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You can easily limit wifi speed for others if you are influenced by the slower speed of your wifi. Here, we are about to tell how you can control bandwidth for other clients in any wireless routers like Digisol, TP-Link, iBall, D-Link, Tenda, etc.

Then, what is the cause behind this?…

At that point, this identifies with different causes like server ping loss(timed out), connector issue, the distance between your device and router and the clients of Wifi who dependably proceed with their download throughout the day and night thus even your searching speed rate performs slower than ordinary.

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Hiding name of your wireless network is also the quickest way to protect your wifi speed but this does not control their download speed. So, here we are going to explain how you can limit wifi speed on your router for some particular clients who are always to be connected to your network. By along these lines, different customers of this wifi system will be set to an altered download or program speed rate or bandwidth and rest speed or bandwidth is for you.

Bandwidth-limit in any router works in some steps:

Primary Steps:
  • Login to your Router.
  • Collect IP from active client table.
  • Go to Bandwidth Settings.
  • Input value: IP, Bandwidth limit.
  • Save Settings.

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Benefits to Limit Data Usage on Wifi Router

If you set a data transfer capacity cutoff to those individuals who always download day and night, then you can see an expansion in your perusing and download speed.

But, there is a catch.

In any case, ensure what limit you have settled for them is separated from your limit, assume your plan is 2MBPS and 500 kbps set to them however to you didn’t set any limit then their speed now going to be influenced by you. Along these lines, it is ideal to set 1.5 MBPS limit for you likewise to leave different customers to utilise the pace with no speed cut issue.



How to Limit Wifi Speed in Digisol Router?

Digisol most common used router, it is best for home use in good price. Digisol has very easy set up to limit bandwidth for clients. Here are the few steps which will help you to configure it-

  1. Go to router IP and log in with your credentials.
  2. Now go to Status>>Active Client Table.Digisol.client
  3. Here you will find the list of active client IP address.Note down the IP address you want to set limit.
  4. Next, you go to Advanced>> QoS setup.limit wifi speed digisol
  5. Click on Add and put value in fields.
  6. Put IP address in Source IP, set the limit in Up Floor, Down Floor, Up Celling, Down Celling with same bandwidth value(Ex.200). Rest options leave blank.
  7. Now click Add option below.


Learn>>How to Configure Digisol Router

How to Limit Wifi Speed in TP-Link Router?

Tp-Link is the most common used a router and to limit the access of internet speed just first find out the client list and use their IP address to limit bandwidth. For this follow these steps-

  1. Go to router IP and log in with your credentials.
  2. Then find out the IP of that client you want to limit, so go to DHCP>> DHCP Client List. There you will see the list of the currently active user on your Wifi and Assigned IP address with them.Tp-link client list
  3. Select an IP which you identified to limit bandwidth.
  4. Now go to Bandwidth Control>>Rule Listlimit wifi speed tp-link
  5. Now put the values in boxes, such as IP address of the client in IP range and Bandwidth limit in Egress Bandwidth & Ingress Bandwidth both same value in Min and Max option. Leave other fields blank. 
  6. Click Save.

Done !!

How to Limit Wifi Speed in D-Link Router?

D-Link is also a popular router nowadays. Now, here is the process to limit wifi speed for D-Link router. Follow the steps-

  1. Go to router IP and log in with your credentials. 
  2. Then go to Status>>Client Table. There you will find client list of active users. Find the IP to limit bandwidth and note it. d-link client
  3. Now go to Advanced>>Traffic Control.
  4. Now Click on Add to add client rules. 
  5. Now put values in the fields, that previously noted IP in Source IP and the bandwidth limit you want to give in Up Floor and Down Floor limit.
  6. Click Add Rules.


How to Limit Wifi Speed in iBall Router?

If you are using iBall router then you can easily limit wifi speed for other clients on your iBall Baton. To complete the setup follow these steps below-

  1. Go to router IP and Log In with your credentials. (Default Username & Password: admin & admin)iball-limit-speed-1
  2. Then, to find active clients list go to DHCP>>DHCP Clients List. There you can see that assigned IP address of the user.Limit wifi speed in iball router
  3. Now, remember the last part of 3 digits that you will need to setup the limitation process. Then, go to Bandwidth Control and tick the Enable IP QoS.limit wifi speed for others in iball baton router
  4. Now, in IP Range field enter that IP you got from DHCP clients list, then select Mode to Maximum Bandwidth Limit. Then, in Bandwidth field enter the bandwidth amount you want to give that IP address client.
  5. Give a name in the Description field and tick the Enable.limit wifi speed in iball router baton
  6. Now Save the settings.

Done !

How to Control Bandwidth in Tenda Router?

Tenda is a very popular and decent priced router recently. Nowadays it is most purchasing router company in the market. Tenda users have many complaints about internet speed when too many clients are connected to wifi. Now, we will discuss here how you can limit bandwidth using bandwidth controller in Tenda router. The steps are-

  1. Go to router IP and log in with your credentials. 
  2. Next, click on Advanced.
  3. Now to find the clients to limit bandwidth speed, go to DHCP Client List .client.tenda
  4. There you will see IP address listed. Note down the Ip address you want to limit.
  5. Now go to QoS>>Bandwidth Control.limit wifi speed tenda
  6. Tick Enable for Enable Bandwidth Control.
  7. Now put value in the fields like IP address in IP Address field, select Download from Upload/Download option.
  8. Now put Bandwidth range. Ex.0-512 Kbps.
  9. Now click Add To List.
  10. Click OK.


Learn>>How to Configure Tenda Router

Alternative Ways to Find Active Clients in Wifi Network

If you don’t want to find active clients list in your router all the time logging into IP then you could go for an alternative solution with third party software. So, directly download wireless network watcher software from here.wireless network watcher

  • Now set up and install it.
  • In advanced option, you can set an IP range to scan and set time to re-scan automatically your router.

Taking after above strides, you can limit wifi speed and others brand routers are just about having same components and settings. Discover the options to limit bandwidth for other routers, it is entirely simple. If you are using Wifi USB connector or Hotspot wifi then you can’t do it along these lines. In any case, any routers following the above steps work completely fine.

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  1. This is really useful. I was facing the issue, may be my friends were hacked my wifi. But now using this technique and setting MAC filter I put a high-end wall. Thanks Pranab…..

  2. Hey! How nice, you have recently responded!
    I would like to ask for your help with a quite bothersome model:
    ZXHN H108L, by ZTE.
    This sucker will ask for a lot of inputs before accepting any QoS…
    But I bet it can be achieved… Especially by the likes of you!
    Please do help me, any info on how to do this correctly will be appreciated!

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