How To Make A Photo Collage On iPhone

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To make a photo collage on an iPhone, you need to download and install Google Photos and open it. 

Next, provide permission to the app and then select and mark the photos with which you want to make the collage. Then, click on Create and click on Collage. 

On the editing page, modify the picture and then click on the Share button to save it. 

You can also use the PhotoGrid: Video Collage Maker app from the App Store to make collages. 

Download and install the app, open it and click on Grid, then select the pictures, and click on Next. 

Edit and modify it accordingly on the editing page then click on Save to save it in the Camera Roll. 

How To Make a Photo Collage on the iPhone:

You can try the following methods:

1. Using Google Photos:

You can use Google Photos to make collages of pictures. Below are the steps you need to follow to make collages using Google Photos on iPhones. 

Step 1: Install Google Photos & Open

The first thing that you need to do is to install the Google Photos app on your iPhone. Google Photos app lets users create collages for free. 

To install the Google Photos app, you’ll need to first open the App Store and then you’ll be able to see several icons at the bottom panel. You need to click on the magnifying glass icon that’s at the bottom right side of the screen. It will take you to the search page. In the search bar, you need to type Google Photos and search for the app. From the results, download the Google Photos app by clicking on the download icon and then clicking on the Open button to open it.

Install Google Photos

Step 2: Allow all Import permissions to Access

After opening the Google Photos app, you will be asked to provide the app with permission to access your storage, etc. You need to click on the Allow buttons on the boxes to provide the required permissions. If you deny permission to Google Photos, it won’t be able to import the pictures from your device album to the app. 

On iPhones, users don’t find or have any inbuilt feature to create collages of multiple photos. But still, you can do it for free if you use Google Photos. It doesn’t leave any watermarks on the collages that you make using the app.

Allow all Import permissions to Access

Step 3: Click & Hold Photos to Select & Choose ‘Add to’ option

After providing the permission, you will be able to see all of your photos on the Photos page. You’ll need to choose the pictures with which you’re willing to create the collage. Scroll down the pictures and then find out which one you want to choose. Then click on the pictures and hold them for a second till it gets marked. You need to select multiple photos for the collage. Therefore, select and mark all those pictures with which you want to make the collage. You need to mark them one after one. 

As you’re selecting the pictures, you’ll see that some options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Swipe the options to the left and you’ll get the Add to option. Click on it. 

Click on Add to

Step 4: Click on the ‘Collage’ Option & It will Create

After clicking on Create, you’ll be shown three different options in a box: Movie, Animation, and Collage. You need to click on the third option which is Collage and it will immediately show you Creating collage. Within a few seconds, Google Photos will create a collage with the selected photos and display it to you. If you don’t like the structure of the collage or want to modify it, you can do that with the options provided under the collage. 

The best part of using Google Photos is that it’s ad free. It won’t interrupt your action with ads in the middle therefore, you will be able to use it without any interruption or disturbance.

Click on the 'Collage'

Step 5: You Can Modify and Change the Display of Collage

Under the collage displayed by the Google Photos app, you’ll be able to see several icons. To modify the collage, you’ll need to click on the second icon sighted as three lines and it will take you to the editing section where you’ll be able to edit your collage. 

You can edit and change the appearance of the collage. It will provide you options like Enhance, Dynamic, Warm, etc to change the appearance. You can even provide a filter to the collage, crop it, etc. 

You can modify and change the display of Collage

After you’re done editing the collage, you need to click on the Share icon from the bottom and then save it on your device. You’ll be able to send it to friends by emailing it too. 

2. Using PhotoGrid App:

You can also use the PhotoGrid: Video Collage Maker app to make collages of pictures on iPhones. 

Let’s look at the features of the PhotoGrid App:

⭐️ Features:

◘ It offers more than 20 layouts to make collages. You can make collages of both pictures and videos using this app. 

◘ The app offers different types of templates for all kinds of moments. You can even edit your pictures, add stickers, and add text to your photos on the app. 

◘ It has more than one thousand different fonts that allow you to change the style of the text you’re adding to the picture. You can use it for creating banners, covers, etc. 

◘ The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store. You’ll be able to create content for your Facebook, Instagram, and  Twitter posts. 

◘ You can share the collages directly to other platforms from the app. It has a very simple interface that can be used by anyone. 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: To create collages, you need to first download the PhotoGrid: Video Collage Maker from the App Store. 

Step 2: Open the App Store and click on the magnifying glass icon and then enter PhotoGrid in the search bar. 

Step 3: From the results, download and install the PhotoGrid: Video Collage Maker by clicking on the download icon next to it. 

PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker

Step 4: Then, click on Open to open the app. It will ask you to try the premium feature. But if you don’t want to try or subscribe to the premium feature, you need to click on the x icon at the top left corner to get rid of that. 

Step 5: Then, click on the Allow button if you want to get notifications from the app. Next, click on Grid. 

click on Grid

Step 6: You’ll be displayed with the pictures on your device. You need to click and select the picture with which you want to make the collage.  

Step 7: Next, you need to click on the Next button at the top right corner to go ahead with making the collage. 

click on the Next button

Step 8: It will ask again to subscribe to the premium, ignore it by clicking on the back button. Next, click on Got it. 

Step 9: You’ll be taken to the editing page. On the page, you’ll be displayed with the collage. 

Step 10: It will give you options at the bottom of the page to edit the collage. You can change the layout by clicking on Layout. 

Step 11: By clicking on Border, you can add margins and borders to the collage. You can even add text, change the background, and put stickers, filters, and effects to the collage too.  

Step 12: After you’re done, click on Save. It will automatically save the collage in your camera roll. 

click on Save

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I make a photo collage on my iPhone for free?

If you want to make a photo collage on your iPhone for free, you can use Google Photos to do that. Google Photos doesn’t leave a watermark on the picture and it’s ad free. But it doesn’t offer many layouts and designs. You can get more layouts and designs for collages on the premium apps from the App Store. 

2. Can I make a collage in Apple Photos?

Yes. To do that, 

◘ Click and open Shortcuts.

◘ Next, click on + and then click on Add Action. 

◘ Then click on Select Photos and click on Show More

◘ Enable the ‘Select Multiple‘ button. 

◘ Next, click on the + icon and click on Combine Images. 

◘ Then, click Horizontally. 

◘ Next, you need to click on In a grid. 

◘ Click on Save to Photos Album. 

◘ Click on Next and then provide a name for the shortcut as Create Grid and click on Done. 

◘ To create a collage, open the Shortcut and then click on the Create Grid, select your photos and click on Add. 

◘ Now you can see the collage in your Camera Roll. 

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