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Best Insta DP Viewer Online Tools

✎ Key Takes:

» You can easily view and download full-size Instagram profile pictures by visiting the ‘Fullinstadp’ tool and entering your Instagram username.
» If you find tapping on the profile picture within Instagram unresponsive, these tools offer a solution by allowing you to download the full-size profile pictures.

Insta DP Viewer Online:

There are a few tools that you can use to resize your Instagram profile picture:

1. FullInstaDP

Full Insta DP is one of the best user-friendly online tools that helps to see the profile picture from Instagram in full size. You can apply this to the profile picture of public as well as private Instagram accounts. It also has a separate facility to download the Instagram story of users.

To view the full-size Instagram profile picture,

Step 1: Firstly, go to the FullInstaDP tool on any web browser.

 the FullInstaDP tool on any web browser

Step 2: Now, the home page will appear where you have to enter the Instagram username of the person that you wish to view the profile picture of.

Step 3: Then tap on the blue ‘View DP’ icon.

tap on the blue ‘View DP’ icon.

Step 4: You’ll be shown two options now – “Download the user’s Full-Size DP” or “Open on Insta”.

Download the user’s Full-Size DP

Step 5: Select the first option and your download will start to process.

Step 6: The page will also be redirected to open the user’s profile picture in full size. Also, you can right-click on the image and tap “Save Image As”.

The image downloaded will be of a high resolution and best quality.

Full Insta DP also includes an additional feature to list the most viewed accounts and recently viewed Instagram accounts.

2. InstaFinsta – Instagram DP Viewer

The InstaFinsta Web Tool is your one-stop solution to all your Instagram downloading-related concerns. It is amazing for InstaFinsta that can download via Instagram API without entering any personal login details. IGTV videos, Photos, Feed videos, and even Reels can be downloaded instantly with this & completely free tool.

First to get the Instagram profile picture link,

◘ Launch the Instagram App.

◘ Open the Instagram Profile of the user, whose profile picture you want to view and download.

◘ Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. This will open a popup box of several options.

◘ Find the “Copy Profile URL” option and tap on it to copy the profile link.

To download the profile picture,

Step 1: Now, open instafinsta.com in any web browser.

Step 2: After the InstaFinsta opens, tap on the ‘DP’ icon.

InstaFinsta opens, tap on the ‘DP’ icon

Step 3: Now, paste the already copied Instagram link in the Instagram DP Downloader input box.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Search’ option.

Click on the ‘Search’ option

Step 5: This will redirect you to the page with choices enabling you to either view the profile picture in full size or download that picture in HD quality.

download that picture in HD quality

For the final step, hit the download button and wait for the photo to be downloaded in seconds.

3. InstaDP Profile Picture Downloader

InstaDP is yet another safe and convenient tool to download the Instagram Profile picture of friends, family, and anyone else with an active Instagram ID.

To download the Instagram profile picture,

Step 1: First of all, open the InstaDP tool on your browser.

Step 2: On the PAGE, select the ‘Instagram Profile Picture Downloader‘ option.

Step 3: This will redirect you to the page where you can type for the Instagram username and then hit the enter button.

Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Step 4: For further confirmation, click on the blue continue button. Now, you will be navigated to the Instagram profile of the user.

For further confirmation, click on the blue continue button

Step 5: Here, you must click on the second option in the bar displayed – ‘Full Size’ to view the full-size photo.

Full Size' to view the full-size photo

Step 6: As the full-size Instagram Profile Picture appears on your device screen.

You have to tap on the blue Download button and it will start downloading.

The photo will be downloaded to your device in its original quality and you can save/share it anywhere you want or just keep it as a memory.

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