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To promote the Telegram channels, you can share the channel link and the category on other social media platforms by posting or you can run Ads on the platform wherever it does accept.

Although, you can reach out to the other popular Telegram channels and pay money to promote your channels on their channels.

If you have many Telegram channels then you can promote the channels on other platforms or in any other ways to get more members on your channels.

As you know the limit that you can add members from your phonebook is 200 people and it’s better to add members through the invite link. Yes, inviting people to the channels is the best option to add more members to the Telegram channels.

But, the problem is, that you cannot post Ads on Telegram to promote the channels to other people rather you can do this on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Google Ads, etc (if the promotion of your Telegram link is allowed there).

In that case, the category of the channels should be appropriate & useful for users and should not promote any spam there.

There are some really useful ways that you can use to promote the Telegram channels there and gain more members onto your channels.

🔯 Can you Post Ads on Telegram of your Channels?

Telegram still has not introduced the channel promotion yet. But, the admins of other channels can post the links of your channel on a different Telegram channel. The users of these channels can click on the link to your channel to join your channel.

This method of cross-promotion can be used to increase the number of members of your Telegram channel.

You just have to get the link of your advertisement posted on different channels by requesting their admins to advertise for you or you can pay them for their promotional support.

How To Promote Telegram Channel:

There are many ways that you can promote your Telegram channels to add more members to your channel.

Note that adding more members will definitely boost Telegram channel post views.

1. Share Channel Invite Link on Social Media

You can promote a Telegram channel by sharing the link of the Telegram channel on social media platforms like Facebook. Posting your channel link to other social media platforms is one of the best and easy ways of promoting your Telegram channel. Post your Telegram channel link on all the other social media platforms that you are active on.

For instance, you can add the link of your Telegram channel on your Instagram bio or you even post it on Facebook and other social media that you use to socialize with people.

invite link telegram to promote

You can post your Telegram channel link to any other online platform, not necessarily just social media apps. You can post it on any site on which you have created your profile and that can be viewed by people. Sharing the link to your Telegram channel will help you increase the number of members of your channel and help you promote your channel as well.

2. Invite Contacts on Telegram Channel

The other way to promote your Telegram channel is by inviting the people in your contact list to your Telegram channel.

You can personally add your contacts to your channel easily using your phone. All you have to do is open your Telegram channel, then tap on add members and then select the contacts you wish to add to your channel.

Invite Contacts on Telegram Channel

But you have to keep in mind that you can add only a maximum of 200 people to your contact list. The app does not allow adding more than 200 members through a contact number. You can either do this by sending links to your channel for them to join or you can personally add them. But the total number has to be 200.

Following this method, you can easily add up to 200 members to your channel. Add all your friends and family members to your channel by sending them invites to join your Telegram channel.

3. Find Websites that Promote Channels or Groups

Sharing Telegram channel links through websites is another unique way of promoting your channel.

You can find the links to these websites on Telegram channels that post about such links on their channels.

You simply have to find such channels and request their admins to add the link of your channel in the appropriate category. You can get your Telegram channel link added across many websites that will help you generate members for your channel.

You can add your channel to relevant websites like for instance if your Telegram channel is related to fashion or entertainment, then correspondingly you have to post the link of your channel to such a website that has a similar target audience as you need for your channel.

The other option is you can copy the link of your channel and share through posts on the Telegram channels link, you have to find such posts and ask the admin to add your channel link in the appropriate category.

4. Leave Channel Link in Comments

You can promote your Telegram channel by leaving the link to your channel in the comments. You can do this on any platform, be it Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or any other.

There is no barrier in case of the platform you choose to promote your Telegram channel. All you have to do is focus on increasing the number of members of your channel. But do not overdo this process as the system of that platform may consider you as a SPAM which may eventually lead to your blocking.

Leave Channel Link in Comments

This method is absolutely free. So you need not worry about your budget. You just have to leave the link to your Telegram channel in the comment section and request the users to join your channel.

You can just add in short about your channel as to what it is about so that it is easy to attract members to your group without any hassle with just a click.

5. Reach Popular Telegram Channels

If you have a good budget, you can use it to promote your Telegram channel. This may help you get some genuine members of your channel. All you have to do is approach other popular Telegram channels to post about your channel.

The pricing depends on the popularity of the channel you approach and the size of your advertisement about your channel also for the time duration of an hour or 24 hours, the pricing is decided by the admin of the channel you approach.

Pay them and get your channel promoted. A single post can help you increase your channel members, but it all depends on the content of your advertisement regarding your channel, and the content of your channel.

You have to think and invest strategically while selecting the channel that you choose to promote your channel and your advertisement should be relevant to that channel. This method will surely get you an unpredictable outcome.

6. Create a YouTube channel and Promote

You can promote your Telegram channel by creating your own YouTube channel. You do not have to rely on anybody to promote your Telegram channel. You can do it yourself. You can create your own YouTube channel with a financial niche focusing your YouTube content on either the stock market or even health tips.

Create a YouTube channel

You simply have to provide help on your YouTube channel and let your audience join you on your Telegram channel. This is one of the best ways of promoting your Telegram channel.

Through your YouTube channel, you can either add some content at the beginning of the end requesting your YouTube followers and viewers to join your Telegram channel or you can add the link of your Telegram channel in the description box of all your YouTube videos. This will help you gather genuine members to your Telegram channel as well as your YouTube channel without any worries.

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