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How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts After 30 Days

✎ Key Takes:

» You can recover any deleted Instagram posts, including images and videos, directly from the Instagram app within a 30-day time frame.
» Also, you can use the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder on your Instagram app to locate and restore deleted posts, as they are temporarily stored there.
» If more than 30 days have passed, check the source device from where the post was uploaded, as it may still be available in the device’s recently deleted section or gallery.

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts:

There are several ways of restoring deleted Instagram posts like recovering the posts or content from the ‘Recently Deleted‘ folder and phone gallery.

1. After 30 Days

If you want to find out the picture or video that you have deleted then you have to find it from the source i.e. from the device you uploaded that post on Instagram.

If you can find that one on your mobile device then you can repost it on your Instagram.

2. From Recently Deleted

If you are looking to restore the deleted Instagram post from your timeline, then you are required to access the post from the ‘Recently Deleted’ section in the Instagram app within 30 days.

Through this feature, you can not only retrieve the photo or video but can also retrieve the likes and comments associated with the post.

All you need to do is to go to Settings> Account>  Recently Deleted> Choose Post> Tap Restore.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, update the current version of Instagram & open the app.

Step 2: Go to the profile page of your Instagram account.

Go to the profile page of your Instagram account

Step 3: Select the menu (threeline icon at the top), and proceed to Settings.

Select the menu three-line icon at the top
and proceed to Settings

Step 4: Select the option Account.

Instagram Account

Step 5: Now tap on the Recently Deleted.

 Recently Deleted

Step 6: Choose and tap on the recently deleted post that you want to restore.

Choose and tap on the recently deleted post that you want

Step 7: Just tap on the three dots appearing at the top right.

Just tap on the three dots appearing at the top right

Step 8: Two options are given- Restore and Delete. Select restore in case you want to retrieve the post, this is the option you have to tap on to get it back to its previous state.

Two options are given- Restore and Delete

Step 9: At the time of restoration, the account holder is required to complete verification through OTP on the mobile number or email ID (May be required).

Step 10: Type the OTP and choose Confirm.

Step 11: The deleted Instagram post will be restored along with its likes and comments instantly.

Once you follow all these steps one by one, the deleted post is recovered but make sure to do it within 30 days. In the same manner, deleted Instagram stories are recovered within a day.

3. From the Phone Gallery

The users who have deleted the post from all places on the Instagram account can retrieve the posted stuff from the mobile phone gallery and you can repost it.

The users of the iPhone also possess the amenity of recently deleted sections so they can get access to the deleted content from the iPhone library.

Note: This method only provides you the content but not the engagement (likes and comments) of the post.

>> Follow the below steps to retrieve the deleted content from your android devices:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Go to the File Manager on your android phone.

File Manager

Step 2: Select Internal Storage.

Step 3: Choose Pictures from the options.


Step 4: See the option of Instagram and then tap it.

Instagram Option

Step 5: You can find the deleted photo or video there and can repost it.

>> The iPhone users require to follow the process described below:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Head to the Photos app on your iPhone device.

Iphone Photos

Step 2: Select the icon ‘Albums’ and look for the ‘Recently Deleted’ directory.

Iphone Recently Deleted

This directory comprises the pictures or videos you have removed in the previous 30 days. You can find the deleted photos or videos of your Instagram account and after finding those, you can repost them again on your Instagram profile.

Why Can’t You Restore Deleted Instagram Posts:

There are chances also that you’re not being able to restore those deleted Instagram posts, this may happen because of the following reasons :

  • The post is deleted from the “Recently deleted” folder on your iPhone.
  • It has been 30 days since the post was deleted.

These two may be the cases when you are unable to recover the deleted videos, reels, or pictures you have posted on your profile. In the first scenario, when anyone takes control of your Instagram profile to delete your stuff on your profile, you can recover the deleted posts if it is there in the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder.

In case the post is not available on Instagram, you would have to post it again or can find the deleted photo or video in the gallery of your phone.

The second case is quite obvious as the feature only enables you to restore the posts within 30 days after the deletion of the photo, video, or reel. Once the post is deleted from your Instagram profile, you need to restore it within 30 days else it will be removed from the Instagram server.

Although the deleted video or photo may be there on the phone storage gallery, you can still have access.

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