How to Recover Instagram Account without Email Or Phone Number?

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To recover your Instagram account without email or phone number, first, open the Instagram app and click on – “Forgotten Password?”. On the “Trouble Logging in” page, enter your “Username” and click on “Need more help?”. 

After that, on the next page, enter your linked phone number or email address and click on “I can’t access this email or phone”.

Now, on the “Request Support” page, first of all, enter your active email address and then select suitable options for asked questions in the last question, describe the issue you are facing while logging in to your account and click on > “Request Submit”.

In some time, you will receive an email from ‘Instagram Support’. Where, firstly they will send you a code and ask you to click a picture holding a placard in which the code, your username, and full name are written. 

After that, you will receive a second mail, where you will get the link to recover your account and reset your password. Follow the instructions and do as they ask and your account will be recovered. 

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Is It Possible To Recover An Instagram Account Without A Phone Number Or Email?

Yes, it is possible to recover the Instagram account without a phone number and email, but only in a few cases, such as:

 1. If your profile photo is updated on your Instagram:

If your profile photo is updated on your Instagram

If on your account, your picture is updated as a profile picture then, you can easily recover your account. For this, you have to provide the photo identity proof to the Instagram Support team and they will help you recover the account. 

2. If you have proof to own a business or brand account:

If you have proof to own a business or brand account

If you are having any identity proof that the following business or brand account belongs to you, then by providing the proof to the Instagram Support team, you can instantly recover your account.

In short, if you have your photo added to your profile picture then a photo ID proof can recover your account. The same is with the business account, you have to provide proof to recover the business or brand account. 

Recover your Instagram Account without Email or Phone Number

There are the steps you should follow to recover your Instagram account,

Step 1: Open Instagram App & Tap ‘Forgotten Password?’

Firstly, open the Instagram application on your mobile device or PC. 

Next, on the ‘Log-in’ page, click on “Forgotten your Password?”.

Since you are not able to log in to your account using your password, the only method to recover the account is by seeking help from the Instagram team. 

For that, click on ‘Forgotten your Password?’, placed just below the “Log in with Facebook” option, on the log-in page. 

Forgotten Password

Step 2: Tap ‘Need more help?’ & Avoid Email Verification

Now, on the “Trouble Logging in?” tab, you would be noticing the blank spaces only for entering email or phone numbers. 

But, nothing to worry about. Here, “Username” will help you to move further in the recovery procedure.

Type your username on the given blank space and after that, click on > “Need more help?”.

Be careful. After entering the ‘Username’, you have to click on “Need more help?” not on “Next”.  

The option will take you to a tab headed > “Help Us Recover Your Account” where you will be asked to enter your linked email address or phone number, for sending a security code, to recover your account.

After all, you do not have access to your linked email address and phone number, you have to avoid email verification and go for the alternative option.

Need more help
Need more help

Step 3: Tap ‘I can’t access this email’ & Request Support

Below the ‘Send Security Code’ button, is the alternative option to email verification, that is, “I can’t access this email or phone number”.

Now, what you have to do is, type the email or phone number, whatever you remember, and click on the > “I can’t access this email or phone number”.

With this, you will reach to “Request Support” page.

Here, you have to provide certain information related to your account to the Support team. 

Firstly, enter an email address, through which the Instagram Support team can help you. After that, for > “What type of account are you trying to access?”, select > “Personal account with photos of me” and for > “What is the reason for this request?”, select > “I can’t log into the email on my account”. 

It is not all necessary to select these options, you can select, whichever option suits best for your issue. 

I can't access email

Step 4: Describe Issue & Tap ‘Request Support’

Next, under the “Can you share some other info to help us recover your account?”, you have described the issue you facing in logging in to your account.

There, describe all the issues and activities you are facing while logging in. Also, tell them the reason for not being able to access your linked email address or phone number. 

Elaborate everything clearly and at last, click on > the “Request Submit” button.

Request Support

Step 5: You will Receive Mail Back from Instagram

After submitting the request, in a while, you will receive an email from the Instagram Support team. 

You will receive this email on the mail ID you have entered for reaching you on the ‘Request Support’ tab. Open the email and check your inbox. 

Once you received the mail, open it and read all the instructions carefully, and arrange the documents as asked. 

Mainly, you will be asked to click a picture of yourself, holding a placard. On the placard, you have to write the received “code”, your “Full Name” and your Instagram “Username” and then in proper lighting conditions, click a photograph and sent them.

Send the photo in a JPEG format and wait for a reply.

Step 6: You will get a second Login Link  

If your photograph and mentioned information are correct, you will receive a second login link on your same mail ID.

In this mail, you will get the links to reset your password and finally, recover your account. 

Read all the instructions carefully and follow the steps as presented. 

Step 7: Enter Username & Login without password

Open the link you have received in the email to reset your password. 

Next, enter your “Username” and log in to your account. 

This time you don’t have to enter your password, you can log in without a password. 

After logging in, set a new password and change the old phone number and email address and add the new active one.

That’s it. Your account is successfully recovered.

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