FIXED – Pen Drive shows Shortcut Virus [How to Remove]

Does your USB drive show unexpected folders and shortcuts inside of it? If those shortcuts do not go away after the first deletion or pave the way of full format then those might be the shortcut viruses.

Your first job is to safeguard the all existing USB drive data by transferring or uploading those to the cloud storage drive.

You will notice, once you delete the shortcut viruses those will come back again and will show you unable to delete. These shortcut viruses can be controlled easily by the antivirus security but keeping your data safe is always the top priority.

If you are seeing My Removable Device (16GB) inside the pen drive then it is in virus attack.

'My Removable Device' 4GB_8GB virus removal

The problem is if you delete this shortcut virus named: ‘My Removable Device‘ directly from your drive then you may lose all your data on that drive.

The first point to be noted is: don’t waste your time by deleting that shortcut virus directly. Instead, follow the steps mentioned in this article to get it cleared up from your drive and make all the data safe.

How does the Virus Create and Work? (on USB drives)

These viruses are transferred from PC to PC while you connect your flash drive to a malware affected computer. This malware hides your main files and shows only the shortcuts which actually include trojan, spyware and malware files.

The main files are made hidden by these viruses which will be preserved. So, don’t format your drive to get rid of this as you will lose all of your important files which can be recovered easily.

The motive of this virus is to install unwanted malware on your PC. Once you click on the shortcuts, it will ask to install spyware which hackers use to steal or harm your PC.

The first and instant solution is to open the task manager and locate an unknown process that is currently running on your Windows (i.e. rundll32.exe). Once you find that just end process instantly. This process would not delete the virus or fix the drive. But, if something is wrong, will be stopped for now.

You can delete that .exe file located in windows/system32 folder or windows/system64 in case it is on your internal drive. However, for internal drives, you can remove the shortcut virus.

You can install any of the best free virus removal tools for this affected flash drive.

Now, just follow the steps to remove the shortcut virus from your pen drive and get back your files:

Eliminate ‘My Removable Device’ Shortcut Virus from USB

Everything will look good until you open the drive. The storage will show the exact volume as it was. Now once you find out that shortcuts in your drive do the following process from below-
Remember, the virus is implemented not to find the original files. Here, all of these main files will be hidden.
Step 1
Just open the folder and check for your files. Don’t delete anything until you find the location folder where your files are stored.

Note: If you did not find just change the settings to show hidden files.
Step 2
Once you found the files you can delete any unwanted shortcut folders that are blank and created by this virus.
Shortcut Virus from External Drive removal 1
Shortcut Virus from External Drive removal
Step 3
Now, here you can see my files are kept in a folder that has no icon. Just open that and delete the autorun.inf file from the list.

delete autorun


Step 4
Now cut all the files and move to another internal drive into PC. Now format your pen drive and once completed just move those saved files from PC to pen drive again.

How to Look into Hidden Files to find the Viruses?

1. Just open ‘Folder Options’ and go to ‘View’ tab.

show hidden protected files

2. Now, tick the ‘Hide protected operating system files’ and click ‘OK’ button.

3. Just confirm the settings and the hidden files will be shown.

This is an extremely simple procedure to get back your files along with a virus-free flash drive.

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