How To Know If Someone Deleted You On Telegram

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To find out if someone just blocked you or deleted his profile, you have to look at the profile and then send him a message.

If you see the DP or messages do not get double-tick then the person has blocked you.

To confirm this one step further, just create another new Telegram ID using clone apps and if you face the same thing from the new profile then that means the person has deleted his Telegram account.

Now, if your messages don’t get any reply or you can’t see the DP of the person, you can say either the person is ignoring you or not available.

Now in this case when the person is not available can mean two things either he has deleted his profile or blocked you on Telegram. There is a way that can tell you also if someone is online on Telegram.

There are a few things that could mean when you see last seen recently on Telegram.

What Does Deleted Account Mean On Telegram:

If you are blocked by someone and you still want to go through the older conversation of that person on Telegram then here is the answer to whether you can do it or not.

The answer to this query is yes but only in a few case scenarios:

You can read the older messages with a person even if they have blocked you on Telegram but only if you have not deleted all the chats manually by yourself.

The older chats can also be read after blocking if the messages are not deleted from both sides i.e. ‘Delete for Everyone’ by the person who has been blocked.

If someone blocked you on Telegram, can you see their last seen:

The main perspective behind the process of blocking is to keep someone away from reaching the blocker’s social media details which also include their last seen as well as their online status. If you are not able to see someone’s last seen or profile picture of a person on Telegram then that person might have blocked you and you would see last seen a long time ago for the deleted accounts.

So, if you are sure that you have been blocked by a person on Telegram then surely you cannot see their last seen, online status as well as their profile picture.

That person will no longer receive the messages sent by you. And even if you try to initiate the voice or video call with that particular person, your call will never go through.

How To Know If Someone Deleted You On Telegram:

You would wonder what will happen to your Telegram account after the account has been deleted. The deleting or deactivation process of a Telegram account can be carried out in a few simple steps but the query here is what will happen to your account after deleting the account.

Below are the mentioned points which will take place if you delete your Telegram account:

1. Message, chats, and contacts will be Removed

When you delete your Telegram account all the old message chats, as well as the contacts that you added to your Telegram, will be removed from your account and would show as ‘Deleted Account‘.

chats will be deleted

However, all your contacts can still use and chat in the Telegram groups which were created from your account. And the older messages will be deleted only from your account but your contacts with whom you had the conversation, will still have their copy of all old messages and conversations.

2. Groups are left without Admin

By deleting your Telegram account, you will no longer be the admin of any group you have created using your account. Although this doesn’t mean that all the groups created by you will be deleted.

Groups are left without Admin

All the other members of the group can still chat and use that group however after you delete your account your groups will no longer have an admin for them if you have not made anyone for it before deleting your account. The other members of that group can choose their new admin and that person can further handle that group that was initially created by you.

3. You Cannot Sign up Again for a Few Days

Telegram has a policy that if you decide to delete your account then you cannot sign up for a new account from the same phone number for several days.

You cannot sign up again for few days

Therefore, to sign up for Telegram again by using the same phone number as from the deleted account you might have to wait for some time. This is not specified how many days this waiting process takes.

You can read the ways to recover the deleted Telegram account if you want to get back it instantly.

How To Find Out if Someone Deleted his Telegram account or Blocked you:

The ways to know whether someone has deleted their Telegram account or has blocked you, are mentioned below:

1. Try to Send Messages

One of the most basic ways of checking if someone has blocked you on Telegram is by trying to send messages from your account.

Try to Send Messages

If you cannot send messages to that person from your account then try to send a message to that person from another account.

Then check if the message is sent to the person from another account and shows the double-tick (a sign of delivery), then you have been blocked by that person.

However, if you cannot even send the message from another account as well then the Telegram account of that person might have been deleted. If you have been blocked by that person then you cannot even see their profile picture as well.

2. Check into the Groups

To check if someone has deleted their account from Telegram, you can check the group information of the groups created by that particular person.

Check into the Groups

This method is to check along with other steps. If he is no longer an admin of that group then possibly the account of that person has been deleted.

3. Check Profile Picture

If someone’s profile picture is not visible to you then there could be two possible reasons for it, either that person has blocked you from their account or their account has been deleted.

To check this, you can check for the profile picture of that person by using another Telegram account or your friend’s account and then send a message to that person.

telegram show as deleted account

If the profile picture is not visible and there is no double-tick on the messages from both accounts then the account of that person has been deleted. But if the profile picture is visible from others’ accounts and the restrictions are only on your account then you can tell that the person has certainly blocked you.

What Happens If Deleted Account Joined Telegram:

You will notice these things:

1. His Profile Will Show Up Again

If someone deleted his Telegram account, you would no longer be able to find the account in the Telegram search results.

There is a Search button at the top of the Telegram interface where you can find a Telegram profile or a group, but in the case of any deleted account or if someone blocks you, you can not find his profile. So, after a long time, if you see that his profile is back, he has joined again.

His Profile Will Show Up Again

2. Have to Rejoin All Groups

For deleted Telegram accounts, they are also removed from the groups they have joined. As the person deleted his account, you can not find him on the group’s members list and can not add him to the groups.

If you see that the person tries to rejoin the groups again and if you can add him, then you can say that he is back on Telegram. 

Have to Rejoin All Groups

3. Everyone can Message the User again

During the period of deletion, people can not send him messages as his profile will vanish from the app.

So, after a few times, when you see that you can find his account and message the user, you can say the deleted user joined Telegram again. 

Everyone can Message the User again

Telegram Account Checker:

You can try the following tools:

1. iKeyMonitor

⭐️ Features of iKeyMonitor:

◘ The AI tool covers almost every social media platform and tracks them.

◘ You can take screenshots, record videos, make routine calls, control your phone’s sleep time, app blocker, etc.

◘ Using this tool, you can easily monitor, control, and protect your child. 

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Search for iKeyMonitor ( on your browser, click on the “START HERE” option from the top right corner, and sign up for a new account.

Click on sign up

Step 2: After logging in to your account, download the iKeyMonitor tool, install it and check if the targeted person has deleted his account. 

Click on login

2. iSpyoo

⭐️ Features of iSpyoo:

◘ It is straightforward to use, and this tool can view your location history.

◘ iSpyoo has the Dashboard feature; you can access all information directly from your Control Panel. 

◘ It will be easy for you to check the detailed route history within a specified period.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser, go to the iSpyoo website and start your free trial there.


Step 2: Create an account there and buy the subscription plan of iSpyoo from the official iSpyoo page.


Step 3: Now, you have to install the phone on the targeted device, so open Chrome again on the targeted device and download the apk file of iSpyoo.

Step 4: Now go to your account’s Dashboard and check if he deleted his Telegram account.

Will My Contacts Know If I Uninstall Telegram?

Your contacts will not be notified if you uninstall your Telegram app. Because if you uninstall the app, you have the account; it is not removed as you did not do so. So, your friends can find your name and send them messages, and when you install the app again, you can see the messages.

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