera is damaged then you would notice that the camera might not open.

But if the camera is working on the phone but Instagram having an issue opening this or shooting video & photos then you must need a few fixes.

That can be solved by changing the settings or just by reinstalling the Instagram app, so try once.

Sometimes mistakenly if the camera permissions are disallowed either on the pop-up or from the settings, that may occur an issue or even changing the camera settings also causes the problem.

If you see the camera is not able to take perfect videos or pictures then in order to deal with the quality you can use Instagram filters to make it attractive or you can use the story makers apps.

This article will explain the methods to fix the camera error and why it happens, and also the alternative ways to fix your Instagram camera.

Why Instagram Camera Not Working:

If the video call is not working then either there is an issue with the camera or the issue with Instagram itself. Either server is not working properly or your settings just played the wrong role.

1. If you have not granted permissions

Instagram would require a few permissions from the camera app to use the camera. Make sure you have granted all the permissions needed for the video call to be made from Instagram.

Most probably, these options will be auto-enabled as soon as you install the app, but some android devices won’t do so if you have used an offline installer with apk file.

It is better to always check in the app settings whether you have turned on the camera option for Instagram.

2. Instagram Camera Won’t Flip

Instagram doesn’t have a camera on its own, it just uses the camera in the phone. All we have to do is change the settings so that Instagram can access the phone camera.

Before giving access, make sure that your camera is working properly.

3. Changed Factory settings wrongly

If everything falls correctly into place, then the only option is to check the factory settings.

Many junk files might be causing some problems with your camera so it is always advisable to keep a backup before doing a factory reset.

Just choose ‘system’ in settings and do the reset by tapping on erase all.

Instagram Camera Feature Checker:

🔯 How to Use a Story Maker App – Unfold

Unfold is a useful story-maker app that you can use for your Instagram videos or pictures to make the story a bit attractive and look cool.

You can use this tool on both Android and iOS and on iPhone this Unfold app works really well and comes for free, although you can use the premium features as well after purchase.

Step 1: First of all, install the Unfold app on the Apple app store or android play store.

unfold app

Step 2: Now allow permission to use it with the Instagram camera.

Step 3: You will be able to record your videos with a few added features to use in your stories.

That’s all you’ve to do.

What to do if Instagram camera not working:

There are many reasons that may cause the Instagram camera failure issue, let’s look at those fixes:

1. Reinstall the Instagram App

You can get all the new additional features on the phone only when you update the app. You cannot expect the outdated app to function with a new feature that is recently added.

Uninstall Instagram

Sometimes updating the app does not work, it is better to uninstall the app and then reinstall the latest version on your mobile. This will fix the error if that was happening for the settings or permissions that were denied.

install the Instagram app

2. Disable & Enable Camera app

If the camera app has the issue in itself then just disable the camera app and then restart the phone. After that, again enable the camera app from the app’s settings and then try rechecking the camera if it’s working.

This might solve the issue, but if this still persists, just go to the updates section and update your phone OS to the latest.

disable camera and enable

How to Turn on the camera on an Instagram video call:

If you haven’t been given access to the Instagram video call, then go to settings and change the permissions. If the person picks up your call, you have the liberty to either mute or turn off the camera if you wish to. On the left-side bottom corner of your screen, you can find a camera option.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app.

Step 2: Look at the top right corner and click on the ‘Direct messages’ icon.


Step 3: A list of contacts with whom you have talked will appear. 


Step 4: Choose one contact to whom you want to make a video call.


Step 5: Make sure you have the latest and updated version of Instagram. 

Step 6: On choosing a contact, check the topmost right corner. There will be a video symbol. 

Step 7: On clicking it, your call will be made to the selected person.

By tapping it, you can turn it on or off. On the right side bottom corner, there will be a microphone symbol that you can mute the call or unmute. If the person didn’t see your call, they will get a notification, provided they had turned the notification on. 

Instagram Front Camera Not Working – iPhone:

The general instructions apply to the iPhone also. Make the general checks first. If everything is fine, then follow the below steps, start by restarting your iPhone. 

Step 1: Make sure you maintain and follow the screen timings and privacy restrictions. 

Step 2: A problem arises whenever you use a particular app more than the set limit.

Step 3: If you want to use the video camera on Instagram, then change the screen timing and restrictions. 

Step 4: Open settings and select screen time and go to content and privacy restrictions.

 screen time and go to
go to content and privacy restrictions.

Step 5: Click on allowed and turn the camera on.

Step 6: Again come to content and privacy restrictions and tap on photos.

 privacy restrictions and tap on photos

Step 7: Check ‘Allow changes’.

Check ‘Allow changes’.

Turn on Instagram.

Note: Keep in constant check with the low power mode. The low power mode is helpful to keep your battery alive. If it is turned on, it might turn off the services of certain apps. It might turn off the video camera for Instagram as it might consume more power.

How to Fix Instagram Video call failed on iPhone:

If the Instagram video call failed, then one of the possibilities can be that your Instagram app is outdated. Update the Instagram and try reinstalling it again. 

Even after doing all these checks, if your Instagram video call failed,

  1. Keep connected to more people so that the people will follow you back. 
  2. If any people don’t follow you back on Instagram, then the video call option won’t be available for that particular person. 
  3. But, those people who have messaged you directly will be able to video chat with you.

🔯 Contact Instagram to Fix the video call issue on iPhone:

There are so many ways to fix the issue of the Instagram video call failure. Go for contacting Instagram support to fix this,

Step 1: Go to settings on the top right corner of Instagram.

Go to settings on the top right corner of Instagram on iPhone

Step 2: Click on ‘Help’.

Click on ‘Help’ on instagram iPhone

Step 3: Choose ‘Report a problem’.

Choose ‘Report a problem’.

Step 4: Select the ‘Report problem without shaking’ or ‘Something is not working’ option.

Select & click on send and wait for the response.

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