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To move files from one Google drive to another, the easiest way you can proceed is by sharing the file with the second email ID. Do this for all files then from the ID you just save the files on the drive and you can delete the files from the first primary drive.

Google Drive stores all of the uploads you made on Google like photos, emails, and other types of files.

You can get the list of these types on Google Takeout. The 15 GB is beneficial but not enough for all types of users who store huge files like videos and software in Google Drive.

You will need to use the Google Drive file sharing option to clone the files to another Google account.

Maybe changing the ownership of the Google photos account might not be an easy task.

If you add all shared files to the ‘My Drive’ on that other Google Drive account, then you can turn the sharing off from the primary account. This is how Google Drive migration works.

🔯 Google Drive Upgrade:

You can share a Google drive plan with up to 5 family members.

It’s a myth that you can use up to 15 GB of Google Drive storage. Actually, you can increase your Google drive storage up to 2 TB at a fixed monthly price.

The best part.


🔯 How To Fix: Couldn’t accept ownership of this file. Try again

Ownership of files can be transferred to another user who’s in the same domain. Moreover, when you invite someone with a personal Google account to take ownership of any files or folder, he or she has to accept your request. If the request gets denied, the ownership won’t be transferred and it would fail. 

The ownership request would remain pending until the user accepts it. He will be notified about it by email. But till the ownership request gets accepted, you’ll remain the owner. 

When you’re inviting someone to take ownership of files or folders, the user shouldn’t have a school or a work account rather it has to be a personal account.

🏷 Ownership Can only be Transferred to Another user in the same organization:

Google Drive does not allow more than one owner at one point in time. The current board owner will be able to transfer the ownership to another user in the same organization whoever he or she wants.

To do that, the owner needs to click on the Share option inside the application. 

◘ The current owner has to transfer the ownership to another person who’s in the same domain or else it would fail. 

◘ When you click on Share, it will open up a new page where you’ll see the Share with people and groups heading.

◘ You’ve to enter the email of the new owner in the blank that says Add people and groups.

◘ Next, choose the email of the owner and then click on the blue Send button. This particular user, from now on, will have access to the file and will appear on the list of allowed users. 

◘ You’ll be able to make the user the owner by clicking on Editor and then choosing the Make Owner option. Confirm it by clicking on Yes.

◘ Next, you’ll be removed from being the owner and will be marked as Editor and the user would become the owner. 

You should know that personal users are not allowed to transfer ownership to other users of the boards. However, the ownership of files of certain types like Google docs, Google Sheets, etc can be transferred. 

How To Transfer Google Drive Files To Another Account:

If you are willing to transfer the files to another new Google Drive account, then you can use any of the following methods which are described below:

1. Use ‘Drive Migrator’ Extension

If you are on the Google Chrome browser then you can use the ‘Drive Migrator’ extension to transfer or move one Google folder to another new account.

Let’s understand the process step by step:

Step 1: First of all, get the Drive Migrator extension on your Google chrome.

Step 2: Now login with the files that you want to transfer from.

Step 3:Once the setup is complete you can put the email id where you want to transfer your Google Drive files or a total folder and proceed with the options.

⭐️ Benefits:

◘ The main benefit of this extension, this can do it robotically without having proper knowledge of the right migration process.

◘ If you are a newbie to Google Drive, you can take help to do the migration process easily and safely without losing any data.

◘ Drive Migrator is the free tool available in the Google Web store and you can perform this task on your browser logged in with a Google account.

🔯 Migrating Google Drive files to G Suite:

G Suite is the provided Google cloud storage that can be used for multipurpose if you are a professional in your business. You can start with affordable price plans or get a free trial.

Now let’s understand how can you transfer the Google drive folder to the G suite!

It is an absolutely easy and quick process to migrate Google Drive files to g-suite just follow the step-by-step guide:

First, you have to go to Google Drive and move all of your files into a new folder then download the folder to your local computer drive.

Now open g suite and activate your account then upload your Google Drive backup file to the G Suite account.

That’s how it is done.

Note: If you want to move all of your files at once without getting any other folder you can do it directly to G Suite.

2. Google Takeout: Transfer Files to Another Google Drive Account

If you wish to transfer all of your Google Drive important files and don’t want to go through multiple requests then this Google takeout will do the job for you.

