How To Know If Someone Deleted Facebook Or Blocked You

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To know if someone deleted a Facebook account or has blocked you, you’ll need to search for the user and find out if the user’s profile is showing up or not. 

If you can’t find the user’s profile, ask others to search for him too on Facebook. 

If others can’t find him too, it means the user has deleted his profile, but you can’t find him on searching but others can find him on Facebook, which means that he has blocked you on Facebook. 

When the user has blocked your account on Facebook, you won’t be able to send messages to the user.

But in case he has deleted his profile, no one will be able to send messages to him either. 

When a person blocks a friend on Facebook, the user gets unfriended as well as blocked at the same time. 

But when someone deletes his profile, all his friends get erased after 30 days of the deactivation period. However if the user recovers the account and doesn’t delete it permanently, none of his friends gets removed. 

A deactivated profile cannot be found upon searching. Even after 30 days of deactivation, the profile is considered for permanent deletion and it is deleted from the Facebook server. 

How To Know If Someone Deleted Facebook Or Blocked You:

Check these things and find what you see:

1. Check His Facebook Profile

✅ If Blocked:

To know if someone is on Facebook, you’ll need to first search for his profile on Facebook and check whether his profile appears on your search results or not. If you see that you’re not able to find his profile in your search results, then there is a good chance that the user has blocked you.

If Blocked

But you can’t be totally sure about that until you search for the user from your secondary or fake Facebook profile. If you don’t have a fake account on Facebook, create a new one, and then you’ll need to search for the user and see if you can find his profile by searching using your fake profile or not.

When you’ll see that you’re able to find the user’s profile from your fake profile but not from your actual or primary account then you’ll be able to know that the user has blocked you on Facebook. 

✅ If Deleted:

To find out if someone has deleted his Facebook account or not, you’ll need to search for the user on Facebook from both your primary and secondary accounts.

If deleted account

You’ll need to ask your friends or other users to search for the person on Facebook to check if they can find him or not because when someone deleted his Facebook account, no one will be able to find his account on searching.

Therefore, when you’ll see that you or none of your friends can find the user’s profile upon searching you can be relieved that the person has not blocked you but rather deleted his own Facebook profile. 

2. Sending Him Messages

✅ If Blocked:

When a person blocks you on Facebook, you’ll not be able to send messages to the user.

When you’ll try to send messages to the user, the chat box or the type box will not appear and you’ll find the error message that says You can’t reply to this conversation.

Sending Him Messages

This means that the user has blocked you which is why you’ll not be able to send messages and calls to him via Messenger to his Facebook profile. You’ll be able to check the previous chats that you’ve had with the user even if the person has blocked you.

Only after he’ll unblock you, you’ll be able to send messages to him on his Facebook profile after re-adding him as your friend. 

✅ If Deleted:

When a Facebook account is deleted, you won’t be able to find his previous conversation on Messenger. When you’ll search for the previous conversation you’ll not be able to see it in your Messenger chat inbox which is why you’ll not be able to send any new messages to the user anymore. 

Sending Him Messages (2)

Not only you but no other Facebook friends of the user will be able to find his chat on Messenger upon searching as the user has deleted his Facebook account. 

You need to search for the user’s previous chats on Messenger yourself and ask some of the mutual friends to check and see if they can find or send messages to the user on Messenger or not. When none of you can message the user on Messenger you can be sure that the person has deleted his Facebook profile. 

3. The Person’s Friends

✅ If Blocked:

When a user has blocked any of his friends on Facebook, his friendship with the person automatically gets removed. It means blocking someone’s Facebook unfriends as well as blocking the person at the same time.

The Person's Friends

Therefore, when afterward if the user decides to unblock someone he has previously blocked on Facebook, he can easily do that by clicking on the Unblock button from the block list.

But this doesn’t mean that the person whom the user is unblocking gets automatically added to the user’s Facebook friend list. 

The user needs to re-add him as his friend on Facebook to be friends with him again. 

✅ If Deleted:

When a user decides to delete his Facebook profile, he needs to deactivate it first. Once the account is in the deactivation period, it still appears on the Facebook friend list of his friends and the friendship of the user stays the same with all the other accounts.

If deleted account

No friend gets removed from the friend list while the account is in the deactivation period. During the deactivation period, no profile picture is shown on the profile of the account.

But if the account is not recovered back while it is in the deactivation period, it’s considered for permanent deletion which is when all the friends are erased from the account and cannot be recovered back. 

What Happens When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account:

You will notice these changes:

1. Profile not Visible to People

When you place your account for deactivation, no one will be able to find your profile on search. If anyone tries to find your profile by searching, it will not show up on the search results.

If deleted account

However, your profile name will be visible on the friend list of those users with whom you are friends on Facebook. But although they’ll be able to see your profile name, your profile picture will not be visible to your friends either. 

2. Profile permanently deleted after 30 days

When you deactivate your profile, you are given thirty days to rethink or activate your account to recover it. After thirty days your profile will automatically get deleted from Facebook and it will not be available on Facebook anymore.

Profile permanently deleted after 30 days

Your friend won’t be able to search and find your profile after it gets deleted and your account media will be erased from Facebook. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If someone deleted their Facebook can they still use Messenger?

You can use Messenger after deleting your Facebook account. But then it won’t be connected to your Facebook account. Messenger can be used for sending and receiving local SMS and you can connect your second Facebook account to it.

Once you delete your Facebook account, your Messenger account gets disconnected from your previous Facebook account but you can still use Messenger for other purposes. 

2. If someone deactivates their Facebook can you still search for them?

No, you can search and find someone after the user has deactivated their Facebook account. If you try to search for the user, you won’t find him or her in the search results on Facebook. After thirty days of deactivation, the account automatically gets deleted if it’s not recovered. 

3. What does a deactivated Facebook account look like on Messenger?

A deactivated Facebook account doesn’t have a profile picture to show. You won’t be able to find his profile upon searching on Facebook. However, his name will show up on your Facebook profile’s friend list but there it won’t show the profile picture. You won’t be able to send messages to a deactivated Facebook profile too. 

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