Private Instagram Viewer without Account

Do you want to view private profiles on Instagram to see the photos and stories?

Instagram comes with features like obtaining a private account on Instagram, managing multiple Instagram profiles, and hiding stories and photos for its user’s interest.

Now, if you are that one who spies at the Instagram profiles, definitely hit the boundary here for private profiles.
If you suspect an Instagram account, you can find if it was fake.
You would see that the photos, stories, and all other stuff are hidden on to that Instagram profile when it is private. Until or unless you’re approved as a follower that stays the same.

You have the way to view a private Instagram profile just by being a follower of that person. Still, some private Instagram viewers can do this easily. We have listed those also here.

Although, more ways are there to try out for viewing private Instagram account without login.
Let’s learn the ways below to view Instagram private profile:

1. View private Instagram Posts:

You have to tap or click on to the Follow button appears on to the Instagram profile. After doing this the follow-request is sent to that person. Now, once he accepts this, you can access all of his photos and posts thus viewing that private Instagram account.

  • Just open the Instagram profile of the person.
  • Tap on the ‘Follow‘ button.
To get accepted you have to maintain a standard on that person’s view. Just directly ask the person by messaging to that person. But always remember, keep a calm approach while stating a chat with the person.

follow request

You will notice the person will soon approve your follow request. If needed keep sending him reminders through chat. Until he is doing this, keep patience.

Whatever you do, have a fixed goal that you need to take the follow-request approval from that person in any way and this is the easiest way to unlock all of his private photos and posts. Once, you are the follower of that person, that Instagram profile would no longer stay private for you.

2. View Private Photos: Using Google Search

You want to view the private Instagram profiles, right?… If you need to see the current posts and photos of that person then other social media platforms like Facebook can help you do this.

Just note the username of that Instagram account and search that on Google. Now, note that you can also search for the person’s name on Google image search and look for the correct image.

Once you find the link of that image just go to that platform (maybe Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Vlog) and visit the profile. Most probably you would find the same update for that person there. However, finding the person on YouTube easier if the person is a bit popular on the internet.


Still, if you need the images from the Instagram private profile just search the username or the name on Google image. You will definitely find some of the similar photos on Google’s image search result or even the old indexed Instagram photos of that profile which now are not accessible by all.

How to View Private Instagram Profile with Social Engineering?

Social Engineering technique is a way to make people play into your game without letting them know. This method is perfect as it helps you without harming the other person just by creating an illusion. This is a trick used to find out any conclusion and result without having any tools to view a private Instagram profile. But, this needs a lot more experience to do.

But, don’t worry. We will share the step-by-step guide that only needs to be followed to view the private Instagram profile. This social engineering technique makes the person feel your profile real and then accepting & sharing his stuff.

Let’s start the discussion.

First of all, you will need a new Instagram account that is fake but does not feel to be fake. This Instagram fake account will be used to take the approval of your follow request from that person.

Now take a few steps to create a profile that looks nice and feels real.

Create an Account & add BIO:
You have to take care of adding bio or account info while creating an account. Just make sure you added a name and suitable images to that profile. The account must feel real in any case. If possible update images more frequently that attract people.
While creating the profile be cautious about the age of the profile and choose a name according to the country or area, this makes the profile feel realistic.
Interact with other People:
If you just have created the ID now it’s the time to next step. You have to interact with the people you have added. Always like or comment on the other person’s post and that creates a huge difference in building the reputation of a fake Instagram account.
However, you can chat with the person who is mutual of the person whom you want to spy so that it sounds real.
Add lots of Photos that Make the Profile feel REAL:
If you want to make the IG profile more famous adding photos is necessary. So, add lots of photos into the profile so that the person thinks that it’s the real ID. You should send the following request only when your fake ID really becomes enough to look like a real.
This practice of creating a fake account is strictly not allowed on Instagram but in some cases, you can do this as an interest so that it does not harm anyone.
Start a Chat:
As already mention starting a chat with people increases the possibility of getting known to people and mutual ones are also notice you.
After creating an Instagram account just start chatting with the people who are in the circle of that person you want to spy.
That is why you should always chat with people besides liking and commenting on the post. Once the person accepts the follow request, you will see all of the private photos of that Instagram account.
Note: If you see your Instagram account is blocked, you can take a few steps to remove the action blocked on Instagram.

