Know if Someone Muted Your Stories or DM on Instagram

Instagram won’t notify you if someone just muted your story or posts, not to appear to them. But, the issue is if your stories not getting any views from a specific person or stopped showing a regular person on the viewer’s list then you might want to check if the person has muted your stories, DM or not.

First, you should look into the causes by guessing what could be the reasons that the person has muted you.

Just confirm if the person was active recently on Instagram just by looking at their profile for newer posts. If you can see him updating recent posts regularly then might be he has been active on Instagram but not viewing your story.

However, you can follow a few steps if you want to take a screenshot of Instagram DM.

There are many symbols that appear or go away for certain reasons, you can know the meanings of these dots symbols.

To know if someone just muted your posts, DMs or stories, you first look at the viewer’s list of your stories and then find out if the person is missing from the viewer lists. Now, from the list note the people who are not present on that list that you expect to be there and these are the people you can confirm that muted your stories.

For the Instagram DM, if you just disturb a person too much and if he mutes you, then all direct messages sent after, will not be shown to that Instagram user.

You can also try a few apps to see who muted you on Instagram.

In this article, you have a few points that could be the reasons, and what could be ways to find if someone really muted you in all ways.

Find Out If someone Muted You on Instagram

It’s fun to enjoy posts from your friend and followers but sometimes it becomes annoying to get followed and stalked by a particular person. Well, here is a good part, Instagram has launched a new feature of ‘Mute’ the story of the person you wish for.

But how do you know if someone blocks you up? Well, there is no sure-shot way to find that out but you can try a few steps.

The best answer, if you get a non-delivery sign on your send DM chat to the person while the person active on Instagram by posting regularly on Instagram, this is sure he has muted you.

They won’t be in your story viewers list: If the person was a regular viewer of your stories and he or she has suddenly stopped popping up in your story viewers list, then there are high chances that they might have mute you for a little more privacy.

Send DM & Wait for the reply

If you want to know if someone muted you on Instagram just send a direct message to the and wait until it’s being seen or get a reply. Because mostly if the person muted you, your DM would not appear to them and you just don’t get any reply, be sure the person has muted you.

If you find that the person is not replying to your direct messages as well all of a sudden then it is likely that they have muted you and are not getting notified for your messages as well.

Ghost apps will help to Find Unfollowers

If any person just unfollowed you and wants to hide from your viewer lists then he could follow you from behind and this app can help you find the recent followers on Instagram.

You can also try some apps that help in finding out ghost followers like “Unfollowers & Ghost Followers“, these applications help you to find out who has muted you and are still trying to spy on you.

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers
  1. First of all, install the Unfollowers & Ghost Followers app from the Google app store.
  2. Login with your Instagram account.
  3. As soon as you login into your account you will find a tab for ghost followers.
  4. Click on the ghost followers tab and you can find the list of the people who are secretly stalking you.

Check for their latest activity on Profile

First, make sure the profile is active before assuming that he has muted you and if you could be able to find him posting regularly on Instagram but no responses to your posts or stories then might be the person has muted you.

Your story viewer lists will start missing the person’s name on the list.

You must check if your friend is actively completing or liking other friends’ posts and is continuously ignoring your posts and stories that ensure that you have been muted on their account.

Using Social engineering Technique

You can also use some social engineering tricks to check if your account has been muted by your friend. Try adding the person in the close friend’s list, even after a while you don’t find his name in the gears list, then the person has muted you for sure.

What happens when you mute someone on Instagram?

You might be wondering what does happen if you just mute someone on Instagram, you will miss a lot of things on Instagram for that particular person whereas other things will be same as it is.

Well, if you wish to excuse yourself from some of your followers or you need a little more privacy on your Instagram stories, then you must mute those followers. But wait, that doesn’t notify any of those whom you have muted.

This article will explain every point from DM to stories and what happens to those if you just mute a person on Instagram. Before you proceed here is the list of things that happen, provided below:

Person’s Stories and posts will be disappeared

The person you muted on Instagram, you won’t see their stories or posts on your Instagram timeline, also not in the story section. The direct messages sent by the person will be hidden if you just muted their DM.

If you mute a person their duties won’t be showing on your Instagram account, also their post will be removed from your homepage and vice versa. Although both of you will be able to visit one another account whenever you wish and check out their post and story directly on their install handle.

Notifications for DM or posts will not be there (For that person)

All the notifications that you used to receive for that person will no longer in the play game either it’s the DM or story. Remember that happens only for that particular person, not for all.

The reason is that you choose to mute and this is what it does just by not giving any notifications for anything for that particular person. You can choose to mute the story and keep posts on, although both at times are possible to mute.

what can they mute

Another feature that aids in with mute button is that you won’t be notified of the messages they send you. This way they won’t be able to bother you and disturb your privacy. If you need to talk to them you must check your Instagram messages and directly contact the muted person.

Direct messages won’t show up

Direct messages on Instagram won’t be shown up if the person sends your way, all would be kept in a different folder that you can access from the Request option.

Since the person is muted on your profile and you won’t be able to see their direct messages, so you need to go to your inbox to check whether they have messaged you or not.

instagram DM or Last seen

Last seen and online status will not be seen

Once you mute someone’s profile, neither you nor another person would be able to see your active status. Though you won’t be able to see the active status for another person if they have switched off their active status.

This new feature of Instagram has allowed users to keep themselves away from the chaos and enjoy privacy for a while without notifying the person that they have been muted.

These are all things you would see in order to if you’ve muted someone on Instagram.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explains what are the indications that can help you understand if someone muted you on Instagram and who could be that person. The social engineering technique and the DM method at once can tell you the fact in a few minutes, which I have described above.

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