How to Remove/Block Skype Ads? [Working]

    Do you want to remove ads from Skype? Advertisements are more irritating than a salesman. While you open the Skype app to make a call, you will surely face a hang or it will work slower to load the app completely for the first time. This is caused by the ads on Skype. … Read more

View Private Facebook Profiles & All Photos

Sometimes, people share these photos publicly or privately with few ones on Facebook. I was looking for my close one’s profile if she is present on Facebook. Yes, I found her and then the target was to view the private photos that were posted on her profile. To view hidden or private Facebook photos of … Read more

Clear Facebook Messenger cache on iPhone [QUICK]

If your smartphone is performing slow then you might have noticed that this is due to some apps which are creating those problems because of the cached files in it.   The most commonly used apps are considered to have the largest cache with it. Facebook app is one of them.   To skip this … Read more

How to Remove Gmail Account from Other Phone?

If you just connected your Gmail account to someone else’s mobile then you should know that Android operates with Gmail account that might have always unique for your phone. Mistakenly if you connect that account on other phones, your search queries and interest will be visible on that phone. This is you can say that … Read more