Private Instagram Profile Viewers Tools

While these techniques still depend on the other person, you have these following private Instagram viewers to see all of the private photos with no survey at all.

As you know, Instagram allows only the followers to view the photos and stories of a private Instagram account. However, these private profile viewers can see private photos of a profile without knowing them.

If you’re using any device you have to use any of these tools from the below list to view a private Instagram profile online that can reveal all of the private photos and stories posted on that private account.

1. InstaPrivateViewer

If you are looking for an online solution that can help you see the private Instagram profiles with no survey headaches then InstaPrivateViewer is the right viewer tool.

InstaPrivateViewer can even show the profiles if they had blocked you previously on Instagram from seeing posts. This tool is totally free to use and shows the result within minutes.

If an Instagram account keeps the stuff private, this InstaPrivateViewer can show up all of those contents without following the person.


i) Can show you all private stuff including private photos, videos, and stories.
ii) Keeps you anonymous while browsing the private stuff of that Instagram profile.
iii) You will only need the username to view the private Instagram account, you don’t need to login there.



2. WatchInsta

WatchInsta is an online Instagram profile viewer tool that can access all private accounts and show up the stuff online. You don’t need to download any app to use this tool, it’s totally live & online.

WatchInsta works even to recover deleted chats and photos from Instagram and you just need only the username to access the private account.


i) WatchInsta helps you by keeping you anonymous on the internet while browsing Instagram.
ii) You can export all the private stuff in .zip format using WatchInsta.
iii) WatchInsta checks all the new updates of that Instagram profile.
iv) You don’t need to login to view a private Instagram profile.


3. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta is a free private Instagram viewer that works online without downloading any apps. PrivateInsta is the best to view someone’s story or posts without his permission.

This tool is very easy to handle, you just have to enter the username of the Instagram profile and without login, you will see all of the private Instagram photos.


i) PrivateInsta can show up all private images of anyone if you have the username.
ii) PrivateInsta is a free online tool, no need to download software.
iii) Protects its users from getting revealed by keeping them anonymous.
iv) As it is an online tool you can access this from your iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.

Link: Visit


4. Instaspy – Insta Looker [DEAD. Not Working]

While Instagram does not allow its users to view the private picture, Instaspy can spy any account and reveal all of the private pictures to you very quickly.

You also don’t need to download any software to use this tool. Instaspy can help you see the private videos and storied posted on Instagram.


i) Instaspy is free to use online tool that does not require any software downloads. You can easily use this on any device.
ii) Another great feature is its safety. It does not need any login and your IP is totally anonymous.
iii) You just need the username of that Instagram account then you can EXPORT all the data including the Instagram private photos and videos.

5. InstaDP – Search profile pictures

If you are looking for a perfect tool that can download Instagram’s private profile picture as well as the stories then InstaDP is the perfect tool. InstaDP is totally an online tool that can have access to all types of devices.

You will need the username to show up all posted stories and private profile picture, then you can download them all using this InstaDP.


i) InstaDP can download private profile picture as well as the Instagram stories.
ii) InstaDP has access to all the devices like iPhone, Android, and Windows, etc.
iii) Private stories posted on Instagram can be downloaded using the InstaDP tool.
iv) Like others, InstaDP is also an online tool. You don’t need to download any app for this.



6. PrivatePhotoViewer

Just looking for a Private Instagram Web viewer tool, then this one the perfect. You can easily find the whole profile stuff just by entering the username on to the box.

You can also spy the blocked Instagram profile from this tool. You have the full access here to see all of the private profile and their stuff for free. Unlike other tools, you cannot do this checkup online, you have to install the software.

i) This  PrivatePhotoViewer can download full-size images from Instagram.
ii) This tool can access all photos and stories from an Instagram private account.
iii) This PrivatePhotoViewer is available on Windows 10, iOS and Android. You can perform the online check once you install the software on your device.

Third-party apps are helpful in seeing who viewed your private Instagram and such tools are used to view the private images and videos posted on Instagram. While using these tools you don’t need to login to your Instagram account, you can also perform the action from the incognito window.
The Bottom Line:
If you want to see the private Instagram photos, you have to follow the person and get approval from the person. All of the techniques here denote how to get that thing done and which is most suitable & easy. 
More: If you are willing to see the private Instagram account then the apps mentioned here in this article might satisfy your need and you can do this task without installing any tools on your devices. 

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