How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

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To know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp, first look at his DP and if this shows as blank then just send him a message if that message gets only one tick then you can say this person has blocked you.

If someone wants to ignore you, he can block you easily but to know if you’re blocked then you have to see through a few things on his profile.

If you’re blocked on WhatsApp then you won’t get any notifications rather this will stop delivering messages to the person and a blank DP will be there on his profile.

There are many other things that happen if someone just blocked you on WhatsApp.

Due to some privacy, it does not show an alert while you’re blocked. But, you cannot tell directly what happened if you see the blank DP, although you have to take a few steps to verify if the person really blocked you or deleted his WhatsApp profile.

If that is the DP you are checking with, then your number is not being saved can also make this happen. With a few steps, you can know if your number is saved by someone.

Although all previous statuses of the person will be there, no new status will be visible to you.

To confirm if the person blocked you on WhatsApp,

◘ Just make another WhatsApp profile and send the person a message.

◘ If the message gets double-tick or you can see the DP from that secondary ID then this is confirmed that the person blocked you.

This article will explain the different indications that you can easily use to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp:

WhatsApp offers numerous ways that can provide you with information or let you know if you are blocked by a user.

There are some techniques that you can use to find out if you’re blocked, those are mentioned below:

1. Seeing their WhatsApp DP

DP refers to the profile picture the user sets in his or her profile as a mode of identification, perhaps if it is not hidden from you.

One of the ways how you could know if a user has blocked you on WhatsApp is that their profile picture won’t be visible to you and you won’t have the access to view their WhatsApp stories.

It may also happen that the user has changed their privacy settings or profile picture.

There are three alternatives that are possible, the user might have changed their privacy for access to the profile picture only to limited contacts or no one at all, in that case, the profile picture won’t be visible to you even if you are not blocked, it simply means that the user has hidden his profile picture and information from you or your contact is not saved by the user, but if the same is visible by creating another WhatsApp account then you’re blocked.

if blocked on whatsapp

2. Text Messages will not be Delivered

The text message delivery indicator is another tool to know if you’re on the user’s block list. Now the checkmark of the messages are of three types:

One Grey Tick: This means the message has been sent to the recipient but for some reason is not yet delivered.

if blocked on whatsapp

Two Grey Tick: It means that the message has been sent and delivered to the user and you can wait to get it viewed.

Two Grey Tick

Two Blue Tick: It means that the message has been sent, delivered, and read by that person.

It means that the message has been sen

Now, if you are on the block list of the user then for a long period of time, your sent messages won’t be delivered or not seen by the user, there only one grey tick would appear always, in case of prolonged un-delivery of messages. The odds can be quite well predicted, that you are blocked.

3. The About Section is Limited

The About section is another indicator that lets you know if you are blocked by a user. About section in Whatsapp refers to the information that the user sets in just under his or her name and is visible to others.

Now the visibility of the about section again depends on three factors and the user can go with either of these alternatives that are: Everyone, Contacts, Nobody.

You are blocked when the user has his privacy settings for the about section clicked on everyone but still, no data is available on the about section to you. But, if you were able to see the about section previously but now cannot see it then this means the person blocked you.

Note: This can also happen that the user has set his privacy settings to only contacts, wherein if you are not saved in his contact list, then there won’t be any data available on the about section, and on opening the user’s profile only the number will be available for you to see, in this case even if you are unblocked you can’t see what’s on the user’s ‘About‘ section.

4. No More WhatsApp Status Update

Another very efficient indicator to know if you are blocked is, that their WhatsApp status update will no longer be accessible to you and it might happen that all of a sudden you are unable to notice the updates of statuses of the particular user on WhatsApp.

No More WhatsApp Status Update

Now again this is not the only basis for why the status updates aren’t visible to you anymore. Sometimes certain users make changes to their privacy settings for status updates and there are three options available to the users are, ”My contacts”, ”My contacts except”, ”Only share with”.

Therefore the sudden pause to the user’s status update can also be due to the reason that the user wants to hide it from you.

However, if earlier you could see the user’s frequent status updates which aren’t visible to you anymore, along with other profile information that is unavailable to you, then rest assured, you are probably blocked.

Also if the user has blocked you, in that case, your status updates won’t be seen by the concerned user anymore and you can always find the particular name from the seen list of your updates.

5. There won’t be any last seen Available

This is another indicator to know if you are blocked. The online status won’t be ever available to you if the user has blocked you or the last seen.

There won’t be any last seen Available

Now the last seen details would not be appearing again for three alternatives provided in the privacy section of WhatsApp for every user, that is, “Everyone”, “Nobody”, and “My contacts”.

Opening the user’s profile if you find that the user never shows online, nor any profile information and only the number appears then be determined to accept, that the user has probably blocked you.

You can always remind yourself about the last instance where you spoke to the person and their online status was available but not anymore.

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