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How To See People’s Location On Omegle

Key Points:

» You can use the Omegle IP locator Extension, install the extension on your browser and start a video chat on Omegle.
» You can use the Grabify tool where you have to create a Grabify URL, send it to the person through the chat, and if he clicks on the link, you can track his IP address.

How To See People’s Location On Omegle:

Here you can try the following methods to see people’s location on Omegle:

1. Omegle Locator Extension

Using the Omegle IP locator Extension and finding someone’s IP address is the easiest way to find someone’s location on Omegle.

Step 1: Download the extension

Open your PC/laptop and search Chrome Web Store, and after entering the official link of that page on the left to the search bar, type Omegle IP locator. Next, open the extension and tap Add to Chrome, then tap Add extension from the pop-up, and it will be added to Chrome. 

Click on Add to Chrome
Click on Add Extention

Step 2: Begin a video conversation with a stranger

After adding the extension on Chrome, open Omegle, log in to your account and start a video chat with a stranger.

You have to start a video chat, not a simple chat, because, for a normal chat, this extension will not work.

Step 3: Track the IP address

After starting the video chat, the extension starts its work, and it will send you the IP address of the caller in your system.

You will also get the caller’s Country, Region, City, and Cable Company name along with the IP address. After getting the IP address, you can easily track the IP address and find more information about the caller. 

Track the IP address

2. IP Grabber: Grabify

Grabify is also one of the most popular online tools to track someone’s location on Omegle. Here by creating a link that contains strings attached to it and by giving this link to any person, you can track down their IP address. 

Step 1: Creating a link

To create a link, go to the Grabify webpage and enter your chosen URL in the special field in the given box. You can see two options: ‘Create URL’ and ‘Tracking Code’.

Tap ‘Create URL’, and they will give you a shortened URL with strings and a tracking code which you need further, so save this.


Keep one thing in mind the person has to click on the link, so the link you have chosen has to be something interesting like a YouTube link or memes or videos link.

Step 2: Sending the link to a user

Now is the time to share this link with the person, so first, go to the Omegle, sign in to your account, and start a video chat with a stranger. Do not send the link to him at the very beginning because it does not make sense.


First, start normally chatting with him to gain some trust by sending some original YouTube meme video links and receiving some links from the other side; after that, send him the shortened URL you have created. It will increase the chance that the person has clicked on the link. 

Step 3: Track the IP address

When the person clicks on the link and back to Grabify and enters the Tracking code that you have got earlier and next from the top of the page, tap the ‘Tracking Code’ option or get the Access Link.

Click on Track Code

After that, you will get all the necessary information about the user and location. 

3. Wireshark

The most frequently used packet sniffer is Wireshark, which can capture network traffic from Ethernet, Bluetooth, and many more. It is a safe, free, and legit app used by Government agencies and corporations.

Using this Wireshark app, you can easily find someone’s location on Omegle; all you need to do is install the app and build it up.

Step 1: Download and Install Wireshark

Open Google Chrome on your PC/laptop and search there for Wireshark. Next, click on the Download option to download the app and run the app with the administrator to install the app. 

Click on Download

Step 2: Choose your network type

When you are ready with the installation, launch the app, and first have to choose the network type. USB or Ethernet, whatever you are using, choose it and double-click on it. 

Choose your network type

Step 3: Choose Necessary Protocols

After choosing a certain network, you will see that your computer receives a lot of packages where all of these packages are actually not needed.

So, in the search bar search UDP, you will see fewer packages than the previous one and along with the Omegle package.

Step 4: Find your IP address

You have to know your IP address to proceed; if you know it, then ok; otherwise, go to the Command Prompt (cmd) and type ipconfig, which will show you your IP address. It is needed to filter unnecessary packets from the UDP protocol in Wireshark. 

type ipconfig
See ip address

Step 5: Start an Omegle chat

Go to the Omegle website, sign in for an account and start a connection with a stranger. First, you have to start a video chat to get the necessary protocols.

Start an Omegle chat

Step 6: Follow the Wireshark Data

After starting a video chat, have a look at your Wireshark window. You can see the source and the destination column where some packets go from an IP address to your IP address.

Here one is your IP address which you know, and the unknown IP address is the user’s IP address; by tracking the IP address, you can find his location. 

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