Longest Snapchat Streak Record [Reached 2099]

The most interesting feature brought by Snapchat introducing this streak is to continue staying with their platform and making Snapchat a daily habit.The reward: No.1 snap streak holder. You have to be a consistent snapper to get the longest Snapchat streak.

This feature just shouts both of you and your friend’s name in the first list who are among the oldest fans and using Snapchat for a long time.

If you want to get that longest streak, you cannot cross such people but definitely can start your own. To get your name on that first list, you just have to pray to expire the streak of the highest streak holders.

You have to keep on going and snapping back or forth with your friend by not missing any of the days. Yes, you have to continue to be consistent.

Snapchat has become much popular for its amazing features like emojis and other mind-blowing stuff including snap streaks.

techniquehow snap streak

Snapchat users normally get some points while they send and receive any snaps.

Snapchat uses such metrics to determine the Snapchat score for a particular user which is displayed on the profile below the DP of a Snapchat user.

Here is the detailed description of the recently achieved Snapchat streak and tips for getting back a lost streak, all are aimed to reach the longest Snapchat streak.

On the other hand, the Snapchat Streak means to be an internal feature which indicates the relationship between two friends. Snapstreak is displayed as emojis beside the friend’s name.

This always shows the numbers along with that.

What does the highest Snapchat Streak Mean?

The Snapstreak is shown in yellow heart, red heart or fire sign emojis. The number beside the emojis has a meaning of its own.

However, the main question is asked by the Snapchat users, is about the peak Score & Streak on Snapchat. To avoid losing the Snapstreaks, you must snap daily 3 times. To make the streak a daily habit you can download a reminder and set it for free.

The fact is.

Snapchat has some rules of continuing the Streak as it expires within a day if no snap streak is done with your friend.

The amazing thing is.

You can get lost or ended Snapstreaks back and continue from there if you follow a simple procedure which we are about to discuss in this article.

This is more important to get the streaks back from your friend on a daily basis. For this, you will need more streak ideas daily. That is why it is needed to send wonderful snap streaks that could receive the reply back.

If you set a habit to streak daily and get streak back at the end of the day then you can easily hit the 1000 days Snapchat streak target.

There are many functions still unknown about Snapchat and you should understand the basic algorithm which Snapchat follows. Making the Streak to a daily habit is the only way to top the Snapchat Streak easily.

Later on, you have to keep the streak running to score the highest Snapchat streak.

How to Start the Snapchat Streak?

If you want to start the Snapchat streak with someone, you have to make a list of people you trust who can snap you every day within 24 hours period.

All you have to do if you have a large friend list just select all of them and send a snap to everyone and wait for the reply you receive.

Do this every day and check the constant replier from the list. The person who replies you back with a snap will help you gain the longest Snapchat streak.

What Do the Snapstreak Numbers Signify?

The number on Snapstreak is the more interesting thing on Snapchat as every user on Snapchat aims for the longest Snapstreak limit. This is the second most important fact on Snapchat.

Snapchat Streak Rules

Snapstreak number calculates the days you have consistently streak back and forth with your friend. This also displays a special symbol while your 100 Snapstreaks completed.

1. Fire Emoji Snapstreak is going on
2. Hourglass Emoji Snap Streak about to Expire
3. 100 Emoji Crossed the 100 day snapchat Streak
4. Mountain Emoji World Record Snapstreak (Longest)

Longest Snapchat Streak Of Today

It is not much tough to get the accurate highest Snapstreak record that is till now.

For this, you must know that Snapchat streak started featuring on April 6, 2015.
As of now, in 2021: the longest Snapchat streak that counted is in this table:

(by Techniquehow.com)
Longest Streak January 2099+
Longest Streak February 2127+
Longest Streak March 2158+
Longest Streak April 2188+
Longest Streak May 2219+
Longest Streak June 2249+
Longest Streak July 2280+

Do you know the longest Snapchat score is about 54 million?

What do the Emojis Mean on Snapstreaks?

Snapstreak is displayed with one or more emojis beside the friend’s name. It is seen as fire emoji, red heart emoji, and yellow heart emoji. Now, you have to understand the meaning of this Snapstreak emojis.

fire snapstreak

If you snap back and forth more than one day, you will see a fire emoji snap streak. This means that your relationship is on fire. However, this does not mean any specific relationship. This only means that any relationship with the snappers is on fire.

yellow heart snapstreak

Here, the Yellow heart emoji do the same in this case. This emoji is shown whenever you snap-streak someone and get the streak back.

red heart snapstreak

Now, it’s time to understand more important emoji that is red heart emoji. This emoji is displayed automatically when you snap streak back and forth for more that one week.

Although, some other snap streak emojis are also seen as well.

⇒How Do the Snapstreak Rewards Display?

Snapchat trophies are not directly related to any Streak score. But, Snapchat shows the emoji-like trophies once you hit the 100 days Snapchat streak or your streak is on an end. This is about concerning the feelings you made with your friends by snapping back and forth.

Snapchat displays some special reward trophies like ‘Fire’fire emoji, 100 days snap streak reward ‘Hundred’hundred emoji. Also, the ‘Hourglass’ trophyhourglass emoji when your streak is about to end.

⇒How to Does the Longest Streak on Snapchat End?

This is a matter of time. If you have missed snapping your friend for a day or your friend did not snap you back for a day then it ends. You need to start again from the next day and old streak is gone.

Snapchat Streak Rules

Increasing Snapstreak is not a challenge. This really is an easy task if information about this is clear. Snapstreak is the consistent day count of snapping back and forth with your friends.

But, the problem in increasing the Snapstreak to the highest, is when you forget to snap or your friend forgets this too. This usually cleared up all the snap streaks if the Snapchat streak rule is not followed.

Let’s get to point. There are many ways you can set an alert for snapping before the time passed.

By Adding Values before Friends Name
As you know, the contact list is displayed, sorted by the first letter of the name. So, if you need to see your friends at the tops of the contact list, you can add ‘A’ before their names. This method will move all of your friends with great Snapstreak at the top and will make it easy to snap fast. You will never forget to snap.

Setting Reminder
However, you can set a daily two times reminder to snap your friends. This is an excellent way to not lose your current Snapstreak and increase it to the unlimited.

Snap Daily Two Times
To keep the streak going have to streak daily from both to each other. Snapchat has its own time zone which rule you have to follow to stay on your recent Snapchat streak. But, to avoid the cleaning up, just snap daily two times in a gap between 10 hours.

The Bottom Lines:

Snapchat Streak has become really an addictive feature over the year. To rank the longest Snapstreak it is really important to make snapping a daily habit. You can do this by getting your friends at the top of the contact list by adding numbers at the starting of the profile name.

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