41 Best Private Instagram Viewers Sites

The private Instagrams are locked and if you don’t follow them, normally you’re not allowed to view those accounts until you use a tool.

Here is a list of the top 40 tools that you can use to view private Instagram accounts.

Private Instagram Viewers:

Try the following tools:

1. Watch Insta

Watch Insta is a new tool that has arrived on the market. It’s a hundred percent free and secure service that lets users check private Instagram accounts by visiting the website of Watch Insta. It allows you to download the stories that you check too.

Watch Insta

2. Image Rocket

Next, comes the Image Rocket tool that works like a rocket when it comes to checking private profiles on Instagram. It even lets you check the story and posts of users who have blocked you on Instagram.

Image Rocket

3. Instaleak

Instaleak is a good private Instagram viewer tool. It is a very ordinary emerging website that lets users check the private profiles of Instagram just by entering the username of the profile. You don’t need to pay for the service to check the private account.


4. Instalooker

Instalooker is a very popular Instagram viewer tool that is free and helps users in viewing their private profiles to check the stores and posts. The specialty of this tool is that it lets you download the reels of the Instagram profiles too.


5. mSpy

You can also use mSpy for viewing private Instagram profiles. But this is not a free tool nor an online tool. You need to create an account on mSpy and buy a subscription to it. Install the mSpy on the target device and then monitor the activities of the user’s Instagram account from your mSpy account.


6. IGLookup

You can also use the IGLookup to spy on a private account. Just click on the Spy Now button on the site on IGLookup and then enter the username of the profile that you want to view. It will show you the private account.


7. Glassagram

The Spying tool of Glassagram can also help you view private profiles once you install it on the target device. It’s not a free tool but it is certainly one of the most affordable tools in the market that you can use to spy and view private profiles.


8. uMobix

This is another popular spying tool that can be installed on the target’s device to spy on the private Instagram profile of the target. This tool stays anonymous and helps you to record and see the Instagram activities of the target.


9. Social Private Viewer

It’s a new tool that keeps stories anonymous and helps you stalk any account on Instagram. There is nothing called a private account for this tool as it can access all Instagram accounts that you search for and show the user’s posts and pictures to you.

10. Grom Private Viewer

If you want to view as well as download the pictures that you check on a private Instagram account of Instagram, you should use this website. It’s completely free and one hundred percent safe.

Grom Private Viewer

11. Anonymous Instagram

The online tool Anonymous Instagram can also let you view the stories and posts of any Instagram profile even though the profile is private. This tool doesn’t need you to log in with your Instagram account.

12. Dumpor

You can use the online tool called Dumpor for viewing Instagram stories and Instagram posts of any users as well as following them secretly or anonymously. This tool works in more than 30 languages and is very effective.


13. Inflact

Inflact is a web viewer tool for Instagram. This tool helps you stalk those users who have a private Instagram profile or have blocked you. It doesn’t need you to log in or create an account. But you just need to enter the username of the user to stalk his profile.


14. StorisTalker

This online tool called StorisTalker lets you check the stories of any Instagram user for free as well as download them. It’s a free web tool that has become very popular for its fast and smooth service.

 Storis Talker

15. Gwaa

Next, a private viewer tool is Gwaa. It is a super useful tool that doesn’t charge you a penny and lets you remain anonymous to stalk the private profile of Instagram users. You can save the stuff that you find in the profile too.


16. StoriesIG

This has to be the most efficient Instagram viewer tool that lets you stalk profiles anonymously and protect your name. You don’t need to pay a penny to use it as it’s free for all users. It can be used on both laptops and mobile.


17. Private Insta

The free tool of Private Insta can let you check the stories and posts of any Instagram user without letting the owner know that you’ve checked his or her story. The exciting part is that it doesn’t show any kind of ads and it’s very secure.

Private Insta

18. Insta Views

This is a free Instagram service tool that lets users view Instagram profiles without logging in. This tool doesn’t charge you a penny but only requires a human verification process. You need to click on the view private Instagram button and enter the username to check his profile.

 19. InstaGrab

InstaGrab is a great tool that lets you check as well as download any picture of an Instagram user. You can easily download videos too using the website of InstaGrab. You need to paste the link to the profile to do that.


