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How To Recover A Banned TikTok Account

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» To recover a banned TikTok account, the immediate step you can take is to “Report the Problem”, under the “Settings & Privacy” sections.
» Here, you have “Add an email”, describing the issue you are facing and asking them for a solution for the same.
» If, because of the ban, you are not able to access the “Settings” option, then, you have to make a “Direct email” to the TikTok Support Community.

Apart from all this, if your account is been banned because of your age, then you have to provide them with your age proof and it will you solved instantly.

How to Recover a Banned TikTok account:

There can be many reasons, such as violation of rules, usage of bots, or involvement of third-party apps, why TikTok banned the accounts of its users. However, for the first time, it temporarily suspends the account, to give a warning, but, if the mistake continues to happen, TikTok might ban the account permanently.

In this scenario, if the user has fewer followers, then it is not a major detail for them, but for the users with thousands and more followers, it is a big deal for them.

So, let’s learn to recover a banned TikTok account using easy and effective methods-

1. Report the Problem

After realization, the first thing one should do is to ‘report’. Go to the TikTok Community and report the problem. Write the issue you are facing and see what they reply, what mistake of yours they say, and accordingly ask for the solution. This method is straightforward and respectful as well.

🔴 Steps To Report Problem:

Step 1: Open your TikTok app and come to the “Profile page”. Click on the “Profile icon” given on the bottom right corner of the first page.

Profile page

Step 2: Next, click on the “Three Lines” and you will reach to “Setting and Privacy” page.

Three Lines

Step 3: Over there, select > “Report the problem”, under the “SUPPORT” section.

Report the problem

Step 4: Now, click on “Account Issue” and then “Add E-mail”.

In the e-mail, describe the issue and ask for a solution. They will surely reply and your problem will be solved.

2. E-mail Directly

After the ban, if you are not able to log in to your account, then you have an option to directly e-mail the ‘TikTok Support Community’, on their official email id.

The following are the email ids for respective countries.


Now, let’s see the steps to make a direct e-mail to the TikTok Support Community:

Step 1: According to the country you live in, copy the mail address and go to your e-mail account.

Step 2: Try writing the mail from the e-mail address linked with your TikTok account.

Step 3: In the e-mail, write your problem in detail and ask them for the solution.

Wait for the response from them. If you are lucky enough, instantly you will get a reply, if not, then you might have to again write the same email. You frequently have to knock on the doors of TikTok.

Also, try to send the first email, immediately, in the first few days. Do not sit and wait, continuously keep on trying. You will surely get some solution.

3. Provide ID proof

If the reason for your TikTok account ban is age, then you have to show them your ID proof. You can share and show the TikTok community your valid age-proof document.
TikTok has given the option to the user to provide their ID proof, under the Support section.

It is possible, that you might have entered an incorrect birth year, because of which TikTok has banned your account. But, nothing to worry about, simply, go to the “Support > Help Centre” section under the “Setting and Privacy” tab, and provide your ID proof.
Once received and verified, they will remove the ban from your TikTok account.

Why Do You Get Blocked by TikTok:

The main reasons for this, are as follows:

1. Bots Use

If you are using any kind of ‘bots’ to increase likes on your posts or to add comments and to grow your followers, then surely, your TikTok account will be banned from the TikTok community people.

TikTok is strictly against the involvement of such bots and third-party applications, for the mentioned purpose. You have to be very careful about all these things, in order to enjoy TikTok for a longer time. Otherwise, it will very difficult.

2. Violated TikTok’s Community Guidelines

Every platform has a pr-fixed set of rules and guidelines, which the people visiting there or using it, have to follow, if not then there will be consequences. Similarly, TikTok also has some guidelines, that all its users have to follow.

If you try to violate the community’s guidelines, then, have to pay for it. Pay in the sense, that either your account will get suspended temporarily or get permanently banned. Hence, make sure you follow all the rules and guidelines of the platform you are using.

3. Uploaded Content that Infringes Copyright

Uploading or using the content with copyright is a crime, everywhere. You cannot post such content unless and until you have proper permission for the same.

Hence, your TikTok account will get banned, if you are caught uploading content that infringes the copyright.

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