How to Make Password Protected Pen Drive?

Who doesn’t wanna attempt to make a secret word secured or Password Protected Pen Drive in these advanced days? We know it exceptionally well that these days USB drives can store information up to 1 TB. That is the reason we generally spared our reports into USB drive so that our PC might be perfect. It is a decent thought yet now and then this idea can raise huge hell for you. Which mean you can undoubtedly lose an immense amount of information just in second. At that point, anybody can discover your pen drive and they can without much of a stretch get to your pen drive in the event that it is not ensured with a password. At this moment if you are thinking that in case if you forget the password which you set last time then don’t worry you can easily format protected USB and then you can also recover permanently deleted files.

Make USB Drive Password Protected

For you better knowledge we will discuss this trick through different methods so that you can easily secure your data by making a password protected pen drive.

Make Password Protected Pen Drive without Software

Without using any software you can easily set a password in USB drive and it is more secure than another method because it is a feature of a window. So don’t worry to use it.


At first, connect your pen drive to your PC or laptop. Then open your ‘my computer screen’. After that right click on the USB drive and click on “Turn on BitLocker”.

set password pendrive


Then give a tick mark beside the “Use a password to unlock the drive” option. Then type your password which you want to set and after that click on next bottom.

password protected pen drive menually


After that, you also get a recovery key so that if you forgot your password, you can use your recovery key to access your drive. Here you can save your recovery key to a file and print it. If you want to save as a file then click on save the recovery key to a file. Then chose the location where you want to save and click save bottom to save the file.



After that click on next bottom to encrypt this USB drive. Then click on start encrypting to protect your drive by password. Then it will take some few seconds to complete this process.


Note: If you can’t find BitLocker whenever you right click on USB drive then go to start menu and search BitLocker otherwise you can go to control panel > system and security > BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Make Password Protected Pen Drive with Software

If the above method did not work for you then you can easily follow your second method. So now we will tell you how you can set a password in USB drive by using software.


At first, go to this link which is mentioned in this picture and download free USB security software from here. Then connect your USB drive and install the application on your PC or laptop.

set password



After complete the installation here will come to a new box where you have to input your password which you want to set and then click on protect. After that, it will take few seconds to complete this process and then you made a password protected pen drive.

password protected pen drive with a software usb security 2.0

Now whenever you will go to open your drive you have to input your password and click on unprotect this drive then you can access your pen drive.


Note: Then you have to click on protect option otherwise your USB drive will not be protected.

So this how you can make password protected USB drive easily. After complete this process nobody will able to see your USB data and they also can’t format any data from your USB drive.

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