20. SpyHuman

SpyHuman is a genuine and legit Instagram viewer tool that not only helps you view Instagram profiles but keeps track of it too. It doesn’t require rooting the device to be installed and has a very quick and simple setup method.


21. InstaGramies

InstaGramies is a helpful private profile viewer tool. You just need to enter the username of the profile that you want to view and then click on the search button. You’ll be able to check the user’s picture, bio, and other details for free in the results.


22. Ghostegro

An excellent private Instagram viewer tool that you can use is Ghostegro. It has a very simple and easy method to stalk and view private profiles. It helps you download stuff for free too.


23. Feedsta

A reliable and safe tool is Feedsta. It can help. You check the hidden Instagram followers, private Instagram accounts, blocked profiles, etc. You’ll be able to use it to make your account more engaging too. It helps you download other content too.


24. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a spying tool that lets you monitor private Instagram accounts. You need first create an account for yourself and install the app on the target device to monitor the Instagram account on the device. It’s not free but it’s budget-friendly.

KidsGuard Pro

25. InstaDp

The free tool of InstaDp is also helpful in downloading videos and pictures of private profiles by keeping your name anonymous. This tool works on a web browser and doesn’t need any login details.



You can use the spying tool of eyeZy to track everything that’s going on a private Instagram profile. But to use this tool, you need to physically install the eyeZy app on the target device and set it up with your eyeZy account.


27. Like Creeper

This is a safe and easy tool that allows you to view private Instagram for free. You need to enter the username of the Instagram profile that you want to check and then click on the enter button to check the results.

Like Creeper

28. Snoop Report

The tool Snoop Report can also help you in viewing private profiles on Instagram. It’s a social management tool that needs you to have an Instagram account linked to it to use it. It comes with many other features that can help handle your account better.

Snoop Report

29. Insta Free View

You can view Instagram private accounts for free using Insta Free View. It is a web tool that allows users to find any Instagram account and stalk its details on it as well as save the stuff on the gallery.

 Insta Free View

30. Gramvio Insta Stalker

As the name suggests, it’s a staking tool that lets you stalk Instagram profiles for free. It’s really simple to use. Paste or enter the name of the target in the input box and then click on the search button to see the target’s pictures and videos.

Gramvio Insta Stalker

31. Picuki

Although it’s an editor tool, it’s a multipurpose tool that allows users to check private profiles too. The tool has a peculiar name but works efficiently in letting you see the stuff on private Instagram accounts.


32. InstaSave

Another user-friendly tool is InstaSave. It instantly works to search and find the profile you’re looking for. The tool lets you check the tagged posts as well as uploaded posts on the target’s profile. It’s one hundred percent secure and accurate.


33. HoverWatch

This is an online social media management tool that lets you view a private profile. It comes with many other features too. You need to create a HoverWatch account and then connect your Instagram account to it to use it for viewing private profiles.


34. Insta Navigation

This tool is one of the best tools that is talked about over the internet lately for its efficient service. It’s a super fast tool that lets you check the target’s profile once you enter the username of the user in the input box.

Insta Navigation

35. Greatfon

It’s an Instagram viewer that lets you download stuff directly from Instagram. You need to search for the profile in the input box of Greatfon and then in the results, you’ll be able to see the user’s profile details and images. 


36. IGHacko

It’s not a tool but software that needs to be installed to be used for viewing the profile of private Instagram users. It comes with many other advanced features. It’s very compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. You need to log in with your Instagram to use this tool.


37. Instaprivate

The last of all is Instaprivate which is equally efficient and effective in finding and letting users see the Instagram profiles that are locked. You need to enter the username to check the user’s profile.


38. Private Viewer Insta

One of the best tools that you can use is Private Viewer Insta. It just needs you to search for the user by his or her username, and there you have it, you’ll be able to check the user’s profile even if it’s locked or public. It’s a free and secure tool.

39. InStory

Private Instagram can be viewed using the online tool named InStory. It keeps you anonymous and lets you check the user’s posts and stories as well as download them.

40. Private Photos

This is another helpful tool that not only lets you check the user’s profile by stalking them but you’ll be able to download the pictures to save them in your gallery directly or share them with your friends too.

41. InstaView

InstaView is another great tool that you can use. No registration is required to stalk and view the private using this tool. You can simply open the tool and paste the link or enter the username to see the profile.

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