How To Record Messenger Video Call With Audio

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To record a video call on MacBook, start a Messenger call, then tap command+shift+5. Next, select the screen area and tap Record; when you are done, tap Command + Control + Esc. 

For recording using WonderShare DemoCreator start a video call on Messenger, open WonderShare DemoCreator, enable audio and screen size, and start recording. 

For iPhone users, you can record Messenger video calls using iPhone’s inbuilt Recording feature.

To record a Messenger video call on an Android device, start the call, swipe the screen from the top, tap Screen Record, and the screen recording will start.

Open the Google Photos app, and you will find the recorded video from there. 

How to Record Messenger Video Call with Audio:

Follow the different steps for devices:

1. On MacBook:

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Start Messenger Call

Open the Messenger App and log in with your Email/ Phone number and Password. After opening the Messenger app, you will be automatically redirected to your account if you have already logged in.

If you do not have the application, open your Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iPhone) and install the app. After that, tap on the person’s Profile and open the chats with whom you want to video call. Then, tap on the video call option from the top right corner.

Tap on Video Call

Step 2: Tap command+shift+5

After starting the video call on Messenger, you have to enable the inbuilt screen recording feature of the MacBook. So click the ‘command, shift, and 5’ button together from the laptop keyboard (i.e. command+shift+5). 

Step 3: Select screen area

After that, a pop-up bar will appear at the bottom containing some options. Several screen sizes will appear there, and you have to choose one of the screen sizes in which you want to record your screen.  

Step 4: Start Recording

You can see the Record option on the right-most side of the pop-up bar; after starting the Messenger video call and selecting the screen area, tap on that option to start recording.

Start Recording

Step 5: Click Stop Recording and save the file

When you are done with your video call, tap on the Done button in the Menu bar to finish the recording or select the Command, Control, and Esc buttons together (i.e. Command+Control+Esc) to finish the recording. Save your file if it prompts; otherwise, it will be saved on your device. 

Click Stop Recording and save the file

2. Using Third-party Tool: WonderShare DemoCreator:

Follow the steps for DemoCreator:

Step 1: Install the WonderShare DemoCreator

Open your Google Chrome Browser and search for WonderShare DemoCreator. Then, go to the official website of the WonderShare DemoCreator at the middle of the screen, and you can see the FREE DOWNLOAD option; click on it, and your download will be started. After completing the downloading, Install the WonderShare DemoCreator application.

Step 2: Start Messenger call

After completing the installation of WonderShare DemoCreator, open the Messenger App and log in to your account with your credentials. Now find out the person whom you want to video call, open his ProfileProfile and click on the video call option from the top right corner and wait for some time for the person to accept the video call. 

Tap on Video Call

Step 3: Start the WonderShare DemoCreator

When the next person accepts your video call, open the WonderShare DemoCreator application and set the screen to the Messenger video call. A pop-up will appear on your screen where you have to set up the WonderShare DemoCreator to do the recording properly. 

Click on Full Screen

Step 4: Enable audio, select the area to record

In the pop-up menu, click on the Downward button and select the type of screen from there. Next, click on the Settings icon from the upper right side of the pop-up, and a new pop-up will appear where from the Screen section, you can change the Screen Capture and the Frame Rate (you can make it the possible max fps to get the smooth video).

Click on Settings

Next, click on the Audio option, and you will get two options: Computer Audio and Microphone Audio. By default, Computer Audio is set as capture, and Microphone Audio is set as Don’t Capture. Change the Microphone Audio Settings to Capture; otherwise, only the device voice will be recorded, and your voice will not be recorded. 

Check audio

Step 5: Start Recording

After setting up everything, tap on the New Recording option (Big Red Circle button) on WonderShare DemoCreator. Then start the recording and after completing the recording, stop it by clicking on the Big Red Square button.

Start recording

3. Record Call From iPhone:

iPhone devices on the market have the inbuilt Screenshot and Screen Record feature; you don’t need to install any app from the App Store. So, to record Messenger video calls on your iPhone, you may use this inbuilt recording feature instead of installing any new app. Here are the steps to record a Messenger video call on iPhone:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Connect your headphones with your iPhone device to avoid the outside noise and to get a clear recording.

Step 2: Open the Messenger App and log in to your account with your credentials; now, find the person from the list you want to video call and tap on his ProfileProfile. 

Step 3: After opening his ProfileProfile, click on the Video call option from the top right next to the Audio call option, and the video call will be started.

Click on Video Call

Step 4: Wait for some time for the person to accept the video call and then swipe down from the top of the screen.

Click on Record Option

Step 5: The iPhone menu will appear there, and you can use the inbuilt Recording option from the Menu bar. Click on the Record icon, and after completing the recording, save it. You can edit and customize the recorded file in the future. 

To stop recording

4. Record Call From Android:

Nowadays, almost every Android phone has the feature to record your screen. You do not need to download any extra apps from the Play Store to do that. Screenshot and Screen Record has become the ubiquitous inbuilt feature of Android devices, and after swiping down your screen, you can find this feature most of the time in the Menu bar.

You can also find this feature in your Settings; different companies’ Android devices have named this feature differently.

You would need a third-party app to record calls on Android, first install the Screen Recorder app on mobile.

Install Recporder App

Step 1: Start a Messenger Video Call

Open your Messenger app, log in to your account and open the chats of the person you want to video call. Next, click on the Video call option next to the Audio call option from the top right corner, and the video call will be started. If you do not give the video and audio permissions to the app, then Allow the permissions and start it.

Tap on Video Call

Step 2: Record your screen

Wait for the next person to accept your video call; after he receives your call, swipe down the top of the screen, and a menu bar with options will appear. Find the Record screen or Screen Record option and tap on it. Your recording is started, and a pop-up will appear on the screen containing the Cancel and Pause button.

Record your screen

Step 3: Stop Recording

When you are done with your recording, tap on the Cancel button from the pop-up menu, and your video will be saved automatically. Now open your Google photos folder, and from the bottom right corner, you can see the library option; click on it, and you can find the recorded file. 

Stop recording

The Bottom Lines: 

A few years back, Messenger introduced this video call feature which has become very popular. If you want to record any video call on Messenger, you can do it on any device like Android, iPhone, or Mac. This article is showing how you can do that. Hopefully, it is helpful for you.

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