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How To Fix Parallel Space WhatsApp Backup Not Working

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To fix WhatsApp or Facebook if not working on Parallel Space, first, you have to go to the Parallel Space folder and then copy the WhatsApp section folder and save it to another place.

If you see your WhatsApp or Facebook installed in parallel space does not work then you can try a few things. For WhatsApp, there are times when you are not using the correct procedure to back up the chats and data of WhatsApp in the parallel space.

These things are required to recover your data in order to fix if your WhatsApp or Facebook is not working on Parallel Space.

You can try adding the Google Drive in the parallel space and log in, then you have to proceed to WhatsApp chat backups inside the parallel space, then try to backup & restore your WhatsApp data from the Google Drive upon fixing the issue.

How To Fix Parallel Space WhatsApp Backup Not Working:

If you see a few apps like Facebook or WhatsApp crashing suddenly then there might be an app update issue with those. But, if you see this for many apps then you can update your parallel space app.

As Facebook stores the data and chat over its server but WhatsApp don’t, you have to follow a few steps to restore the backup after setting it up.

So, let’s look at the steps to reformat WhatsApp and then fix the error if it’s crashing:

1. Save the WhatsApp Backup Data

You need to back up the data of your old WhatsApp manually to google drive to save it for copying later.

The data you save is needed at the time of restoring the WhatsApp backup.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You need to open the old and original WhatsApp from your device.

Step 2: Back up the chats by going to the settings options of WhatsApp after clicking on the three dots sign in WhatsApp.

Step 3: There you find the option accounts. Click on that to proceed further with the backup process.

Step 4: Now you’ll find yourself on the chat backup page. Then click on the green backup option after including all the media to backup with the chats.

Step 5: When it’s done make sure you go to drive and check for the folder of the backed-up chats.

backup whatsapp data to drive

Note: If you want to backup on Google Drive then the Google services need to be connected through any Google apps on parallel space i.e. Google Drive itself.

Save the folder for later use. For that, you need to download that folder and save it on your device so that you can copy-paste the folder later to restore everything.

2. Copy WhatsApp folder under Parallel Space Folder

You need to paste the old data and chats which also include the media to the WhatsApp division folder.

The simple steps will make it easier for you to follow and act accordingly:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp general directory and then go to the backup file where you have saved the folder or file of the backed-up chats. You need to copy that manually and then head on to the Parallel Space folder.

Step 2: Head to the WhatsApp division of the parallel space folder.

Step 3: Then paste the copied file to the backed-up folder just as you would do in the original WhatsApp.

copy whatsapp folder

That’s it. You have done the most important part of the process. Now you have your chats and media saved to be restored later.

3. Now Clear the cache for Parallel space

To restore the old chats to your new WhatsApp, first, you need to clear the cache of the parallel space. You can do that by simply getting into the settings and then clearing the cache of the parallel space app from the list of applications.

The simple and well-detailed points mentioned below will help you understand it better:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the setting application on your device.

Step 2: Then scroll down to find the option apps and permission.

Step 3: Then on the next page select the option Apps & click on it to get to App Management.

Select Whatsapp

Step 4: After getting the list, scroll down and head on to parallel space. Select it by clicking it.

Step 5: Then you’ll find the option internal storage, click on that to proceed further.

Step 6: Just click on the option ‘Clear cache‘ and the cache is cleared for parallel space.


Now when you’ll open the parallel space WhatsApp, they ask you to restore your data. Select restore to get back all the data that you’ve manually saved by backing up.

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