How to Limit Bandwidth on a Netgear Router? [genie, N-Series]

Netgear is always one of the best routers for internet sharing. Monitoring traffic and controlling the bandwidth is easier on Netgear than any other router.

Netgear is the most costly router that I brought for testing than any other else. Choosing the best Netgear model does not solve your speed issue. If your router is having too many clients connected to browse the internet, your internet speed will be stuck.

Now, in this content, I am going to explain the procedure for limiting the bandwidth on Netgear router.

You can directly go to: Advanced > Setup > QoS SETUP > Add Rule to limit bandwidth on Netgear router. If you need more visual guide, this article will help you step-by-step.

Netgear has many models but the QoS setup is almost the same for all of the models.

We have listed the full guide that explains to limit WiFi speed for other devices.

The most common Netgear genie models which are featured and described in this content are Nighthawk R7000, R6300; Netgear Router Series: N600 (Model: WNDR3400v3), N300 (Model: DGN2200), N150 (Model: WNR1000v3).

However, Netgear does not provide bandwidth allocation limit for other clients but instead, it does have an option to set first priority to the important devices.

QoS setup in Netgear router works depending upon the bandwidth usage.

Let me explain.

Other routers provide options to limit bandwidth which you could set for different devices as per your wish. This setup is surely good for you but not for other devices.

Suppose you set 2MBPS limit to a device while you have 100MBPS broadband connection. Now, it does not matter if you are using the connection or not but the native will not be able to use the rest bandwidth which is lying unused.

But, the Netgear has the best solution in this case.

In this part, you can set ‘high priority’ for your devices and ‘low priority’ for some selected devices.

The setup will now able to give you the first priority to complete a download at full speed and other users will also be able to use the full bandwidth whenever high priority devices are not in use.

That’s great setup done by Netgear.

Now let’s start the bandwidth control procedures for some of the Netgear models.

There are three types of models we are going to showcase in this article. All the models should come under the same procedure from any one of these models.

Type 1: nighthawk R7000 (Netgear genie)

Type 2: R6300 (Netgear genie)

Type 3: WNR1000v3 (Netgear SMART WIZARD)

Control WiFi Speed for other Devices on Netgear genie (R7000)

This model (R7000) comes with three QoS setup. Upstream, Downstream and WMM. Here you have to work on Upstream QoS.

Step 1
At first, click on ‘ADVANCED‘ and then select ‘Setup‘ under WPS Wizard.

Netgear genie (R7000) qos

Step 2
From the list click on QoS Setup and under ‘Upstream QoS‘ tab click on ‘Setup QoS rule‘.

Step 3
Now from the options, select and click ‘Add Priority Rule‘.

Step 4
A tab will be opened. From there check for option ‘Priority Category‘ and select ‘MAC Address‘ from the drop-down list. Now select the device by its MAC address from the list.

Step 5
Now, you will find an option ‘Priority‘. Select the priority (Normal, High or Low) you wish to set for that particular device.

Netgear genie (R7000) priority rule

Once done, click on the Apply button.

If you have done the steps correctly then it will work for sure by limiting the other devices speed connected to the Netgear router when your device need to use higher data.

Limit WiFi Speed for others on Netgear genie (R6300)

This R6300 model has a slightly different setup for QoS. Instead of tabs, it listed the settings one by one. Now let’s understand how to use this.
Step 1
At first, go to the ‘ADVANCED‘ tab and then click ‘Setup‘ from the WPS Wizard tab.

Step 2
Click on QoS Setup then tick the option ‘Turn Internet Access QoS On‘ and click on ‘Apply‘. Next, click on ‘Setup QoS rule‘.

Step 3
Now from the options click on ‘Add Priority Rule‘.

Step 4
From the new tab, find for option ‘Priority Category‘ and select ‘MAC Address‘ from the menu. Now select a device and MAC address will be taken automatically.

Step 5
Now, find the ‘Priority‘ option. Select the priority to Normal, High or Low as you wish to set then click on Apply.

Netgear N600 series routers (WNDR3400) should work by the same function which is described here.

Set WiFi Speed Priority Rule on Netgear (SMART WIZARD)

The setup now to explain is an N150 series router, model: WNR1000v3. This router is very common among people. Like the Netgear genie models, this SMART WIZARD model also has the same priority rule settings.
Step 1
At first, go to to open the admin panel of the router.
Step 2
Now from the left side, click on ‘QoS Setup‘ listed under Advanced.
Step 3
Give the tick on ‘Turn Internet Access QoS On‘ and hit Apply button. Then click on ‘Setup QoS rule‘.
Step 4
A window will appear with the name ‘QoS Priority Rule list‘ and click ‘Add Priority Rule‘.
Netgear (SMARTWIZARD) QOS priority rule
Step 5
Now select MAC Address and configure the QoS by selecting the device from the list. Once complete, click Apply.
Netgear (SMARTWIZARD) QOS setup by MAC
This was the simple procedure to limit the wifi speed on the Netgear router.

How to Limit Internet Speed on Netgear to LAN Devices?

The system is the same till the Add priority rule option. Later once you select the Ethernet LAN Port, the connected devices will be shown up (if any). Next, you have to select any device and add a priority rule to high or low as per your wish. That’s all.

ethernet lan QOS
  • LAN: QOS Setup>>Setup QoS rule>>Add Priority Rule>>Ethernet LAN Port>>set Priority>>Apply.



1. How to Set Traffic Meter and Monitor Bandwidth Usage?

Just go to Advanced Setup and click on ‘Traffic Meter’. Now, a window will open with a form where you can edit the monthly data usage limit.
Just tick the ‘Enable Traffic Meter’ to turn on the feature and input the data transfer limit in MB. Then, click on Apply. Now, it’s done.

2. How to Find the MAC Address of Connected Devices on Netgear Router?

Go to Advanced>WPS Wizard>Security>Access Control. There all the devices connected to the router will be displayed with the MAC Address. You can check and copy all MAC Address if you need.
find active mac of clients
You can also Allow or Block any device if you want. But, for this, you have to tick ‘Turn on Access Control’ and hit Apply to complete.

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