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To fix the iPhone network not available issue, just check or re-insert the SIM and look for if it’s not damaged.

In other cases, if the internet is not accessible on your iPhone just make sure the WiFi is turned off to browse through the mobile internet.

If your cellular network is showing no service then you might not be able to access the internet on your iPhone. If the issue is something else then, in order to get internet access restored you might fix those things ASAP.

But, if the network shows that it’s not available then that might be due to the ‘out of service’ area of your network.

The reason could be the expired plan or the device itself and restarting the mobile can fix the network issue easily and instantly, maybe this happens due to the re-searching of the network.

There are several settings that you can change in order to optimize a few features on your iPhone and if the issue is the network then just try switching the mode of the network from 4G to 5G consistently.

iphone 13 pro network not available

Why iPhone Physical SIM Network Not Available:

If you see ‘No Service‘ or ‘Searching‘ on your iPhone then there must be some network issues.

If you are not in an area with proper cellular network coverage then this problem can occur. 

Though, the best solution is to make sure that you are in an area with the proper cellular network coverage. 

If you are still not able to access better networking then make sure to turn cellular data on or off from the settings. After that make sure to tap on cellular or mobile data. If you are using an iPad then you can also see settings and cellular data options under there. 

Make sure to prefer settings and tap on cellular, after that choose cellular data options and turn on access data roaming.

Sometimes, you must have faced the issue of saying No Service. There are mainly three reasons for that:

1. Maybe due to device problem

If your iPhone is saying No Service then there must be some hardware problems. Mainly due to hardware problems, iPhone says No Service and does not allow connecting easily. For that, you need to use and implement some effective steps. If you are facing No Service issues then make sure to check the settings of your iPhone as well.

If you see that there is another reason then make sure to take a look at your iPhone’s software. Make sure to have a proper inspection of your software and hardware to get better results or look for the software update. This will help you to overcome the issue of No Service.

2. Your plan is Expired

The issue of No service can also be possible due to the issues with your cell phone plan. If your phone plan has issues then you need to renew that instantly. We all know tag no one size fits all solutions to the issues. Or so crucial to troubleshooting with the help of the most effective solutions.

If you want to fix your phone then make sure to refer most effective solutions for that. If your plan is expired for a long time then your service might be outdated in some cases.

3. Your SIM card is deactivated

Sometimes, no service can also be the reason due to the iPhone being disconnected as the carrier suspected fraudulent activity. Sometimes Your phone also says No service if your number was canceled.

This is the most common reason. If in case, you came to the exact reason for No service issues then make sure to give the carrier a call and look for if everything is Okay.

If you discover that No service is being caused due to the carrier then make sure to check out your cell phone plan comparison tool to know & understand how can you save hundreds of dollars a year by switching up things.

iPhone Physical SIM Network Not Available – How To Fix:

Often, the cellular data is stopped and does not work on your iPhone or iPad. There are certain ways that you can implement to fix the problem instantly:

1. Insert SIM card Again

Try to remove the sim card and then insert it again. Sometimes it happens that the sim card is dusty and reinserting can help your phone to improve the cellular network.

2. Turn on Data Roaming

If you are not able to fix the cellular network then make sure to try applying this step. You can turn on the roaming from the settings of your iPhone.

Most people who have experienced Phone Data outages have been able to be found this a reliable solution to fix the cellular network.

turn on data roaming iphone

3. Turn off your Wi-Fi to Use Mobile Data

If you’re on your WiFi & you’re seeing the internet is not accessible then maybe your WiFi is not working if you’re connected to any. Now, in order to access the internet from your iPhone mobile network, you must turn off the WiFi and then restart the phone if the network is not available or no signal and you will be able to access the internet on your mobile network.

Alternatively, turning on & off the airplane mode can also make these things work.

turn off wifi

Fix if your iPhone Cellular Data Settings are Missing:

◘ You can change the LTE settings, make sure to look into the settings app of your iPhone and then see if cellular data settings are missing or not. If it is missing then move to the further steps.

◘ Ensure to check your device is compatible with the LTE network. Hopefully, this will fix the issue.

◘ You can also reset the settings of the network to fix the issues.

🔯 Manually Update Carrier Settings on iPhone

Carrier settings allow your network and other wanted settings to enhance cellular network connectivity and overall performance.

Carrier settings updates mainly support features such as VoLTE or WiFi calling. You can manually check and install carrier settings updates with the following steps:

Step 1: Tap on settings options.

Step 2: Click in general.

Click in general

Step 3: After that make sure to go About and from there you will see an option to update the settings of your carrier.

After that make sure to go About

Step 4: If you want to see the version of your carrier settings on your specific devices then make sure to go on settings and then click on general. From there you can look next to the carrier from the about section.

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