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You can either have a private Instagram or a public profile, Instagram provides its users private type account in case you want to lock up all posts from unknown folks.
If you are on Instagram and trying to completely lock your profile so that others cannot see your unloaded stuff then making the account private helps a lot. In that case, only your followers will be able able to see. Not only that but also the new followers will be on hold until you approve them.
That means if you have a private Instagram account people would not be able to see your stuff even they trick by tapping onto the ‘Follow’ button.
Another interesting fact I would like to enlist there is, even if you follow the person and your profile is private, people in your ‘Following‘ list would not be able to see your posts unless they are on your ‘Followers‘ list.
follower to follow
For stalking someone’s Instagram without an account, just get the link of the profile and then you can open it directly without logging in. If the account is private you have to log in and follow the person or in case the profile is public you can look at all the stuff even without an account.
But, what would you do if the person does not allow you in his followers-list? Well, in some instances, you can also view those private profile stuff even if you don’t have an Instagram account. In this article, I will be sharing the guide by which you will be able to see the Instagram posts including photos or videos of a private profile without having an account.

Stalking Instagram without an Account

If you want to view Instagram photos or videos of someone else who made his profile either public or private you can see the stuff through some methods. These are the feature that Instagram & its parent company Facebook has and still working. 
On Instagram, you can find any profile & their stuff if you’re in his ‘Followers’ list. Now, in case you don’t have an account on Instagram still, you will be able to see all details of that profile like followers and following count, posts count, intro, etc.
The best part is you can see these things even the profile is private. But, only the count you will see, viewing the photos or videos if the profile is private is far away to go.
Yes, if the profile is public, Instagram will let you see all the stuff uploaded on that profile. However, if you are a follower of that person then just by signing in onto Instagram you can view the private photos as well.

How to View Instagram Photos without an account?

If you want to see private Instagram photos without an account then this is possible by a few simple steps. As you know that Instagram will let you see you all the photos of someone else who made his profile public even you don’t have an account on Instagram. 
So in that case, you will be able to view the Instagram photos or posts from your mobile or desktop browser even you are not logged in. In this guide, I will share a way to see these photos of a public profile and as well as the private Instagram photos:

Stalking Instagram account through Incognito Mode:

If you are on a public profile and you don’t want to be caught through any online profile viewers or you want to see the photos of that profile then you can do it without logging into your account or if you don’t have an Instagram account you can still see the photos if those are public.
Through the Incognito mode of your browser, you can easily exclude the login without signing that existing Instagram account you can stalk the profile of someone else on Instagram for the photos.
You just have to copy the profile link (by tapping) from the Instagram app, then open your mobile or desktop browser and paste the URL on browser URL tab and open that URL. 
view private instagram without account
You will see all of the listing photos and other stuff including GIFs, videos that uploaded on the Instagram account, will be visible to you and you can see even if you are not signed in with your account.
For stalking Private Account: You can see followers count, following count and number of posts shared without an account.

Viewing Private Instagram photos FROM Twitter or Facebook

Now, in case, the profile is private then to view the photos you can’t unless you are a follower of that person and to become a follower of the person just by pressing the follow button will not enable you to see all the stuff until the person approves you on his list.
So, in this critical situation, you can take the help of Facebook or Twitter account of the person and if the person shared his stuff like photos and other posts on Twitter or Facebook then you can easily view the photos by clicking on the links.
Do you know how Instagram private profile works?
Actually making a private Instagram profile will only hide the posts from your home profile page. But if you have the URL of an Instagram post of that person who made his profile private, the same can be embedded or viewable from anywhere else without an account.
To view this:
 First of all, open Twitter or Facebook and find the person on those social media platforms.
Look at the post the person shared on Twitter or Facebook and find out those Instagram posts from there.
 Now once you click on the link you will be directed to Instagram to view the photos of the person who has a private Instagram profile.

Finding their Twitter or Facebook (Quick Guide)

I am adding an additional guide to this on how you can find the Twitter or Facebook account of the person more easily. 
To close this in one line I would like to suggest you that just google the Instagram name of that person and add Twitter in the search term and definitely will see a lot of profiles on web results or image search results where you can identify the exact profile and review the social media platforms, the same you can repeat to find the Facebook account.

How to Find Someone on Instagram without an Account?

If you want to find someone on Instagram you can look at those profile by searching on Instagram. You know that the Instagram search works even you don’t have an account on there or if you are just not logged in on Instagram, you can still find a person whom you want to find on Instagram.

Searching that Person on Instagram:

This makes the Instagram search worked. You have to open any Instagram profile at first in order to do it on mobile browser or on your desktop browser for the best results.
Now just type the name of the person whom you want to find on Instagram on the search tab and many results will be in the list of similar account with username below their name. You can choose from the results to find the exact person and view the profile.
If the profile is public then you can see all of that stuff of that person or in case it is a private profile you can use the methods that I have described to see the private photos of that Instagram profile.
Searching a Person on Instagram without account

Follow website:

If the person have an personal website or if that one is a public figure then you can easily find his account on Instagram on Twitter or Facebook and the same method is applicable with most success rating that you can find any private photos of that person from Google or through the other social media platforms.

⦿ Someone’s Instagram Photos from Anywhere else

Now once you are able to find the Instagram private photos from these methods, you need to know that if you make a private profile and want to safeguard your photos from any other person then what should you take care of.

➡ Hide to Protect Privacy of Posts:

The best method that you can take by archiving your Instagram posts that are old and you want to hide from everyone and will just by archiving those first you will still have them on your archived list on Instagram but the same will be hidden from other Instagram users either they are your followers or another person. 
I have previously discussed the ways to hide Instagram photos or posts in this regard.

➡ Stop sharing:

In this article, I have actually given the ways where you can find out the private Instagram photos by looking at those from other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Now the best thing for that you can avoid stealing of your private photos then you can either make the profiles private or you can stop sharing your private stuff on the social media platforms that you want to keep safe only to you.
The Bottom Lines:
Last thing that I want to conclude that if you want to view the private Instagram photos without an account you can definitely do that by using the other social media platforms the person is using and from there if you see the Instagram link of any post that is what you can view only for that private Instagram profile. In case the profile is public, the door is open–you can view all of the videos and photos of that Instagram profile without having an account.

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