Twitter Block Checker – How To Know If Someone Blocked You

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To find out if someone blocked you on Twitter, first, search the profile name on Twitter and tap on the search result on his name.

If the profile shows a tweet number but it shows as @username blocked you, that means you’re blocked.

Although the deleted Twitter would not show any page by opening the old profile link.

Alternatively, if the person had blocked you then the profile pictures of the person will not be visible to you and even the followers or following list will not open, also you cannot follow the person by tapping the ‘Follow’ button.

If someone just blocks you on Twitter then you would not get any notification for this rather you will see the person is no longer on your Following list if you had followed him before.

But this could mean that the person deleted his Twitter and if you want to find out if a specific person had blocked you or deleted his Twitter, you have to check his profile with a few indications.

By deleting your profile and blocking you in both cases, the person is removed and if you can remember his Twitter name then you can proceed to look for a few checks.

You can find also how many people viewed Twitter accounts.

Twitter Block Checker (Check If You’re Blocked):

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Twitter:

There are certain ways to tell if someone has blocked you or not.

Follow the detailed guide given below for more information, these might help you:

1. His Tweets will not be Visible to You

Whenever someone blocks you then Twitter starts restricting you from doing some actions that the account owner wants you to face.

His tweets will no longer be visible to you as the user wants to restrict you. There are many options provided by Twitter by which you can come to know if the user has blocked you or not.

blocked on twitter_no tweets

If someone blocked you on Twitter, his tweets will not be visible to you but you can see the number of tweets he did in past.

Also, You can read the article to view the protected tweets.

Make sure that the account owner has not made their tweets limited to certain users and they haven’t done their tweets reach too limited then they must have blocked you. The limited-reach posts and tweets are only visible to the person or account to whom the account user wants to show their posts.

Or if the user has tweeted something that is inappropriate or disobeys the rules and regulations then Twitter might delete or disable their posts which can also make their posts not visible.

2. Twitter will not let you Follow him

Twitter is a platform that follows its rules and regulations very strictly. So whenever someone blocks your account, Twitter puts you into restrictions for the account who has blocked you and this is the first change they implement.

They do not let you FOLLOW them and without following them you will no longer have access to their tweets and you will no longer be able to see the posts or tweets they upload.

no follow button on twitter

Sometimes when a user does spam on someone’s account like spamming comments then Twitter might restrict your account and not let you follow anybody.

When someone blocks you intentionally then Twitter will show you their account as an empty page with no photos or tweets and sometimes not even a profile picture of the user who has blocked you.

3. Open that Profile from Another Account

The easiest and simplest way to check if the profile has blocked your account or not is by opening that profile using another profile.

Open that Profile from Another Account

If the user has blocked your account then their profile and the tweets posted by them will be visible and you will be able to follow them.

If you have visited their account and still the account has nothing to show then the profile might have disabled their account or their profile could be banned due to some possible reasons.

If you still want to view their tweets eagerly, you can make another account so that you could follow his account and if the profile shows no posts on your profile but shows the tweets from your new profile then you were blocked by the person.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Twitter:

The possible things that might happen when you block someone’s profile are described below points:

1. He Would not be able to View Your Tweets

When you block some profiles on Twitter then Twitter starts implementing their algorithm, not to let them show the posts and tweets you make and the first thing is that he will no longer be receiving your post notifications or your posts in his feed, even if he tries to go to your profile he couldn’t see anything.

He Would not be able to View Your Tweets

There are certain rules that will protect your profile from the users you do not want to have or stalk your tweets and make spam comments that you do not want Twitter respects the perspectives of the users and didn’t let any third person see your stuff. So, users do not have to worry about their privacy concerns.

2. He Would not be able to Follow You

On Twitter, whenever you block someone’s account Twitter puts them into restrictions that if they want to follow you continuously and try to click on that button repeatedly the algorithm of Twitter would never let you do so.

He Would not be able to Follow You

The same as for other accounts and they will never be able to follow you until or unless you unblock their account. And if you do not wish to unblock them then they will remain in the same blocklist for years.

3. He Would not be able to Find on Search

As the search engine of every platform or website works on keywords, Twitter has the same. When you type the name of the account of any certain account on Twitter, the keywords which match the name of the account will be displayed below on the search results.

He Would not be able to Find on Search

But when you block them then they will not get your name on the search list and if they can find you then also they would be able to see your DP (Display Picture) and when they will click on your profile then they will not be able to see any of your posts or tweets.

If you are thinking that the person would see your old or new DP on Twitter, this is not possible for the person whom you have blocked.

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