Instagram Following List Stalkers: Who Checked Your Following List

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Instagram users can tell if someone was stalking their Instagram following list by using different tricks. Even though users with professional accounts can get to know the number of profiles who stalked their overall Instagram profile recently.

The user can try different techniques like checking the Following list of his account to find out those profiles that have many followers in common to know the stalker.

You can also find out the new followers who have started following your profile recently to know who is stalking your following list.

Online tools like Snoopreport are very effective to let you track the activities of other Instagram accounts which can help you to find out if anyone’s stalking your Instagram account.

You need to know that mostly the profiles who stalk your Instagram account are the ones who comment on all your posts, send messages to interact with you on Instagram, or view your Instagram story every day.

There you might get some clues if you find the same person on your story viewers list.

Instagram Following List Stalkers:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First of all, open your web browser and go to the Instagram Following List Stalkers tool.

Step 2: Once the page has loaded, you will see a box that says “Enter Instagram Username”.

Step 3: Enter the username of the Instagram account that you want to check for followers.

Step 4: Click on the “Stalk” button and wait for the tool to check its data.

Step 5: The tool will then show you a list of Instagram users who have checked your following list.

instagram Following 16

How To Find Instagram Following List Stalkers:

Here are a few ways that can help you find out if someone was stalking your Instagram following list:

1. Using Third Party Tool: Snoopreport

You can use different third-party tools or apps to find out who has stalked your Instagram Following list recently. The most recommended tool that can help you track your stalker is Snoopreport. It is a user activity tracker tool that can provide you with reports about your stalker’s profile activities.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Snoopreport tool by getting into its official website.

Step 2: You’ll need to click on Get Started.

click on Get Started

Step 3: Next, fill in your details and then agree to the terms and conditions. Click on Sign Up.

Click on Sign Up

Step 4: Next, click on Add Account at the top left corner of the screen.

click on Add Account

Step 5: Buy yourself a Plan depending on your type of account.

Buy yourself a Plan

Step 6: Type and enter the username of the account that you want to track and click on See Reports.

On the next page, you’ll be able to see the activities that profile.

2. The person followed people

When someone is stalking your profile’s Following list, they often end up following the same people as you do. If the stalker who’s stalking your Following list does that, then it is easier for you to know who the person is. But it is quite a time-consuming process.

To check and find out who’s the stalker, you need to first open your account’s Following list by heading to your profile page.

You’ll be able to see all the names of the profiles that you follow. Next, you need to click on each name to visit their profile and then click on Followers to see their list of followers. If you find any user with whom you have several common followers, you can be sure that the person is your recent stalker.

Person Followed People

You can’t find any direct or shortcut method to catch your stalker on Instagram, but if you want to know if someone is keeping an eye on your profile, you can also post stories on Instagram to find out who sees it first. It’s most likely to be seen by your stalker who’s already on your profile and stalking your Following list.

3. Check your Recent followers

You need to know that your recent followers are the recent stalkers of your Instagram Following list.

It is seen that the new followers, before starting to follow any profile, stalk the following list to see the accounts followed by you.

If your profile on Instagram is public, people can easily stalk your Following list, posts, images, videos, reels, etc. They don’t need to follow you to view those. But often when a stalker likes your content, they follow your profile to keep up with your posts as these will be under their liked posts.

Many of these stalkers, after stalking your Following list, start to follow you. Hence, if you see that your profile is gaining a lot of new followers, you need to know that most of them have stalked your Following list as well as your entire profile for hours before following you.

Check your Recent followers

Even if you look at your Follower list, you’ll be able to see the names of accounts that have started following your account recently. They’re the stalkers of your Instagram Following list.

Does Instagram show who Stalks you the most:

People who stalk you the most are the :

1. The most commenters

You need to know that the users who comment on your post more and more frequently after you upload any post be it images, videos, or reels are the ones who stalk you the most.

You’ll often notice some particular accounts that always comment on your every post. Basically, they stalk your profile every day to see if you’ve uploaded any new posts. Even these profiles reply to your stories after viewing them. They keep an eye on your account’s activities.

You can check and find the stalker by uploading some new posts on Instagram. The profile that is commenting on all your new posts before anyone else is most probably the stalker.

If you find some commenters leaving lots of spam comments under each of your posts, you can be sure that it’s a stalker. To avoid that, you can block/restrict the account too.

2. People interact with your most

You’ll often notice some profiles that interact with you more than others. These profiles are the stalkers of your account. These people not only message you daily but you’ll often find them replying to your stories.

Especially for the profiles that are public and are visible to all, the stalkers are more in numbers as the private profiles can’t be stalked by the non-followers because all their posts are hidden.

If you have a public Instagram account, you might receive DMs from many followers and non-followers of your account. These users usually first stalk your profiles that include your posts, Following list, etc, and then send you DMs to gain your attention.

It’s also possible that many of your followers with whom you engage in daily conversation via DMs on Instagram, stalk your profile post, and your Following list from time to time.

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can also see the monthly insights of your accounts to find out the number of people who have stalked or visited your overall profile.

3. Your story viewers

The common profiles that view all your Instagram stories can also be stalkers. After you upload a story on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the list of people who views your story by clicking on the eye icon at the bottom of the story. That one account you find common on viewers’ list of every story, is the stalker.

It’s the most effective technique to find out the stalker because, when a stalker is scrolling your profile, they’ll be able to see the red circle that appears around your profile picture of your account. Once they click on it, their name will be recorded under the viewers’ list.

Your story viewers

You can use this method to check and find out the stalker by uploading one or more stories for a few consecutive days. Next, you need to notice the account’s name that is common on the viewers’ lists of every story.

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