How to Recover Hacked Snapchat Account?

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  1. To recover hacked Snapchat account, you have to contact “Snapchat Support”. First, on a web browser, open the link:
  2. Thereafter, tap on the ‘Contact Us’ and choose ‘I can’t access my account’ > ‘I think my account was hacked. 
  3. Next, Enter the Username, linked email address, and mobile Number and > describe the issue under the ‘What information should we know?’ box & Submit.
  4. Thereafter, follow the instructions of the Support Team and fill out more info to ask for reverting the account back.

Also, for future safety, enable “Two-Factor Authentication” on Snapchat. 

Open your Snapchat account > Go to “Settings” > Select the “Two-Factor Authentication” > Click “Continue” and select > “Text Verification” > Enter the “Received Code” on SMS.

Next, click > “Generate” for the “Recovery Code > enter your “Snapchat Password” and click “Continue”. Thereafter you will see “Recover Code” pop up on the screen, keep that code safely and click >, “I wrote it down” and ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ is enabled.

How to Tell if Your Snapchat is Hacked?

There are a few things that can confirm if your Snapchat is hacked:

1. You would see Unknown People on Friends List:

You would see Unknown People on Friends List

When your Snapchat account would be in control of someone else, then you will find unknown activities.

You would see unknown people on your Snapchat friends list. The people who are not from your friend circle and close contact.

You will also find some bot accounts connected with you and send you links and unrelated messages. 

Hence, whenever you feel something suspicious in your Snapchat account, first of all, go check the friend lists. Check whether new random people are added or not.

2. Lots of pending Sent Snaps that you didn’t:

Lots of pending Sent Snaps that you didn't:

The second very strange thing you will find is lots of pending sent snaps. 

Pending sent snap appears when you are not friended with that particular person on the Snapchat. That is, that person has not added you back as a friend. 

On Snapchat when both the parties add each other as a friend on Snapchat, then they are called friends on Snapchat and can send snaps, messages, etc to each other. Also, the snap won’t appear ‘pending’ in such cases. 

Now, coming back to ‘hacked account’. When your account is been hacked by someone, the first thing he will do is – add lots and lots of random people and thereafter send snaps.

The hacker will also add people from your snap contact list in order to make the account look realistic and also, seeing your name your people will easily add him back on their Snapchat. 

Other than your contact list, the hacker will send a request to random people on Snapchat, many among them won’t add him back and the snap will appear pending. 

3. Not being able to Login with an Old password:

Not being able to Login with an Old password

If your account got hacked, you won’t be able to log in to your Snapchat account using your password. 

Because, it is very obvious, that if anyone has hacked your account the first thing, he will do is change the password and set a new one.

To check this, use another phone or laptop and try logging in to your account. 

Here, the point to remember, if you can access your account after getting hacked, never log out. Never. Do whatever you want to do, but do not log out. 

If you will log out and come out of your account then you won’t be able to log in again and also can’t get your account back.

4. Alert Saying that ‘Account information has been changed’:

Alert Saying that 'Account information has been changed

When you will open your Snapchat, you will see an alert saying that “Account Information has been changed”. 

You will encounter this alert, mainly when you visit the “Settings” section. Also, you will find a different, new phone number and new email address, which is not yours. 

If this alert appears on the screen, then one hundred percent of your account is in the control of someone else. 

Video on How to Recover Hacked Snapchat Account:

How To Get a Hacked Account Back in Snapchat?

There is one direct fix that you can do to get back your Snapchat account, that is, go to Snapchat “Support” team and describe the issues that you are facing and get the solution.

This is the most effective plus a reliable method to get back on your Snapchat.

Step 1: Open Browser > Go to

Firstly, on your device, open a web browser, preferably Google Chrome, and go to the given link:


Click or type the link in the search box and open it. 

Step 2: Tap on ‘Contact Us’ & choose ‘I can’t access my account’

Next, after the link is opened on the screen, you will see the “Snapchat Support” tab and on the left side of it, there will be a list of options.

On the list, the first would be “Contact Us” with the ‘question mark (?) sign in front of it. Click on > “Contact Us”. 

I can’t access my account

Thereafter, from the appeared menu, select > “I can’t access my account”, given first on the right-side list.

Step 3: Choose ‘I think my account has been hacked’

The moment you will click on > “I can’t access my account” you will find another set of options that has appeared below on the same page. 

I think my account was hacked

Over there, select > “I think my account has been hacked”, given first in the list. 

Step 4: Enter Username, Email, Mobile Number

After selecting > “I think my account has been hacked”, simultaneously, you will see a new section below, which will ask you to fill out the form to contact support. 

Over there, you will be asked to enter “Username”, “Email”, “Phone Number” and “What information should we know?”.

Enter Username, Email

Note- that you have to add the email and phone number that is linked to your Snapchat account. 

Make sure you give accurate information and have typed your correct username.

Step 5: Describe the issue under the ‘What information should we know?’ box & SEND

Under the “What information should we know?” box, you have to describe the problems you are facing and all the unusual activities you have noticed in your account and ask them the solution. 

What information should we know

And, in the end, click on “submit”.

Step 6: Snapchat will Revert & follow a few more steps to get back the account

In a while after receiving your request, Snapchat will revert you to the solution. Follow the steps mentioned in the solution to resolve the issue and get back your account. 

What to Do if your Snapchat Account is Compromised?

If your Snapchat account is compromised or got hacked, the first preventive measure you must do is “Enable > Two-Factor Authentication”.

This will prevent your account from getting into the hands of hackers. Also, whenever someone will try to log in to your account, even you, have to go through the two-factor authentication process.

In the process, after you or someone else will enter the password, have to enter a code (like OTP) that will be instantly sent at the time of logging in to the registered phone number for authentication. 

Now, let us see how to enable the two-factor authentication:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your “Snapchat account” and click on your “Bitmoji” i.e., your profile icon, on the upper left corner of the screen.

profile icon

Step 2: After that, click on the > “Settings” icon on the upper right corner of the screen, and from the list, select > “Two-Factor Authentication”.

Settings” icon
Two-Factor Authentication

Step 3: Click > “Continue” and select > “SMS Verification”.

Click Continue
Text Verification

Step 4: Type the code that you would have received via SMS, for mobile number verification.

received via SMS

Step 5: Next, click > “Generate” for the “Recovery Code”, which you can use in case you do not have access to the mobile number. 


Step 6: Enter your “Snapchat Password” and click “Continue”. Thereafter you will see “Recover Code” pop up on the screen. Write and keep that code safely. 


Step 7: Click > “I wrote it down” and ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ is enabled.

I wrote it down
Two-Factor Authentication’ is enabled

The Bottom Lines:

The only way to get back your hacked account is by contacting “Snapchat Support”. Follow the solution instructed by the Snapchat support team to fill out.

The best way to prevent one’s Snapchat and all other social media accounts is by enabling “Two-Factor Authentication”. This will always ping you when someone will log in to your account.

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