Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup

Yes, you can recover and read a deleted WhatsApp chat, I remembered when one my WhatsApp groups got loaded up with huge files I just deleted and later understood that some important files were there that also removed from my device storage as well.
I got stuck and definitely, I thought that time of back up, but the back up was old and I wondered if that can work in this case. 
So, what I did to get back those deleted WhatsApp chats or messages, will share with you in this article.
There are many things that happen once you uninstall your WhatsApp. You can also make the SD card as default storage for WhatsApp to save pictures and other data into SD card directly.
To recover deleted WhatsApp chat you an either use the backup file just by uninstalling & reinstalling the WhatsApp, but if you don’t have the backup then you could load up the custom backup that is saved on your iCloud.
Here, recovering deleted WhatsApp messages mean retrieving the videos, gifs, images and all file types.
Although to read a deleted WhatsApp message that is deleted for everyone, you can see it from the notification log or you can install an app called ‘Notification History Log‘ on your mobile and that will show you WhatsApp’s incoming deleted messages including messages, videos, gifs directly from that app.
Recovering the message is not a tough task to complete, you just have to keep the patient as the backup or restoration may take a few minutes to show these messages back to your whastapp.
I know, providing the pictorial guide will be more helpful than discussing in s few sentences for recovering the deleted WhatsApp messages. In this article, I will be sharing the step-by-step guide that might be helpful for you to see or read these deleted messages on WhatsApp.

1. Can I Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup?

If you want to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages on your mobile device then you can follow the different methods either from the backup or getting the custom backup to recover your deleted chats. Now your custom backup means that you have to create another backup if you cannot see the backup on your cloud drive.
Now further to recover those deleted chats you have to uninstall and reinstall your WhatsApp then choose the backup that appears at the time of installation and upon selecting the file your chat will be restored on WhatsApp. Let’s understand  through this step by step guide:

2. Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages after Uninstall

When you want to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages then you have to uninstall and then reinstall your WhatsApp directly on your mobile device. Now whether it is iOS or Android does not matter, you can easily restore the deleted chapters through the backup that appears at the time after you verify WhatsApp while reinstalling it. To make the guide easier to understand, here I have included this step-by-step pictorial guide that you can follow from your mobile device:
 First of all, just uninstall your WhatsApp and then reinstall it. At the time of registration, you will be asked to use the backup to restore deleted WhatsApp messages.
 Now, you have to tap on the ‘RESTORE’ button from the screen on your WhatsApp.
Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages after Uninstall
 After that, all of your deleted WhatsApp messages and charts will be restored from that backup file.
If you just tapped on the ‘SKIP’ button mistakenly still you can use the method where I have discussed the option to recover deleted messages through the old online backup file.

3. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat – Local Custom Backup

In case you deleted some chats recently from your WhatsApp then you can follow the steps that I will discuss in this method. Now in this method, you have to create the backup file from the local storage and then decking up with the same process.
 If you have any Android device, you have to go to this location: File Manager >> Phone Storage >> WhatsApp >> Databases.
 From the databases folder, you will find a file named: msgstore.db.crypt12. To skip the overwriting of this current backup file you have to rename it to something like: msgstore_important.db.crypt12.
recover whatsapp deleted chat
 Now, on that same folder you will see the other backup file with dates, just replace that name to: msgstore.db.crypt12.
recover whatsapp deleted chat date
 Now from the chat backup settings on your WhatsApp just tap on the ‘BACK UP’ button and the chats will be restored.
BACK UP whatsapp deleted chat
Note: If you backup through this custom file then you may still not be able to recover some of the messages as that one may not be present on that backup file. This method is actually recommended when you have deleted the iCloud backup and by repeating the same method you can actually back up from phone storage.


4. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Files from iCloud?

The simplest method that you can choose to recover your deleted WhatsApp videos, gifs, images and messages as your WhatsApp will be using the iCloud as the default storage to store all of the back-ups from your iPhone or iPad. 
Through the iCloud storage, you can choose the backup file that you want to restore on your WhatsApp to recover all deleted chats and messages.
Note: iCloud is the default storage for all iOS devices and if you have set iCloud as the default storage for your WhatsApp on your iPhone or your iOS device you are using, you can retrieve easily.

5. See Deleted WhatsApp Messages that are ‘Deleted for Everyone’

You may have seen the option ‘Delete for Everyone’ while you are sending a message to your friend or in a group. If it’s someone who does this and the message actually gets deleted from the chatbox then to see that deleted message you have to follow some simple steps, I mean this is actually possible if you follow the steps that I am going to share in this method. This method is actually done by a third-party app that you can easily find on Google Play Store.

Notification History Log:

Notification History Log is the best tool available on Google Play Store that can help you get all of the logs that record all WhatsApp notifications into the system. 
Let me clear the workability of the tool, this Notification History Log actually works by collecting the data that your phone receives for any incoming WhatsApp messages and through this app, you can see all of these messages that got recorded on that app as a notification. 
Here, I am including the steps to set up this app with your WhatsApp on your mobile device:
Notification History Log
 First of all, install the app ‘Notification History Log‘ on your Android device from the Google Play Store.
 Make sure you allow this app to access your notification logs of your mobile and then select WhatsApp on the apps terminal. 
 Now if someone sends you any messages on your WhatsApp and if this shows through the notification log then it gets also recorded on that third-party app. The best part of this, if the person deleted the message after sending, you can see this deleted WhatsApp message through this app.

6. Retrieve 1 Year Old Deleted WhatsApp Messages

If you want to recover deleted messages back that are 1 year old then you have to find it on your cloud storage. If you’re on iOS then look to open iCloud on iPhone or in case you’re on Android just find it on Google Drive.
Now, to find out the backup file on your cloud storage do some changes, to make the process more understanding just look to the method I discussed to modify a backup file. Just follow that method and reinstall WhatsApp & select that backup to restore these old chats or messages. But, not guaranteed that all messages will be restored but the accuracy is 78%.

Can I recover the whole chat after it’s deleted?

If you’ve just deleted some WhatsApp messages or a whole chat from your WhatsApp chat box and are looking for ways to restore it back on its place then definitely you have to take the help of the backup that you have stored on your cloud storage.
Either it is your Android or iOS, WhatsApp actually keeps the backup file on your cloud storage that you have to use at the time of the installation of your WhatsApp.  Now, to recover deleted chats, you have the same process by uninstalling and then reinstalling WhatsApp and then choosing the backup after the verification gets completed and that’s all done.
The Bottom Lines:
If you want to recover deleted WhatsApp messages you must take the help of online backup,  but if you skipped wrongly, you can also follow the method that I have added on how to use an old backup once again to restore all the messages on WhatsApp. In case it’s a single message that you recently deleted and you want to read from the log then just use the app mentioned in this article.

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