What Does Ops Mean On Instagram

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Ops on Instagram stands for ‘Opinions on me’, asking questions from your viewers.

To post ‘ops stories’ on Instagram, first, open the Instagram application and then log in to your account. 

Next, from the homepage, you need to swipe to the right to get into the camera screen.

Then click on  Aa to access the Create feature of Instagram. You’ll be presented with the typing screen of Instagram. It will display a sticker icon at the top of the page. 

Click on it and then select the Question sticker. You need to erase the Ask me something question and then type your sticker. For example Ops on me. 

Next, click on Your Story to post the story on your Instagram profile. You’ll be able to get responses from the viewers who will send their opinions about you.

Even if you see an ops story, you can click on it, enter your opinion about the topic or the person and then Send it to the user to reply to it.

Ops also stand for Overpowered in the context of games, Opposition in the context of rivalry, and Original poster in the context of social media posts or threads.

What Does Ops Mean on Instagram:

Ops on Instagram is an acronym. It stands for opinions or opinions on me. Generally, we get to see ops on many Instagram stories. It becomes too confusing for those who are not very much familiar with the terms and slang of the internet.

Usually, when users on Instagram want to know some opinions about themselves, they post Ops on their profile stories. This is to encourage the viewers to send their personal opinions to the user. It’s very much similar to the tbh on Instagram.

Ops are posted to encourage the viewers to share their hearts so that the user can know how people feel about them or to know about their honest opinions. 

Note: Ops Should Not Be Confused With The Term Opps

The word ops look too similar to oops. Oops is an expression that’s used when something goes wrong, someone does anything that should not be done or is unexpected. Generally, we say oops when a mishap happens. But that’s different from ops which are posted on stories to ask people for their personal opinion about the user. Viewers when they see ops on stories, send honest opinions to the user who’s asking for it. 

Even oops is used as an expression of sorry or surprise too. But that’s not what ops mean. Whenever you will see the term ops in the stories, don’t get confused thinking of it as a mishap or an expression of a surprise.  

How to Create Ops on Instagram:

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Instagram feed > Get into camera screen > “Aa” 

If you want to create ops stories on Instagram, you can do it from the application itself. Ops are generally used in stores when the user wants to know the truth from the viewers. Here are the steps you need to perform to create ops on Instagram. 

You need to open the Instagram application and then use your correct credentials to log in to your account. You’ll be taken to the homepage of your Instagram profile. Swipe right from the home page to get into the camera screen. 

On the left side of the camera screen, you’ll be able to see different options. You need to click on option AA  to access Instagram’s Create feature.

Click on Aa icon

Step 2: Select the Question sticker

After you click on the Aa button, you’ll be presented with the typing screen on Instagram. On the top of the screen, you’ll be able to see the sticker icon. Instagram offers many stickers to users for stories. It gets updated often. 

You need to click on the Sticker icon and you’ll be able to see the sticker screen. On the sticker screen, you’ll be able to see many stickers to post. However, you need to go for the Question sticker by clicking on it.

click on emoji icon

Generally, ops stories are posted with question stickers on Instagram. These are usually done by teenagers these days however, it can be really fun as well as interesting to know about others’ opinions about you. 

Step 3: Type your Sticker 

After you click on the Question sticker that’s on the sticker screen, it will be displayed on the typing page of Instagram. The sticker will have a Ask me a question header and under that, there’s a typing box where the viewers can type and send their questions, in this case, opinions to you.

click on question

You need to change the Ask me a question header by erasing the line and make your sticker by typing Ops about me or Ops etc. 

This sticker is generally used to play the question answers game on Instagram. After you’re done typing the Ops on me on the sticker, you’ll need to post this to your Instagram story so that the viewers can type their opinion about you and then send it to you. 

Step 4: Tap on “Your story” to post story

When you’re done creating the Ops sticker for the viewers, you need to click on the Your Story option so to post this question sticker on your Instagram story. After the story gets posted, people can type their opinion about you on the sticker that you’ve added to your story and then send it to you. You’ll be able to see the opinions of the users in the Responses section. This feature was introduced back in 2018 to boost the engagement of the platform.


How to Reply to Ops on Instagram:

Follow the steps below to reply:

Step 1: Tap on the Story asking for ‘Ops’

On Instagram ops stories are very common these days. Most of the time, ops stories are posted with question stickers so that the viewers can ask questions to the user through the story itself. 

Ops stories are not only posted by the users to know about the viewers’ opinions about the user but to know the opinions of others on any kind of topic or about someone. 

If you see an ops story with a question sticker on it, you’ll need to click on the question sticker on the story. 

Step 2: Type your Emotions with the person and their activity

After you click on the question sticker on an ops story, you’ll be able to type your question or opinion on the said topic. If the user wants to know your opinion on some ongoing affair you may answer it accordingly. 

If the user asks your opinion about himself or herself, you need to answer it honestly and type your heart out expressing your feelings towards him or her. 

However, on many ops stories, you may not get the question sticker. In those cases, you’ll need to reply to the story by swiping it up and typing your opinion on the Send message box. It would go to the user as a DM.


Step 3: Send & Share your thought

When you see the question sticker on the story of any user, you need to first type your opinion about the person or the topic about which the opinion is being asked to you and then send the message to the user by clicking on the Send button that’s in the sticker.

The user will get to see your response in the Responses section of the story. However, every time you see an ops story, it’s not mandatory for you to reply to it or present your opinion. It’s a personal choice, and you can choose to reply to some with whom you’re close and ignore the rest.


The other Meanings for Ops:

Here are the other meanings of Ops:

1. OPS is a term that means: Opposition/members of rival gangs

Teenagers these days have started the trend where they post stories on Instagram with a question sticker on it asking for your opinions about them. It’s the ops stories.

However, this acronym also has other meanings which you should know. OPS is a term that stands for Opposition. It is used to refer to the opposition party or members of the opposite gang. In a situation of rivalry, one party calls the other party OPS. 

2. OPs: “original poster” i.e. the person who started the thread:

Ops can also stand for the original posts or the original posters. If someone posts something on social media which goes viral or gets mass responses, that first post is the OP. Therefore it can be used to refer to the original post or the person who has posted the original post. 

3. OPS: in Gaming> it means Overpower:

The meaning of Ops depends upon the situation where it’s being used. In the context of gaming, Ops stands for overpowered. Op is used in the context of games to refer to some weapon, character, or skill which is very strong. 

The Bottom Lines:

This article explains the meaning of Ops on Instagram. On Instagram, ops mean opinion on me. This expression may confuse people who are not familiar with internet terms or slang. However, ops can be used differently in different contexts too. You should never confuse ops as oops which is a term used to express sorry or surprises.

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