How to Print Online Articles without Ads?

When you like a webpage, you want it to save in PDF and take it out for the print. But, the problem is, you get ads on those pages that feel awkward.
I was looking for subjective information on the web I liked so much that I send it to take a print out of this copy and keep it on my desk.
But, while I was trying to print that article by pressing the CTRL + P from my keyboard I have seen that there are some ads present on that page.
So, I had to remove before I complete the printout process on my printer. I had to make some changes to that page to make that document completely clutter-free.
To print the webpage without any ads, you have to use some third-party tools on your browser that makes the article page actually ads free or you can use the other options on your browser that actually by default remove ads while you print that page.
Besides ads on pages, there are some junks or pop-ups that restrict a webpage from being ads-free and the steps are very simple to clean such pages at the time of printing.
Some online web tools also can remove the ads from any webpage to make it clear for printing and I will share with you that step-by-step guide to get the best way for your purpose.

What are some extra added junks on webpages?

First thing first, that if you want to print a webpage that must be clean and all types of ads or junks should have to be excluded while performing the printing option.
Besides, some ads on your web page, there you have some junk pop-ads like flyer ads and scripts on a webpage that is really hard to remove. And there are some tools that can help in this process.
In my case, I had to use some add-ons or third-party tools to move the junks from the web page and then the process became very simple to print the webpage without ads.
Sometimes the chance leads to the lower on a site and this is really risky and in case of printing that does not make any changes on your printed format but while you are making print-ready documents, such pop-ups disturb and that is why you have to first remove all of such junks from the webpage and then proceed with the printing.
🕀 How to Print any Article as it appears?
To simply print a web page you just have to press two key buttons from your computer keyboard and the pop-up window will appear that you’ve to confirm the printing process by selecting the connected printer with your desktop. This is the simplest possible that anyone can follow but the problem is you will have junks on the printed page and to get rid of these things, you have to follow the method that I will discuss in this article.

Print Webpage without Ads Online

If you’re on your mobile then you don’t have access to those extensions that available on desktop but you can use some online tools and print it directly from your mobile using a wireless printer.
In this article, I am about to share the steps to follow for printing a webpage directly from your mobile phone either it’s Android or iOS.
Let’s dive in.
Before starting, I would like to inform you that I’ve found a way to turn USB printer into wireless within 20 minutes with zero cost. 

Steps to Make a Webpage Ads Free:

If you want to make a webpage ads free, you can many ways to do that.
(i) You can use the Ad-blocker Browser.
(ii) You can use online ads, free webpage viewer.
(iii) Connect your phone to wireless printer and print.
That means simply you have to make the webpage first ads-free and then print it with a wireless printer by connecting it with your mobile device.

⦿ How to connect Mobile with Wireless printer?

If you want to connect your mobile phone with a wireless printer you have to keep the active wireless connection on your area and then you have to connect your mobile & the wireless printer to the same WiFi network and then follow the process.
Step 1:
You have an app on Play Store ‘Cloud Ready Printer’ and you have to install that on your mobile and connect to the wireless network that your wireless printer is already connected to.
Step 2:
Now after you have connected to your ‘Google Cloud Print’ you can print any web page directly from your mobile device to the wireless printer.
Step 3:
On the app, you have to tap on the three-dots icon and then tap on the Print option by selecting the document you want to print and that’s all you have to do to print any page without ads.
Note: The process you have to execute only after you have removed the ads from that webpage through the live online tools on your phone.

How to Print Webpage without ads from your PC?

When you are on your PC then you have to follow some simple steps just to make a web page ads-free and then print out from your printer. Now you have multiple options to do this, either you can use any browser extension or you can use distilled page option. However, you have the other options like the tools that can make the webpage ads-free directly from the online.
Note: The process becomes same but the steps are different for Mac or the Windows OS whichever in your PC.

⦿ How to Print a web page without Ads on Mac?

If you are on your Macbook then you have to simply follow the three methods that you can do whether you want to remove the ads inside from the page.
i) First of all, you can use any application or tools to remove the junks from the webpage and then press the CTRL + P. After that, select the printer you want to print with.
ii) As a secondary option, you can use the online tools where you have to enter the URL of the webpage that you want to print out for your work and then you can follow the same process from the printer that connected with your MacBook.

⦿ Print a webpage on your Windows 10 without Ads

Now in case you are on your Windows 10 PC, you have to follow the same method by either using the online tools or the browser extension that actually clears up and then you can select any printer that connected to your Windows 10 PC and then you can print out that as it like without any ads on it.

How to Remove Ads from a webpage using Online Tools? [Mac]

If you want to delete ads from your web page and you want the tools to do it automatically for you then you have a way that you can apply to get an ads-free web page and print directly with your modifications.
The website or the tool you can use is Printfriendly.
This Print-Friendly comes with on a website or as a Chrome extension, which were you used for your printing purpose & you will be successful doing this.
1. To get an ads-free web page, you just directly have to copy web URL that page you want to print for and then paste it just directly going to Printfriendly homepage and putting that URL on the URL box.
2. Now once you do this you will get the light page version for your printing purpose and you can edit or remove parts of the text if you want to but the best part is no ads or junks and the format will be absolutely professional.
Printfriendly 1
Printfriendly print
Using Print Friendly & PDF extension: 
1. To make a quick ads-free preview with the page without doing any further steps, you can just directly install the Print Friendly & PDF extension on your Google Chrome browser and then you can visit any page that you want to print out.
2. Once you opened up your web page for the printout, just click on the extension and the lite version will pop up.
3. Now you have to just press the CTRL + P and directly click on the Print button on your screen and complete the same process on your printer for printing out successfully.
Print friendly & PDF extension

⦿ How does Adblocker Work to Print ads-free webpage?

If you want to know how does that adblocker work in terms of getting an ads-free webpage then you must understand this actually disables all the JavaScript from the webpage that generates ads automatically.
In case you want to ease out the work then you have to install the ad blocker on your browser as an extension that can help by default to create an ads-free website with a page that you can print without any ads in it.
This helps a lot as these extensions are actually free to use and you can get it on every browser like Mozilla, Chrome or even on your Safari on your Macbook.

⦿ Print Page without Ads – Chrome hidden reader mode

If you want to get a junk-free webpage on your Chrome then the browser has a default feature that you can enable to get a ‘Distill page’ available for the printout.
This option is only available on your PC and if you have the Chrome latest browser and to get that distilled page option you have to enable the feature on and then only you will be able to view the webpage clean without any junks and as usual you can also print out that junk-free or the ads-free web page.
The Bottom Lines:
If you want to print a live webpage for your personal use and you want it to be ads-free, you can do it with both using your phone or PC. In case of your phone, you have to just connect to a wireless printer with the WiFi network that your phone is already connected or in the case on your PC, to print out a webpage without ads on it you have to first remove the ads using any tools or extension on your browser and then you can follow the simple print out process as usual everyone does.

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