Note that this Google Takeout has the option to clone all of your data present in your Google accounts like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and other services that you can name, which are transferable with the Google Takeout.

Just follow this step-by-step guide to using Google takeout for transferring Google Drive files to another new account:

Step 1: While you open the Google takeout option you will see all of the listed Google products that you can take the data from and upload to the new Google Drive account.

Google drive 1

Step 2: From the list just select Google Drive. You can select other Google products as well if you want to transfer those data and store in the new Google Drive account.

We are going to transfer only Google drive files so just select the Google Drive option from the list and deselect other options if you don’t need those data.

Step 3: Now process with the next steps where you can select all the folders and files along with the file format selection to the clone to the new G Drive account through a downloaded file.

Google Drive 4

Step 4: Then you have to create a report of the files or folders that will take time and you will be notified once it is done.

Google Drive 7

You can select the mode of notification as email.

Step 5: Once the report is ready and you get the email just go to the Google Drive link that is provided in the email and directly download the file to your Computer.

Google Drive 10

Step 6: Now once the file is downloaded just log into the new account where you want to upload the previous files and folders & click the upload option.

Google drive 11

Depending on the storage plan you are using you can upload your downloaded Google Drive files to the new account.

🔯 Does it Work without Downloading any files?

If you are on Google takeout, you have to download the file obviously for transferring your data manually to the new Google Drive account.

Google takeout is used to download all of your Google product’s data and back up into the safest cloud storage.

There is another way that you can use to transfer your files through the Google Drive download link to the new account.

Now, in the next method, will discuss the bulk sharing and copying of Google Drive files without downloading anything at all.

3. Move files from One Google Drive Account to Another

Just follow the step-by-step guide to complete the procedure easily:

Step 1: At first, open ‘My Drive’ in your Google Drive account and select all files to transfer including the Google photos.

Step 2: Now click on add account icon to share with another account.

Move Google Drive Files 1

Step 3: Then input the email id to add and click on the Send button.

Move Google Drive Files 2

Step 4: Once you had done that, open that secondary account and click the ‘Shared with me’ option.

Move Google Drive Files 3

Step 5: Select all the files and click on the ‘Add to My Drive’ option.

Move Google Drive Files 4

Now, still, it is not complete as it is in shared mode.

Step 6: Just select all the recently added files and click on the ‘Make a copy’ option from the list.

Move Google Drive Files 5

As it is successfully moved now you can delete the files from the first account.

Also, you can turn off the sharing of Google Photos. Here are the steps below:

How to Turn off File Sharing on Google Drive:

Step 1: Select the files you have shared and click again on the share icon.

Move Google Drive Files 6

Step 2: This will open a list of shared contacts. Just edit or delete the user you want from the list.

Once complete, click on the ‘Done’ button.

This is a very simple procedure to move all the files from one Google Drive account to another.

🔯 How To Transfer Google Drive to Another Account outside of the Organization:

Yes, you can transfer Google Drive outside the organization. You’ll need to transfer the ownership of the documents after logging into the Google account from where you’ll need to transfer them.

The following points will help you know about the steps to follow:

◘ First, log in to the Google account in which you have the files that you want to transfer.

◘ Next, you’ll have to create a new folder and then move all the documents that you want to transfer to it in the same drive account.

◘ As this folder contains all the files together that you want to transfer, you’ll need to share this particular folder outside the domain.

◘ You’ll need to log in to your external Google account outside of the domain to move the folder by clicking on Shared with Me and then clicking on My Drive.

◘ You should know that sharing the folder doesn’t transfer its Ownership and it’s still owned by the original account. You won’t be able to change the ownership of the shared document outside the domain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Move Files from One Google Drive Account to Another?

If you are taking the use of Google to take out then you can transfer any type of Google services data to another new account.

Just from the Google takeout option select Gmail from the list and then continue with the migration process.

2. How do I transfer Google Drive files without downloading or uploading them?

If you want to skip the way that needs to download the data at the first and then upload to the new account then you can choose the alternative option that is available on Google drive.

Through this method, you can share the file with another Google Drive account and then copy the file on the same account. This is how that data will be copied to the new Google Drive account without downloading or uploading anything.

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