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If you want to resize an image for your LinkedIn profile then you can either use your installed tool or online tools in order to change the format and resize that image.

If you want to use the lowest resources and want to get the quick conversion of the images then you can just use the online profile picture resizer that will convert your LinkedIn profile picture to a desired size.

You can even use these tools in order to make the profile picture size circle, crop, and box-sized, also the other types as well.

To resize an image for your LinkedIn profile picture, you have to go to the LinkedIn profile picture resizer website and then upload the image there and start converting this to your desired size. You can use the Canva app in order to make a circle image for your LinkedIn profile picture.

There are many online tools or apps that you can use in order to resize the profile picture and also if your want to make it circle then you can also proceed.

This article will mention a few apps & online tools that you can use to convert the LinkedIn profile picture or resize it in your desired format.

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Let’s dive deep into the features and steps of the tools to use in order to modify an image for LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn Profile Picture Resizer

This tool is one of the best tools that you can use to convert the LinkedIn profile picture size or make your desired size before setting it as the profile picture.

  • Promo has many features to do including the image resizer, video editor, and lot more templates that you can use.
  • You can resize an image using the promo image resizer tool and applies to all type of images that you want to crop.
  • Convert the size of an image to a different one that might have the same resolution as the original one.
  • The profile picture size is converted to a circle or new size whichever you want to use it like.
  • Promo’s image resizer tool is very easy to use and if you want to keep the resolution or glossy output then this is the tool you must use.

How to Use:

Now, if you want to resize your LinkedIn profile picture online,

  • Step 1: Firstly, go to the Promo Image resize tool, the LinkedIn profile picture resizer.
  • Step 2: Then upload the image or you can also grab it with a link to the tool panel
  • Step 3: Then, multiple sizes will appear to select for you, just choose your desired size from there.
  • Step 4: At last, download your resized image and use it on LinkedIn.

You can finally upload that resized image anywhere you wish.

2. LinkedIn Profile Picture Resizer Online

This is another tool that will be helpful for converting your LinkedIn profile picture to the desired size.

  • LinkedIn Profile Picture Resizer is the best tool if you want the quick output of images that you want to convert.
  • This Profile Picture Resizer tool is easy to use and can convert to any size you want for an image.
  • Although, the output resolution is not much good as the promo tool has, for bigger to smaller conversions it works well.
  • The Profile Picture Resizer tool comes with many more other tools including other social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • You can choose this profile picture resizer tool in case you want to convert an image for your LinkedIn profile picture.

How to Use:

To resize an image for your LinkedIn profile picture,

  • Step 1: First of all, open the LinkedIn profile picture resizer from your chrome browser.
  • Step 2: There, you will see a box-like, “Click to Upload” to add an image there.
  • Step 3: You can even drag your image there and select the size as per your requirement.
  • Step 4: Now, upload your desired picture and make a few edits to it.
  • Step 5: Put the size in pixels to get your image in the desired format.
  • Step 6: Finally, download your resized image to upload on LinkedIn.

That’s all you’ve to.

3. Using Canva for Circle image

You can use the Canva app or website panel in order to make a circle profile picture for your LinkedIn profile. You can also resize an image to other formats as well.

  • Canva is available in the form of an app on your mobile and also on your desktop.
  • You can resize images that best fit your LinkedIn profile picture.
  • You can make an image circle even it is in another size and use it on your LinkedIn profile.

How to Use:

To make an image circle for your LinkedIn profile,

  • Step 1: Firstly, install Canva app on mobile from Google Play store & then open it.canva app on android
  • Step 2: Then click on “Create a design” and then choose a particular pixel.
  • Step 3: After that click, on the left-hand side elements to find an option of frames.
  • Step 4: Then, select the circle frame and drag it to the entire section.
  • Step 5: After that, go to uploads and choose your picture or drag it to that circle.
  • Step 6: At last, click on “Enter” to complete.

That’s all you have to do.

The Bottom Lines:

The article explained the best tools or apps that you can use to resize the LinkedIn profile picture and make your desired format from that original image.

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