What Does the Ops Mean on Snapchat

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“Ops” translates to opinions, and when someone mentions the term in their stories and posts, they want to know your personal opinions on them.

To create an “Ops” on Snapchat, you have to download the YOLO app and then “Login with Snapchat”. Then tap on “Continue” to allow the app access to your bitmoji and display name.

Tap on the option “Get anonymous messages” and create a message with a question that you want answers to. Tap on “Share” at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to Snapchat. Take a photo for the background of the question and post the question as a story to receive messages.

To respond to an Ops on Snapchat, go to the story by swiping left on the home page of Snapchat. Tap on the story and swipe upwards. You will see a text box in front of you. Type your thoughts and tap on the option below that says “Send anonymously”.

Ops has many other meanings. It means opposition in street slang. OP stands for Original Poster concerning a post circulating on the internet. In the gaming world, it means “Overpower”.

What Does Ops Mean on Snapchat:

If you are a regular Snapchat user, you will have noticed the word “Ops” many times on Stories uploaded by people and personal messages. In simple words, “Ops” means opinions.

When someone mentions this in a personal chat or story, they want to know your personal opinions or thoughts about the topic being mentioned.

Specifically, they want to know your opinions of them. At least, this is usually the case. This is common for Snapchat and every social media app available.

Therefore, to summarise, “Ops” translates to opinions. When taken within context, it means that the viewers’ opinions on the individual posting the status are welcome even if they are not close.

Note: Ops should not be confused with the term ‘Oops’

“Ops” specifically means “opinions,” but due to other words existing with little to no change in the alphabet combination, it is easy for people to get confused.

One of the words that usually “Ops” is confused with is “Oops”.

“Oops” is a term used when someone did something by mistake. It is slang that directly translates to “mishap”. It is a way of showing regret. “Ops”, as you know by now, means something completely different from that.

In summary, “Ops” and “Oops” are completely different terms used on social media.

How to Create Ops on Snapchat:

Here follow the simple steps for Ops on Snapchat:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download YOLO and provide access to your Snapchat

Install the YOLO app on your phone from App Store or Play Store and open it. Tap on the option that says “Login with Snapchat”. Tap on the “Continue” option in the next tab. This will give the app access to your username as well as bitmoji. The app will open, and you will see your bitmoji at the top left corner of your screen.

install yolo

Step 2: Tap on “Get anonymous messages”

Once the app opens, tap on the option in the middle that says “Get anonymous messages”. In the next tab, you will see a question and three options at the bottom. The first option will change the question being asked, the second option will change the color, and the third option will change the font.

You can also type your question using your keyboard. Tap on the “Share” option at the bottom, and it will take you to Snapchat. You will see the question in the middle of the screen, and you will be allowed to take a photo to go with the question.

Get anonymous messages
Share option on snapchat

Step 3: Post as a Snapchat story

Take a photo on Snapchat and tap on the blue arrow icon. Tap on “My Story” to post it as your story, and tap on the action verification option at the bottom right corner of the screen. Your story will be posted.


How to Reply to Ops on Snapchat:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Tap on Ops Story

To respond to Ops, first, open the Snapchat app. You will be in the camera section. To reach someone’s story, you can either swipe to the right and tap on the blue halo around a chat’s profile picture or swipe left and tap on the particular story in the story section.

snap chat story on YoLo

Step 2: Type your Emotions about the person and their activity

In this process, you can share your honest opinion with them. Take note that these messages are anonymous. Many apps state that they can reveal who sent the messages anonymously, but the app has strong programming that forbids the unfortunate from happening.

Step 3: Send & Share your thought

Once you are done typing your thoughts that you want to share with them, tap on the option “Send anonymously”. This will help record your completely anonymous message. However, try not to say anything hurtful just because you are anonymous.

🔯 The Other Meaning of ‘OPS’:

OPS (in gang terminology):

OPS is a term that is commonly defined as opposition or members of a rival gang. It is mostly used among gang members. Therefore, if some people call a group of people “OPS”, they are rivals to the group that is calling them that. It is usually misinterpreted as short for “cops”(police).

Ops (on social media):

OP stands for “Original Poster”. The plural of this is OPs. You may have noticed this term in apps like Tumblr and Reddit. It is used to refer to the person who started a particular discussion that is taking place then. As the interaction with the discussion grows, people lose track of the person who started it, and to make things easier for new people who just joined the conversation, the term OP or OPs is used.

OPS (in gaming):

OP is a word used in the gaming world to refer to something that is overpowered. In simpler words, it means that the overpowered character, object, or skill is stronger than others and gives the player an edge over the other players. Therefore, it means to be strong.

The Bottom Lines:

Here you have all the “Ops” mean and how you make a story related to that to be able to receive opinions of people about you. There are many similar words that mean different things, so when you use a specific word, ensure the spelling is proper so as not to confuse people.

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