If Someone Is Online On WhatsApp Does It Mean They Are Chatting

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If someone is online on WhatsApp it can indicate that the person is on a WhatsApp call or he’s texting someone too.

You’ll only see the typing status if the person is texting you. You won’t be able to see the typing status of the user if he is chatting with someone else on WhatsApp.

Online on WhatsApp doesn’t mean that the user is busy chatting as he can do other different activities by being active such as viewing the statuses, reading unread messages, changing the profile picture, resetting profile privacy, etc.

It’s also possible that the person is busy texting in WhatsApp groups and he’s not chatting with any particular user on WhatsApp.

To make calls on WhatsApp without being online, first, turn off the active status on FMWhatsApp MOD and then make the call from the WhatsApp application.

You can check the message on WhatsApp without being online by turning on airplane mode or by reading the message from the notifications.

There are a few steps you can try to know if someone is online on WhatsApp.

Online On WhatsApp Checker

If someone is online on WhatsApp does it mean they are chatting:

These are the things that can happen in those situations:

1. Maybe he is busy on Call or Texting someone

When you see the online status of any user on WhatsApp, there is a good chance that the person is busy texting someone else on WhatsApp if you’re not chatting with him. However it’s also possible that he’s not chatting but on a call with someone else on WhatsApp, it can be either a video call or a voice call.

whtasapp on another call

You need to send a message to the user on WhatsApp and then wait for his reply. As he’s online, there is a good chance that he will reply to you sooner or later. If he replies to you much later, it’s quite clear that he was busy chatting or doing other activities on WhatsApp.

There’s a way to confirm if the person is on a call with someone or not. You need to call the user on WhatsApp and if it says (User) is on another call then you can know that he’s busy on another call.

2. You Won’t see Typing unless he is on your Chat

When you’re chatting with someone on WhatsApp and the user is typing a message to you, you’ll be able to see the Typing status below the user’s name on the chat screen. However, if the user is busy chatting with someone else by being online on WhatsApp you will not be able to see the typing status anymore as he’s not chatting with you but with someone else.

Typing unless

You can either ask the user directly to know with whom he was chatting or you can take over his device and check it yourself to find out if the user was chatting with someone else or not.

3. Viewing Status and checking Messages Also Shows the User Online

When someone’s active status on WhatsApp is online it doesn’t always mean that the person is busy chatting with someone else. You should know that there are a whole lot of other activities that the user can do by being active on WhatsApp.

Viewing Status on whatsapp

It’s also possible that the user is seeing the statuses of his WhatsApp contacts by swiping through them. He might even be checking the previous unread messages on WhatsApp that were due to be read.

He can be going through his WhatsApp privacy settings to recheck and reset them as per his needs. Online or active status can also mean that the user is finding himself a new picture from the device’s album to set it as his profile photo on WhatsApp. These are the few other activities a person can do being active on WhatsApp.

4. He/She Might be Texting in Groups

If you see that a person is online on WhatsApp there’s no need to assume that the user is chatting with another user on WhatsApp. He can also chat with friends on WhatsApp groups.

Texting in Groups

If you’re with the user on WhatsApp groups, check if the user sends or replies to group texts, then it can help you find out that he’s not chatting with anyone but is texting in groups. However, if you’re not in any groups with the person you can’t be sure whether the user was texting in groups or to another user being online.

To be entirely sure about what the user does on WhatsApp by being online, you need to install a spying or monitoring app on the target’s device so that you can get exact details of the user’s WhatsApp activities by logging into your web spying account.

How to Make a Call on WhatsApp without Showing Online:

When you make a call on WhatsApp, your WhatsApp contacts can see the active status under your name on the chat screen. But if you want to hide the active or online status while making WhatsApp calls, you can use the trick that’s mentioned below.

To make calls on WhatsApp without being shown online, you’ll need to first use the FMWhatsApp MOD to turn off the active status of your WhatsApp account and then place the call to the user from the original WhatsApp application so that your active status is not shown to the other users.

Recently WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows you to hide your active status too. If you want to hide your active status so that others can’t know that you’re online on WhatsApp even when voice calling others, you can turn it off from the Privacy section of the WhatsApp application.

How Can You Read WhatsApp Messages without being Online:

You have to follow these methods:

1. Turning on Airplane Mode & See Messages

If you want to read WhatsApp messages without being online on WhatsApp then you need to check the messages by turning on the Airplane mode or the Flight mode of your device. Once you turn on airplane mode, the mobile data automatically gets off and the WhatsApp server won’t be able to record that you’re online so it won’t show your active status as Online to other contacts.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, disconnect the WiFi network or turn off the mobile data of your device.

turn off the mobile data

Step 2: Turn on airplane mode or flight mode by sliding down the top panel.

Turn on airplane mode

Step 3: Then open WhatsApp.

open chat

Step 4: Read the messages that you want to read and your status won’t be shown online.

read chat

Step 5: Then close the app and remove it from the recent apps too.

Step 6: Turn off Airplane mode and reconnect wifi or internet connection.

Click on eroplane mode

2. Seeing From Your Notifications

If you don’t want to be shown online while checking the WhatsApp messages you can check the WhatsApp messages from the notifications so that you don’t need to open the WhatsApp application to read them. When you read the messages from the notifications your active status doesn’t change to online although you’re reading the messages.

Seeing From Your Notifications

If you want to reply to the messages, you can do it by clicking on the Reply button on the notification and composing your reply. After composing the reply, click on the paper plane icon to send it without being online.

This method will only work if you’ve turned on the WhatsApp notifications on your device from Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is she always online on WhatsApp?

The user’s active status may be shown online on WhatsApp all the time, maybe because the user’s device is connected to a WiFi connection or the internet and the WhatsApp application is running in the background all the time. However, it can also mean that the person is too addicted to WhatsApp and can’t stop checking it from time to time.

2. Does WhatsApp show online when you are on a call?

Yes, when you are on a WhatsApp voice or video call, you’re using the WhatsApp application. As you’re active on the WhatsApp application, your status is shown as Online to other WhatsApp contacts and they’ll be able to know that you’re active. However, you can hide the Online status and last seen on WhatsApp by setting it as Nobody so that none can see your active status while you’re on WhatsApp calls.

3. How to stay online on WhatsApp without being an online iPhone?

If you want to stay online on WhatsApp without actually being online, you’ll need to open the WhatsApp application and then enable the mobile data of your iPhone. Then leave your iPhone by keeping the WhatsApp app open and don’t press the power button. Now your active status will be shown online as long as you don’t press the power button on your iPhone or turn off the data connection.

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