Recover Suspended Twitter Account – For Age, Copyright, Violations

You can get back your suspended Twitter accounts unless it’s the case of permanent suspension. Many times Twitter suspends accounts for common reasons like spamming or other suspicious activity, violation of their rules, etc. You cannot use your suspended account, but it’s not deactivated either. So it’s just inoperable.  As it’s not accessible during the … Read more

Know who Viewed your Twitter Profile – Check

You will not find any official way or method provided by Twitter itself to check the name of someone who viewed your profile.  It becomes too tough to manage or keep up with the post, likes, followers, tweets, and retweets. Even recently users are found enthusiastic about knowing their secret fans or names of those … Read more

Remove Someone from Snapchat without Them Knowing

You can remove someone from your friend list without worrying about them knowing about it as Snapchat doesn’t even notify the users who have been removed from any of their friend’s friends lists.  The Snapchat features have always been tricky and sometimes it requires proper knowledge about the tricks to handle Snapchat or otherwise you … Read more

How to Export Connections/Contacts from LinkedIn?

Aside from low response rates, using mails are the simplest, most elegant ways to connect with people. That’s where exporting LinkedIn connections comes into play: While managing response and keeping track of the response rates or engagements directly by LinkedIn is quite complicated, you can export the emails and store them to prevent future contact … Read more

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on PayPal?

PayPal is an international platform for sending and receiving money. People can do transactions in multiple currencies. This PayPal can be an amazing way to send or request your money, even for shopping and cash from family and friends who are living locally. Sometimes you may don’t want to receive requests for money from certain … Read more