How to Fix if MacBook Pro Trackpad is not Clicking?

If you have trackpad issue on your MacBook then this happens for several reasons and you can easily fix this.

I had my MacBook trackpad unable to click and it was being unresponsive & glitching.

When I faced the issue on my MacBook, that day I could remind I did not install any applications or updated MacBook. 

Rather I use too many third-party tools, the reason could be that as you will not face the issue immediately. That happens even after a week of usage.

It is correct that if you have an issue with your adaptor you might face the same issue and when you disconnect your adaptor from your MacBook the trackpad restores within a few minutes.

But, that’s not all, if you are having issues with your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, there might be several reasons that force your trackpad to be unresponsive or disable the clicking.

In this article, I will share the core reasons and all minute details regarding the exact fixes that actually work and some suggestions as well.

MacBook Pro trackpad not working properly [Reasons]

If your trackpad on MacBook is not working properly then there are some reasons that pass this issue onto your MacBook. You may have installed some third-party applications and from there the trackpad started glitching on your MacBook or the trackpad is damaged from the inside.

Let’s have a deep discussion of these reasons.

Old Version of MacBook:

The old version is not compatible with most of the new updated applications and if you are working with resource-heavy software, you just have to update the system to the newest version of MacBook.

If you’re using an old version of your macOS then the system may hang or start glitching and the first effect you will see on the trackpad. Now, first of all just check if you have the latest version is installed on your MacBook, if not do that ASAP.

Third-party Applications:

Third-party tools are the major injector of viruses into your system and if you can’t handle this wisely, your MacBook gets effected like your trackpad is out of your control.

First of all, check the online review of such tools if there any complaints regarding the viruses, this will help you decide the uninstallation of such applications.

If you have just recently installed any third-party tools on your MacBook this may be the reason behind the trackpad being unresponsive. You just need to verify this by uninstalling the application from your MacBook and the issue will fix after your run the total system Scan for viruses.

Damaged from inside:

The issue is fixable from the service centre itself if this has internal damage to the MacBook trackpad. If you have purchased the MacBook Pro newly then you can claim the free replacement of the set from the Apple’s authorised service centre.

Suggestion: However, if this is not under the warranty you have to fix it with $500, although the third-party service will cost you much less than the authorised service centre.

Fix MacBook Pro Trackpad if Unresponsive

If your MacBook Pro trackpad is unresponsive or not clicking then you have many choices to fix this issue for. Either you change the settings or use the wireless mouse you many such other ways also that can fix the trackpad issue on your MacBook. Let’s talk about these all:

1. Restore the Settings if changes

MacBook has its many useful settings for its users to have control all over the place and if you want to fix your any trackpad issues, you can run the troubleshoot or make changes on settings to get it reinstated.

What does Manual Troubleshooting do?

If your trackpad is becoming unresponsive very frequently then just troubleshoot the issue and this option will be available on your MacBook.

What it does is, makes all of the settings to its default position and system will work on the new updated settings after the troubleshooting is completed.

If you set up that disabled the default built-in trackpad on MacBook then you have to untick the option in order to use the trackpad on your MacBook.

You have to follow these steps:

Step 1:

First of all, go to System Preferences on your Apple MacBook.

Step 2:

Then select Accessibility option from the sidebar & choose Mouse & Trackpad.

Step 3:

Now find the option ‘Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present’ and untick this.

trackpad built in keep enable

That’s all you have to do enable the built-in MacBook trackpad.

2. Run Thorugh Safe Mode

Just try running your MacBook of child version. Yes, with the use of safe mode you can be sure in the case of any issues created by the third-party applications.

The choice you have by running your MacBook from safe mode and all you’ve to do just press Shift (⇧) to open your MacBook over safe mode. This will unveil the reason why MacBook trackpad is glitching or not clicking through.

The safe mode here will disable the third-party installation uses on your MacBook and from this mode of access, you will be able to understand if this problem is happening through the third-party applications.

First thing, just make sure if the trackpad is working properly in safe mode and if this does so then you have the third-party application issue that is creating problem to your trackpad and this is pre-proved by many experts.

3. Update your MacBook to Latest Version

Updating your MacBook really solve the issue of getting glitches on the system and if this happens with the trackpad then this may be due to the heavy-resource application your system that it can’t handle. Updating your system to the latest version, will fix the trackpad and also make sure you have enough space on your hard drive if not just free some space.

If you want your MacBook trackpad to work properly then just go ahead and update the MacBook Pro or Air to its latest version.

Doing this is really simple, all you have to go to the System Preferences >> Software Update and check if there any new updates is available.

update macOS

If so, just update your MacBook and this will enable the system to run properly with all settings and applications that installed on your system.

4. Clean MacBook Trackpad [DIY]

If your MacBook Pro trackpad hard to click or just unresponsive this is a signal of dirt is present inside the trackpad.

fix trackpad DIY

fix trackpad DIY clean

The simple answer is to clean it up and to do this just get an expert advice to go into the process and all you have to od is just pick the trackpad out from the MacBook, then clear the space and put is back by setting it again.

Please remember if you have the warranty, just don’t do it on your own rather go to the service centre to fix this out or if not possible make sure you can do-it-yourself or get help from an expert in your local place.

5. Use Wireless Optical Mouse for your MacBook

The final option is the optional way that is possible for the issue that needs to get fixed instantly is just by using the Bluetooth mouse for the MacBook.

You can use the wireless optical mouse for your MacBook and connect this through the Bluetooth to use this.

You can disable the in-built trackpad on your MacBook or keep it enabled.

But, this is recommended only when you have passed through the all above process as if the glitch is on system-level otherwise, you’re not going to get it fixed with the use of a wireless mouse.

6. Try changing Adaptor

The Adaptor here plays a huge role in creating issues on the trackpad. It goes somewhere by glitch and replacing the adaptor can definitely fix such issues on your MacBook Trackpad.

However, you get a decent warranty and lifetime of a MacBook adaptor must be 3 years or more, don’t hesitate to replace it. But, before doing this make sure this has an issue.

To become sure about this, just check if this issue is only happening when the adaptor is plugged in and if after the unplugging the issue gets solved on its own, just you need a replacement of your adaptor now.

The Bottom Lines:

It’s better you clean up the trackpad from the service centre or else if this gets fixed from the settings then you’re good to go.

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