How To Know If Someone Is Online On LinkedIn

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To know if someone’s online on LinkedIn, you need to look for the solid green circle on his profile.

You can also check the time of his profile activities to know when it was posted.

You can also check for the time of the replies to the comments on the user’s latest posts to know if the user is online or not.

On LinkedIn, available on phone means that the user’s LinkedIn connection is available on phone, and if you message the user, he will get a notification about it on mobile.

The green circle with a white dot means that the user is not online to chat on LinkedIn but available on mobile.

The green circle with a black dot means that the user is not online but the user’s push-up notifications for LinkedIn are enabled.

Hollowed-out green circles mean that the user is currently not available but has mobile notification for LinkedIn turned on.

How To Know If Someone Is Online On LinkedIn:

Look at these things below:

1. Check Solid Green Circle on Profile

If you want to find out if someone’s online on LinkedIn, you need to check for the solid green circle around his profile. The solid green circle around the LinkedIn profile indicates that the user is currently using LinkedIn and is online.

Solid Green Circle on Profile1

Therefore, when someone is online on LinkedIn, it’s a good chance or time to get to talk to the user or message them about your doubt or queries that you want to ask him or her as there is a good chance that you’ll get an instant reply to it.

You need to send a message to the user and the user will be instantly notified about the message.

2. Check His Activity

Another way to check and find whether the user is online or not is by checking his profile activities and seeing the timings of the posts.

When you go to someone’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to check and see all the posts that he or she has uploaded from the latest to the oldest.

You need to check the latest posts under All activity and see their time.

Check His Activity

If it’s posted very recently such as a few minutes ago then there is a good chance that the user is online.

But if it was posted a few days ago there it’s not certain whether the user is online at that current moment on LinkedIn or not. Only if the last added activity is too recent, do you have a good chance of getting the user online.

3. Comments & Reply on Posts

Checking the comments or replies to the comments of the posts can also help you find out whether someone is online onΒ  LinkedIn or not.

The comments that are posted on the articles or activities of LinkedIn show you the hours when it was posted from which you can get to know the last seen hour or check if the user is online.

Comments & Reply on Posts

You need to scroll down to the latest post and then go to its comments section. Once you’re in the comments section, you need to check the comments of the user in the posts or look for his replies to others’ comments.

If he has replied to it very recently, then it means that he’s still online.

πŸ”― What does available on mobile mean on LinkedIn:

The availability on mobile means that you’re busy and not available on the web LinkedIn. In that case, you can activate the Display your active status button from the settings of your LinkedIn account to let people know that you’re not available to talk to them at the current moment.

When you’ve shown it as available on mobile, it means that you’re not using your LinkedIn account on desktop but you can still receive the message of the user via mobile notification to just read it. This lets users know that you’re not currently using LinkedIn to reply to users.

πŸ”― The LinkedIn Green Circle with White Dot – Mean

When there’s a green circle with a white dot in the middle, it means that the user’s connection is only available on his mobile and not on his desktop. It’s because he’s using the desktop for work or he’s busy with other important tasks and doesn’t want to get interrupted by messages from LinkedIn on the desktop.

This dot lets you know about the user’s device. Even if the user is using his mobile or is available on mobile, his data connection is still available and LinkedIn is connected. Therefore, your messages will be instantly notified to the user on his mobile and he will be able to read them too.

πŸ”― LinkedIn Green Circle Black Dot – Mean

When you see a user has a green circle with a black dot on his LinkedIn profile, you may wonder what it means. When you want to receive push notifications when you’re not on the LinkedIn app, you enable it from the settings of LinkedIn which is when you get the black dot next to the profile.

If you’re seeing a green circle with a black dot next to someone’s profile it means that the user is not currently online on LinkedIn but his push notifications are enabled on the app which is why he can receive all the notifications of his LinkedIn activities even if he’s not online on the app.

πŸ”― Hollowed out Green Circle – Mean

On LinkedIn, the green circle with white dots means that the user is not currently online on LinkedIn. But the user’s mobile notification for LinkedIn is enabled so he’s available on mobile. This feature is helpful when someone doesn’t want to be disturbed.

This sign lets you know that the user will be able to get an instant notification about your message as soon as you send the message to the user although he’s not using LinkedIn from his desktop the user is available to check the message from his mobile.

πŸ”― How to Manage Active status on LinkedIn:

If you want to manage your active status on LinkedIn, you need to know the steps to turn on or turn off the active status. Below you’ll able to know how to do it.

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, you need to click on the Me icon at the top right corner of the homepage.

click on the Me icon

Step 2: Then you need to be on Settings and Privacy.

be on Settings and Privacy

Step 3: Next, you need to click on Visibility from the left sidebar.

you need to click on Visibility

Step 4: Then click on Change next to the Manage active status.

Manage active status

Step 5: Choose who can see the active status: You Connections only, All LinkedIn members, or No one.

Step 6: To make it visible to all select, All LinkedIn members.

Step 7: To turn it off select No one.

To turn it off select No one

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Can’t I See Someone’s Online Green Dot When He is Online?

If you’re not able to see the online green circle on someone’s LinkedIn profile even if the user is online on LinkedIn, then the user may have turned it off so that no one can get to know about his active status on LinkedIn. Only after he will turn it on again, you’ll be able to know or see it.

2. Can you see when someone was last active on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, you’re not directly allowed to check the last seen time. But you can check it indirectly from his profile by checking the time of his posts and the comments. From the posts, you get to know when he has posted his last activity or has replied to the comments on his last posts to know about his last seen indirectly.

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