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What Does Deleted Account Mean On Telegram

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can know if someone has deleted Telegram by examining their profile and sending a message, focusing on the fact of double-ticks for message delivery.
» You can use a new Telegram ID via clone apps to verify the status further; if the issue persists, it indicates the person has deleted their Telegram account.

What Does Deleted Account Mean On Telegram:

The deleted account would mean in these cases:

» Personal Account Deletion: When you see a “Deleted Account” on Telegram, it indicates that the respective user has chosen to delete their account willingly.

» Ghost Icon on DP: As an additional visual cue, if someone deletes their account, their profile picture will be replaced with a ghost icon, serving as a clear indicator of the account deletion.

» Deactivation by Telegram: If the “Deleted Account” status appears in a Telegram group, it suggests that the account was deactivated by the Telegram team, often due to violations of Telegram’s terms of service, such as spamming or posting inappropriate content.

How To Know If Someone Deleted Telegram:

The deleting or deactivation process of a Telegram account can be carried out in a few simple steps but the query here is what will happen to your account after deleting the account.

1. Messages, chats, and contacts will be Removed

When someone deletes his Telegram account all the old message chats, as well as the contacts that were added to your Telegram, will be removed from your account and will show as ‘Deleted Account‘.

chats will be deleted

However, all your contacts can still use and chat in the Telegram groups that were created from your account. And the older messages will be deleted only from your account but your contacts with whom you had the conversation, will still have their copy of all old messages and conversations.

2. Groups are left without Admin

By deleting your Telegram account, you will no longer be the admin of any group you have created using your account. However, this doesn’t mean that all the groups created by you will be deleted.

Groups are left without Admin

All the other members of the group can still chat and use that group however after you delete your account your groups will no longer have an admin for them if you have not made anyone for it before deleting your account.

The other members of that group can choose their new admin and that person can further handle that group that was initially created by you.

3. You Cannot Sign up Again for a Few Days

Telegram has a policy that if you decide to delete your account then you cannot sign up for a new account from the same phone number for several days.

You cannot sign up again for few days

Therefore, to sign up for Telegram again by using the same phone number as from the deleted account you might have to wait for some time. This is not specified how many days this waiting process takes.

You can read the ways to recover the deleted Telegram account if you want to get back it instantly.

What Are Seen for Deleted Accounts On Telegram:

If you are blocked by someone and you still want to go through the older conversation of that person on Telegram then here is the answer to whether you can do it or not.

The answer to this query is yes but only in a few case scenarios:

You can read the older messages with a person even if they have blocked you on Telegram but only if you have not deleted all the chats manually by yourself.

The older chats can also be read after blocking if the messages are not deleted from both sides i.e. ‘Delete for Everyone’ by the person who has been blocked.

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