Prohibitory symbol – Fix Macbook Pro Prohibitory Sign

Did your Macbook stuck at the prohibitory symbol?

Prohibited means something that is restricted or blocked…right?

And if you see this on your MacBook, could mean the same that something is blocking your MacBook OS to run.

If you see on your Mac, a circle with a line through it on boot this happens when your Macbook could not start with the current version of OS.

In my case, I just turned my Macbook by the morning and found the prohibitory sign that does not let me enter into the laptop.

I searched for many ways to fix this up and at the same time keeping all of the documents or files safe in its place.

I just used many commands as per directed but finally, one method worked. This does not mean there is only one way, you can try different other ways also to fix the prohibitory sign on your Macbook.

If you get the prohibitory sign on your Mac just try booting your Mac into internet boot method and run latest Mac OSx into it.

You have to use a special command by pressing 4 keys at once, will discuss that in details in this article.

Prohibitory Sign

First, let’s understand why this thing happens and look if your ones are into the box of resolution:

Why do I see the prohibitory sign in Macbook Pro?

Having the prohibitory sign is all of the game of harddisk or the system folder. If you’re seeing the prohibitory sign on your Macbook there might be different reasons behind this, let’s have a deep discussion on them:

⦿ Valid System Folder:

Prohibitory sign keeps showing on your Mac only when your laptop is not able to boot through the exact system folder, this may be due to corruption of disk or the system folder.

So, try to fix the disk from the ‘Disk utility’ option and if any error happens during the reinstallation of Macbook, check with the ‘Disk utility’.

⦿ Disk damaged:

If you are seeing the Prohibitory sign on your MacBook Pro then this is due to the hard disk of your Macbook is damaged. This happens when you just fell down your laptop on the ground or your disk has been damaged due to some displacement of your hardware and such situation occurs as the system folder cannot Run into the MacBook.

To be sure about this just install the macOS on an external hard drive and try accessing the internal hard drive into this through this and if you cannot access the files and documents on your internal hard drive then this might be the case of the hard disk has been damaged. 

⦿ Updated Mac OS X:

If you just have recently updated your Mac and just trying to install it on your Macbook you will be seeing sometimes the Prohibitory sign at the start. This happens because sometimes the laptop automatically gets forced shutdown before the installation gets completed totally or sometimes due to some bugs in installation shows the prohibitory sign on the boot-up of your MacBook.

How to Fix the Prohibitory Sign in Macbook Pro?

You have many ways to fix the Prohibitory sign on your MacBook pro. Either you go with the disk utility or the reinstalling the macOS, you can fix the prohibitory issue easily. You need just some commands to try to skip to the boot menu where you select the options accordingly.

Check Disk space for Reinstalling macOS

Before you install the macOS updated version from the OS menu, make sure you have enough space on your hard disk to install the version. This situation is the main issue while installing the macOS on your Macbook.

Let’s back up the important data files on your external hard drive and then try formatting & reinstalling the macOS on your Macbook.

Use command to Reinstall the Mac OS

On the first thing just make use of the Command+R key from your Macbook and you’ll find the Mac tool menu present in front of you. Now select the ‘Reinstall OS X’ option and proceed and after the completion, if you see the prohibitory sign again this needs a further fix.

How to install Mac OS on MacBook Pro:

Step 1: Press the command+R key from the Mac keyboard.

Step 2: From the ‘OS X Utilities’ menu, select the ‘Reinstall OS X’ and complete the process.

os x utilities

There is another option from the live internet fix, you can also try this if above one does not work:

Solve this through the Internet Recovery

If your previous command does not work and fails to fix the prohibitory issue then you have another command to use for this try.

On this method, you will be able o fix the issue as this action will be totally online over the internet and the action that was undone due to lack of resources now the resources will be taken from the internet and you will be able to access your Macbook.

The only requirement to this is just to check if the hard disk responding well from the above method that is described above. Then start the steps:

Step 1: First of all, make sure your laptop is turned off and then press command+shift+R+option button at the same time and turn on the MacBook by pressing the power key at the same time.

button command

This is the inbuilt command for Macbook to start the Macbook from the Internet recovery.

Step 2: Now connect to the internet allowing the network you want to access from.

Step 3: Once the file download is completed, now just set up from the ‘OS X Utilities’ menu. From there, just select the ‘Reinstall OS X’ and the set up will start.

Reinstall OS X

Step 4: Once this installation is done, you will be able to access your desktop and all of the existing files will be available to access.

That’s all how you can fix the prohibitory sign on your Macbook.

What to do if the disk is having the issue?

If your disk is having an issue then you have two choices in your bag, either you install Mac OS on an external drive and access the laptop from that or try fixing the hard disk.

From the ‘Disk Utility’ option you can check the health of your Macbook hard disk, if it shows the drive and size, that’s all good signal.

Although this is a matter of fixing the hardware needs an apple expert to look into this. What I can suggest is just clean up the RAM slots that sometimes creates a problem. Also, I found a forum reply that just by servicing the Macbook these issue goes out automatically.

What Happens to the existing data if macOS is Reinstalled?

If you’re worried about the hard drive files including all documents and folders to keep as it is or not, don’t worry at all. Unless you formatted the hard drive, these files are going to intact as it was. 

Just by reinstating your macOS, you will be able to access all files later, there is no loss in case. The existing data on your hard drive will be kept on its place, however, if you have formatted the disk then all are gone, so keep the back up before any format needed on your issue.

The Bottom Lines:

That’s all you have to try to fix the prohibitory sign on your Macbook and these methods are simple & easy to perform. So, if you face the prohibitory sign issue again, just try the first command format on priority no 1 and if that does not work go for internet recovery mode which is the definite solution to Apple’s prohibitory sign.

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