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To fix the issue of ‘Please enter a valid phone number’ on Twitter, you’ll need to check if you’re entering the correct phone number or not. If you’re using an incorrect phone number, Twitter won’t accept it as it can’t be used for sending the verification code.

You also need to make sure that the country code you’re using is valid or else it won’t accept and you won’t be able to move forward with creating your account. 

But if you’re not able to sign up with your phone number, you can use a virtual number instead of your real phone number. 

You can also use your email address to sign up with your account. Therefore, click on the option ‘Use email instead’ and then enter your email address.

The verification code will be sent to your email account, so, you’ll need to copy the code from there and then paste it onto the verification page. 

After you’re done verifying your account, set a strong password and you’re done creating your account. 

Why Does it Say Please enter a valid phone number On Twitter:

There are a few reasons for which you might face this issue on Twitter, let’s find those out:

1. You typed the wrong Number

When you’re getting the message ‘Please enter a valid phone number’ it is definitely because the phone number you’re entering on the input box is invalid. As the number you’re entering is required to send the verification code, you should always make sure that the phone number is correct and is working.

If you enter an incorrect number Twitter won’t be able to accept it for creating your account and therefore it will show this message Please enter a valid phone number.

Twitter uses the verification method to prevent bots from accessing your Twitter account. Therefore, whenever you get this error message you need to erase the number and enter a valid number and you’re one hundred percent sure about it. 

2. Make Sure Country Code is Correct

Whenever you’re entering a phone number to create your Twitter account, you need to enter your country code first and then enter the phone number. You need to make sure that you’re using the correct country code. If you don’t know the country code or are not sure about it, you can search for it on the internet and see the code. 

Country codes are there to help Twitter know your location and therefore, it gets easier to send the verification code to verify your phone number.  Do not put the country code after the phone number

 It has to be written before the phone number.  Without the correct country code, you’ll neither be able to create your account nor verify it. 

What Can be Done if This Issue Occurs:

If you’re not able to register your account with your phone number, you can always use a virtual number. Virtual numbers work like regular phone numbers except you’ll need to buy that virtually using an app. You can buy a virtual number from any valid website, but it’s better if you use any of the apps that provide virtual numbers.

These apps are available on Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded on your device. Therefore, if you’re having issues registering your account with your regular phone number, switch to a virtual number. You can use the app Numero eSIM which is one of the best virtual number buying apps. Using this application you can get a virtual number at a dust cheap rate and use it for registering your account. 

How to Fix Please enter a valid phone number on Twitter:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap on “Use email instead”

If you’re having issues signing up with your phone number, then you can use your email instead. Twitter offers two different ways to sign up. You can either use your phone number or your email. Either way, both can be used for sending the verification code. If you’re using a phone number, the verification code will be sent to your phone number via SMS, but if you’re using your email address then the video will be sent to your Gmail account.

Use email instead

If you’re unable to sign up with your phone number click on the blue Use email instead option to get to the next page. 

Use email instead twitter

Step 2: Enter an Email and Tap ‘Next’ 

As you click on the option Use email instead, you’ll see that the phone number field will be changed to an email address field. You’ll need to enter your correct email address on the email field so that the verification code can be sent directly to your email address for the verification of your Twitter account. 

Enter an Email

Apart from entering your email address, on that very page, you’ll also need to enter your name and your date of birth as those are also required for registering your Twitter account. Make sure that all the information that you put is correct and true to your knowledge. After you enter everything correctly, you’ll need to click on Next. 

 click on Next

Step 3: Tap on Sign up

As you click on the Next option, Twitter will check if the information you’ve written is correct or not. If it finds any information to be incorrect and not valid you’ll need to enter that again. But if all the information that you enter is correct then it will display you a Signup option that you’ll find at the bottom of the page. It means that all your account details are filled and you’re ready to create your account.

Tap on Sign up

The account details that you’ve filled in will get added to your new Twitter account and the email address you’ve entered will be used for sending the verification code to verify your Twitter account.  Moreover, you also need to know that while you’re signing up, you’re automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions provided by Twitter to its users. 

Step 4: Open Email & Verify with Code

After you click on Sign up, you’ll be taken to the verification page of Twitter. It says We sent you a code. Therefore, you’ll need to enter that particular six-digit code in the blank. To get the verification code, you’ll need to open your email. There you’ll find mail sent to you by Twitter. When you open the mail, there, you’ll be able to find the six-digit code which you need to use for verification of your account. 

Verify with Code

If you cannot find the mail in the mail inbox of your Twitter account, you’ll need to go and check in the Spam folder of your email as sometimes it gets directed to the spam section.

You can either copy the code and then paste it on the Twitter verification page which would be easier to do, or you can just remember the code and enter it manually on the verification page. After you’re done entering the code click on Next and you’ll be taken to the following page. 

check in the Spam folder

Step 5: Set a new Password & done 

The following page is the Password page. Twitter will ask you to set a strong password for your account. The password that you’re entering should be strong enough to keep your account secure so that nobody can hack into it. The password needs to be more than eight characters.

Set a new Password & done 

Therefore, you won’t be able to use a password that does not have eight characters. As this is a new password, you’re more likely to forget it, so it’s better if you choose your password cleverly and then write it somewhere else where you can see if you forget it.

This password is needed to get into your account so avoid taking it lightly. After you’re done setting your password, you need to click on Next and then you would be able to get into your new Twitter account.

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