How To Know If Someone Deleted Their Snapchat

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To know if someone deleted Snapchat account, one of the easiest ways is by searching for the person’s username on Snapchat. However, in this case, you should either know the correct username of the person or his contact number.

You have to keep an eye on certain subjects such as snap score, streak, and emoji for these alternative methods.

Although, there are a few things that tell if someone uninstalled the Snapchat app.

Snapchat Deletion Checker:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First of all, open the Snapchat Deletion Checker on the browser.

Step 2: Enter the Snapchat username of the person you want to check.

Step 3: After entering the username, click on the “Check If Deleted” button.

Step 4: Wait for the tool to check if the Snapchat account has been deleted or not and it will then show you the result whether a Snapchat account has been deleted or not.

How To Know If Someone Deleted Their Snapchat:

There are several things that you can proceed with to tell if someone has deleted their Snapchat account:

1. Search Person on Snapchat

The easiest and most direct method to know is by searching for the person on Snapchat. Every account, whether active or inactive, is listed on Snapchat. After deleting it, you would not be able to find it anywhere.

Search the Person on Snapchat

Hence, to find out about your targeted person, go to the search bar and type in its username and see whether they are there or have deleted their account.

Also, if you do not remember the username or bitmoji, i.e., profile picture, then you can also search for them on your snap contact list, which is under your ‘Quick Add’ section.

Also, there are some ways to know if someone unadded you.

2. Try to Find on Chat

The second most reliable method is searching on the chat list. If the targeted person was your friend on Snapchat and you have ever texted him/her or sent something, you will be going to find them on your Snapchat chat list.

 Try to Find on Chat

To execute this method, you need to go to your Snapchat inbox and scroll down to find the chat with that person.

Now, you have to go to your Snapchat friend list and find them there. If not on the chat list, you will surely extract them from your friend list.

Thus, if you did not find the person on your chat list or your friend list, this means the person is no longer on Snapchat and has deleted his/her account.

3. Emoji will Go away

There is one feature on Snapchat that provides emojis on chat depending on the duration of the chat. While chatting with friends, one can send this emoji to others. But when someone deletes their Snapchat account, the emoji suddenly goes away. You would not find the emoji of that person anymore.

Emoji will Go away

Although, the emoji disappeared could also mean the person has stopped chatting with you.

4. Ask on Other social media

After trying all the methods, if still, you do not come across the person’s profile, then the only solution now left are you go and ask that person on some other social media, whether they are on Snapchat or not, if yes, ask them their username or the snap code.

The method is best suitable if the person you are trying to find is already your friend on some other social media. You can easily reach out to him/her and ask them about the Snapchat account. However, if the person is not your friend, then it will become a bit confusing.

This practice is somewhat direct but will give you instant results and correct them as well.

5. If Streak Ended

Snap streak is a very popular practice that every Snapchat user performs nowadays. In this, what happens is if you and your friend are sending snaps, not text messages, for three consecutive days then your snap streak will start and this will continue to increase till the day you send snaps to each other without any miss.

The day you missed; the streak will end. Similarly, if someday, someone deletes his/her account, the streak will also end. Hence, just go and check on your chat list whether the streak is on or got vanished.

6. No Snap Score Area

The snap score is the points you get when you either chat with someone or send something on Snapchat. This score increases every time you do some activity related to this and is listed under the username on the profile page.

Snap score

When someone removes themselves from Snapchat, all things related to their existence on Snapchat will also go away. Thus, if the person deletes his/her account, his snap score will also go away and won’t be visible to you.

7. Check Snapchat map

If the person has allowed their location to be visible on Snapchat, you can check the Snap Map to see if they are still active on the app. To access the Snap Map, simply pinch the screen with two fingers in the Snapchat camera view.

This will bring up a map with the Bitmojis of your friends who have allowed their location to be visible. If the person’s Bitmoji isn’t on the map, it could be a sign that they have deleted their account.

However, if their location is not visible on the map, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have deleted their account.

8. Search username on Google

You can search the person’s Snapchat username on Google to see if any information comes up.

Simply type their username into the search bar and hit enter. If their account is still active, their username may show up in search results.

9. Ask a mutual friend

If you have a mutual friend who is also friends with the person on Snapchat, you can ask them if the person has deleted their account or not.

Your mutual friend may have noticed that the person’s account is no longer active or may have heard from them that they have deleted their account.

10. Wait for His Response

If you have messaged the person on Snapchat and they haven’t responded, it could be an indication that they have deleted their account.

You can wait for a response or try to contact them through another method, such as email or phone.

However, it’s important to remember that they may have simply not seen your message or may be taking a break from the app.

Search Person on SnapchatHigh
Try to Find on ChatMedium
Emoji will Go awayMedium
Ask them on Other social mediaHigh
The streak will endMedium
No Snap Score AreaMedium
💁🏽‍♂️ A few more methods:

Check their Snapchat mapLow
Search for their username on GoogleLow
Ask a mutual friendMedium

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will you still see someone’s Snapchat score if they deleted account?

Their score will disappear from your friend list. This is because the score is tied to their account, and if their account is no longer active, their score will no longer be visible to you.

2. Can someone still see your snaps after they’ve deleted the account?

No, if someone deleted their Snapchat account, they will no longer be able to see your snaps or interact with you on the app. Once their account is deleted, all of their data on the app is permanently removed.

3. Can you still message someone if they deleted Snapchat account?

If someone deleted their Snapchat account, you will no longer be able to message them on the app. Their account will no longer exist, and therefore you will not be able to interact with them on Snapchat.

4. Will you still be friends with someone on Snapchat if they delete account?

They will no longer be your friend on the app. All of their data, including their friend list, will be permanently removed when they delete their account.

5. How long does it take for a deleted Snapchat account to disappear?

It can take up to 30 days for a deleted Snapchat account to disappear completely. During this time, the account will be deactivated and not visible to other users, but it may still be possible to reactivate the account if the user changes their mind.

6. Can you see a message that someone sent you if they deleted account?

You will no longer be able to see any messages or snaps they sent you. All of their data, including their messages, will be permanently removed when they delete their account.

7. Can you still see a saved message from someone who deleted account?

If someone sent you a message and you saved it before they deleted their account, you will still be able to see the saved message. This is because saved messages are stored on your device, not on Snapchat’s servers.

8. Will someone’s Bitmoji disappear if he deleted a Snapchat account?

His Bitmoji will disappear from your friend list. This is because the Bitmoji is tied to their account, and if their account is no longer active, their Bitmoji will no longer be visible to you.

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