How to Fix if MacBook Pro keyboard is not Working?


If the key gets stuck on the press, you might see the error like hhhhhhh…… is typing continuously, this happens when your key gets stuck on its place and if this is sticking several times on your MacBook, you need to fix it.

As you all know, the MacBook keyboard is set from the top which enables us to unlock and reinstall on its place.

Many claims that whenever the face such a sticky problem, you need a replacement and even your service centre would recommend that.

Well, the reason that causes such a problem is the dirt that blocks the smoothness of keys on your MacBook and just by cleaning that dirt from your MacBook you have a chance to fix this easily.

So, if you are facing the sticky keys issues on your MacBook pro then either you replace the keyboard (that will cost you a hard) or just fix it by yourself. Note that try this only when you’re not in warranty.

In this article, I have added a step-by-step on how you can fix the sticky keys on your MacBook Pro using some simple toolkits.

Important Note:

1. You can fix the sticky key by using a DIY method

2. You can fix by Replacing the Keyboard

3. The Apple keyboard replacement cost is somewhere between $400-$500.

4. From third-party service this can be between $150 to $200.

Let’s start the DIY guide to fix the sticky keys on your Macbook keyboard and if this gets fixed you can save the total keyboard replacement cost.

Why does the MacBook Pro keyboard is not responding?

If you see in your MacBook Pro keyboard is not working then you might have some reasons that have created this issue to happen and for this, you have many ways to fix it out. Before trying this you have to know how this problem happens to your MacBook and here I have entitled some of the reasons that you have to look into and find the solution accordingly,

⦿ Internal Damage:

The first reason is the internal damage if you want to fix the MacBook keyboard, check if the total keyboard is not working or some keys are not responding on presses.

If you see the whole keyboard is not working on the press then you might be sure that some internal damage has happened inside the MacBook and you need to fix it from the service centre.

However, if the internal damage happens for some keys all you can do clean out the dirt and make it work again…

⦿ Some Keys is sticking:

If you see some keys are sticking to the keyboard while you press then this is the issue of getting blocked and this happens due to the dirt on your Macbook keyboard and to fix it out just use a toothpick and remove all of the dirt from the keys and try again if this work.

If you have more than one key with this problem you have to clean the total keyboard by going to the service centre and take quick service for your keyboard and this will solve all of your keyboard issue including the sticky problem of for your MacBook.

⦿ Keys are unresponsive on press:

If you see that keys are unresponsive to the presses then you have the choice to clean the dirt beside the keys and as I have already described you need to go to the service centre and take the services for your MacBook to clean the all of the dirt removed from and use it again.

However, the method I have added in this content will surely help you out to do this by yourself and this will take hardly 30 minutes to complete the task.

⦿ MacBook Pro keyboard replacement:

Nevertheless, if you want to fix the keyboard completely and a total keyboard is unresponsive on keypress then you should have changed your keyboard by replacing this to a new one.

Fix unresponsive keys on MacBook pro

If you don’t know MacBook Air is having a feature that is ‘Slow option’ and when this option is turned on you have to press the key longer than the normal time to get it and put it on your document.

Your total keyboard is unresponsive on the keypress then you must look by pressing the key longer. If you see the key is working after a few seconds of long-press then you have to turn off the slow key option from the system preferences on your Apple MacBook.

Slow Keys Option:

To turn off the Slow Keys option you have to go to the Apple preferences. Now follow the steps to turn off this option that will fix the unresponsive issue of your keyboard:

Step 1:

Go to: Apple menu >> System Preferences and then click on Accessibility >> Keyboard >> Hardware.

Step 2:

Turn off the Slow Keys option on your keyword settings.

turn off slow keys

Once you have just turned off your slow keys option on your Macbook you will be able to use your keyboard fast on keypress.

 Reset the Keyboard:

If you want to do this automatically by resetting your keyboard to its default setting then you have to follow a simple guide and this will fix for all of the unresponsive keys on your keyboard. Let’s follow the steps:

Step 1:

First of all, turn off your MacBook and then unplug it.

Step 2:

Make sure it’s turned off, rest for 10 minutes and then press Shift+Control+Option keys at the same time for 5 seconds and then press the power button and hold the four keys until it restarts.

Step 3:

Now leave the keys and let’s open the desktop, now check the keyboard settings, this might have fixed.

That’s all you have to do to reset the MacBook Pro keyboard settings.

MacBook Pro keyboard is not working

If your MacBook keyboard is not working, you have some DIY steps to fix this up within 20 minutes. You can use some handy tools and make it replaced by fixing this on your own.

MacBook Pro some keys are not working

If a few or one of your MacBook keys isn’t working then just you need to check that key on your keyboard. Just check if any dirt or a substance is present behind that is making the keys unresponsive.

Just follow the simple steps to fix this out:

Step 1: Firstly, just make sure your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is turned off and just turn off the MacBook completely before starting the process. (You all know how to do that).

Step 2: Next, just find the key with a closure-look into it. Check the condition of the key. Press it and check if this goes up-down, if not then something beneath the key is present like dirt or anything.

Step 3: Now, just use a toothpick (I would suggest this for its sharp end that goes deep into the key, but don’t push it to fast). You have to smoothly pick the dirt out from the key and check if it’s now responsive or not.

Step 4: Next thing you have to do if this still does not work, just remove the key using the using nail and spray the spirit onto the key set and cleanout (You can use the perfume spray, I use this most of the time to clean up small parts and this works great).

unlock keys on macbook

Step 5: Finally, keep the keys part and set it to reuse. Now turn on your MacBook the key will start working as fresh.

This DIY trick can be performed with any laptop or on your MacBook. This is a simple and easy fix for keyboard sticking problem.

MacBook keyboard not working except power button

If you see the MacBook keyboard is completely out of service or the whole keyboard is not working, in this case, this is a matter of internal hardware issue that you should fix from Apple authorised service centre.

The steps really simple:

1. Shut down your MacBook.

2. Book your Service centre Token.

3. Fix your keyboard from there by replacing this.

Although, if you avail the warrant you get it free otherwise this will cost you around $500 including all charges.

The Bottom Lines:

If your some keys are unresponsive or pressure not working then those keys can be fixed with the above method that you can do by yourself. Although, this will take 20-30 minutes and spray to clean this up and definitely the toothpick is the main hero to fix the key if this sticks on its place.

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