How To Know If Someone Blocked Or Deactivated Twitter

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To know if someone blocked or deactivated his Twitter account check his profile; if you are blocked, it will show “You are blocked from following @username and viewing @username’s tweets”, and for deactivated accounts, it will show “This account doesn’t exist” message.

Also, check the DM section of Twitter; if blocked, you can not send him messages, but others can, and if the account is deactivated, no one can send him messages.

Only blocked people can not retweet his stuff, but no one can retweet his stuff for deactivated accounts.

You can tell if anyone deactivated his account by checking his profile and DM section.

After deleting a Twitter account, you can not see his messages, and also, if you are blocked, the entire conversation between you and the blocked person will be removed.

How To Know If Someone Blocked or Deactivated Twitter:

You have to check these things below:

1. Check Twitter Profile View

If you are a regular user of Twitter and know the tricks of Twitter, then it will be elementary for you to check if someone blocked or deactivated his account.

By checking the Twitter profile, you can quickly tell if he blocked or deactivated his account.

✅ If Blocked:

To check if someone blocked you on Twitter, open the Twitter app and log in to your account with your credentials. Now you can see the Search icon at the bottom bar, click on it, and now on the search box, search for the person’s username starting with ‘@’.

If Blocked For Others

After searching for the person, if the searched person blocked you, then Twitter directly tells you that “You are blocked from following @username and viewing @username’s tweets”.


But this happens only with you; others will not face it because they are not blocked.

✅ If Deactivated His Twitter:

To check if anyone deactivated his account or not, then using the previous way, first log in to your account and search for the username. Now in the search results, you can find the profile, but after opening it, you will get the message, “This account doesn’t exist”.

If Deactivated His Twitter

After deleting his account, if anyone uses that username, you can see a Twitter profile with that username, but the person will be different. If the person breaks the Twitter guidelines, his account will be suspended, and you will get the message “Account Suspended”.

2. His Twitter DM

✅ If Blocked:

To check if someone blocked you on Twitter, you can check the DM section of your Twitter account. Open your Twitter app, log in with your credentials, and see the Message icon at the bottom right corner.


Click on it, and after opening the Direct Messages section, you can not find his profile, but others can do so. Because after blocking, Twitter deletes all conversations between you and the person.


✅ If Deactivated His Twitter:

If Deactivated His Twitter

However, after reactivating their account, everything will return to normal. As long as you had DM’s with this person in the past, you will see the messages up to that, and if he reactivated it, you would see the new comments.

3. Retweets and Mention

✅ If Blocked:

According to the terms and conditions of Twitter, blocking a person on Twitter means a complete disconnection between these two accounts. So, if someone blocks you, you will not be able to see the retweets you did on his tweets earlier; you can not retweet his stuff.


But the other users on Twitter who the person does not block can retweet his stuff. You can make another account, check his tweets, and retweet his stuff, but you can not do it with the blocked account.


✅ If Deactivated His Twitter:

If Deactivated His Twitter

From the day he deactivated his account, the person gets a maximum of 30 days to reactivate it again; within this time, if he did not reactivate his account, he will lose his account permanently. But if he reactivated his account, you and other Twitter users can again retweet his stuff.

How do you know if someone deactivated their Twitter:

You have to look at these things:

1. Profile Can’t be found

People cannot see his profile if someone deactivated his account on Twitter. Deactivating an account on Twitter is the second last stage of deleting an account.

If Deactivated His Twitter

It means people will not get access to your account, i.e., they cannot see the tweets, retweets, or find the person’s profile on Twitter. Everything people have done on his account, like retweeting something on his feed or commenting on his tweets, will be deleted. But after reactivating his account, people will get access again to do this.

2. Chat with the person, does not show any Name

When an account on Twitter is deactivated, all messages, DMs, and conversations disappear, and the chat with the person does not show the person’s name.

See not sms

But for the deleted account, the person’s name will not appear in the chat list, and you can not get back the chats. When you reactivate your account, you can again see his name and start chatting with him.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If someone deleted their Twitter, can you still see messages?

No, after deleting their Twitter account, you cannot see their messages. If the person deactivated his account, then within 30 days, the messages would not be deleted; you can get it when the person activates his account. But after 30 days, when the account is permanently deleted, you can not get the messages.

2. If you block someone on Twitter, does it delete messages?

According to Twitter terms and conditions, if you block someone on Twitter, it will delete your entire conversation with the person. You can not find him on the chat list or Twitter search results.

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