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Why Is The: Telegram Profile Picture Not Showing

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can’t see someone’s profile picture on Telegram if you’ve been blocked; this is evident when attempting to add them to new groups or view their image.
» You can use a second device to save the person’s phone number and search for their account on Telegram; if their profile picture remains invisible, it indicates a likely block.

Why Is the Telegram Profile Picture Not Showing:

Below are the reasons why can’t you see someone’s DP on Telegram:

1. Its Privacy settings

If you see that you can’t view someone’s profile picture on Telegram, it could be because of their privacy settings. This means that the person has chosen to restrict their profile picture visibility to a specific group of people or contacts.

So, if you’re not included in that chosen group, you won’t be able to see their profile picture. You should respect their privacy preferences and understand that they have the right to control who can view their information.

2. Contact not saved

When this happens, it’s possible that you haven’t saved the person’s contact on your Telegram. Due to this, Telegram treats you as a stranger, and the person may have set their privacy settings to only allow profile picture visibility for their contacts.

This can prevent you from seeing their profile picture. You must save their contact on your Telegram to gain access to their profile picture and other information they choose to share with their contacts.

3. Blocked by the contact

If you find yourself unable to see someone’s profile picture on Telegram, it could be because the person has blocked you. For this reason, they have intentionally restricted your access to their profile picture and communication.

Now, you can’t see their profile picture or interact with them through Telegram. You can respect their decision and focus on maintaining positive connections with others.

How To Know If You’re Blocked On Telegram:

You can find out if you’re blocked by seeing the profile and the changes that happen there.

✅ You will Notice: If You’re Blocked

🏷 From Your profile:

You're Blocked

You can search by yourself and see the differences to be sure if you’re blocked by someone or not on Telegram. You’ll need to be sure that you’ve saved the number of your contact book and then open Telegram. Search for the user by his name. If the results don’t show the profile of the user with no existing display picture it means that the user has blocked you. 

However, you’ll need to use another device to check and be sure about it. 

🏷 From Other’s Profile:  

From Other's profile

You need to save the phone number of the user on another device on which you have a second Telegram account. From the second Telegram account, you need to search for the person by his contact name. If the person’s Telegram profile appears in the results and even shows a display picture, it means that the person has blocked your primary account. 

If you don’t have a second device or a second Telegram account, you can use your friend’s mobile to save the number and check it. 

✅ You will Notice: You’re not Blocked

🏷 From Your Profile: 

From Other's profile

When you’re unable to find the person on Telegram or unable to see the display picture of the user, it doesn’t always have to mean that the user has blocked you on Telegram because there is a possibility that the user might have deleted his or her Telegram account.

You need to first search for the user and see if you can find his account from your primary profile. If you can’t find the Telegram account of the user don’t be sure that the user has blocked you unless you confirm it using another device. 

🏷 From Other’s Profile:  

From Other's profile

On another device, you’ll need to save the phone number, then open Telegram and search for the user’s profile. If you can’t see any display picture or find any Telegram account associated with the number after searching, it means that you’re not blocked but the owner has deleted his Telegram account. 

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