How To Recover Instagram Account Without Phone Number

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To recover your account without a phone number, you can use your email address instead.

If you no longer have access to your email address, don’t worry! Instagram provides alternative methods to verify your identity.

In case you lose access to your phone number, it can disrupt the account recovery process. This may happen if you change your phone number or lose your device. If you don’t take precautions, you may risk permanently losing access to your Instagram account.

After that, you will receive a second mail, where you will get the link to recover your account and reset your password.

There are some steps you can take in order to recover deleted Instagram chats.

Step 1: First of all, open the Instagram Account recovery tool.

Step 2: Then, enter the username or ID with your Instagram account.

Step 3: After that, click on the “Recover” button.

Step 4: Now, the tool will analyze the provided information and initiate the account recovery process.

How To Recover Instagram Account Without Phone Number:

These are the following methods that you can try to recover:

1. Using iSkysoft Recoverit

Using the iSkysoft tool, you can restore lost data in all data lost scenarios with simple steps. 

You can recover lost data from formatted hard drives, SD cards, etc., and also it can recover data from corrupted hard drives and crashed systems.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser, go to the iSkysoft Recoverit Instagram recovery website and click on the “Try It Free” option. 

Click on Try It Free

Step 2: Now enter your Gmail address in the search box, and as it is a desktop tool, you have to install it on your PC/laptop.

Step 3: On the email address, they will provide you the download link and the process; download the app and choose the file location where your lost Instagram data, like photos and videos, are stored.

Click on next

Step 4: Start scanning the location, previewing the repaired data, and clicking “Repair” to restore it.

Click on repair

2. A Password-Recovery Tool

It is a straightforward tool and user-friendly interface that anyone can easily understand and use. This tool will help users to recover passwords, data, etc.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Open your Play Store, search for A Password – Recovery Tool app, and install it.

A Password - Recovery Tool

Step 2: Launch the app, click on the “LETS START!” option, and next, type what you want to recover.

click on the LETS START!

Step 3: Then select “New Request For Recovery”, choose “Continue”, and fill out the form by querying for the Instagram password. 

select New Request For Recovery
Click on continue

Step 4: After that, they will send you the message and the result in your mail when they finish their work. 

Click on continue

3. With Only Username

To recover your Instagram account:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app, and as you forget your login credentials, click on the “Get help logging in.” option. 

Get help logging in

Step 2: Now click “Can’t reset your password?” or directly go to the Instagram Help Center on your browser.

click on the Get help logging in. option

Step 3: On that page, under the Email troubleshooting section, you can see a question that asks what to do if you forget your account ID. 

Click on that option

Step 4: Click on it, scroll down the page, and for the answer to the review feedback, select “No”, then select “The solution doesn’t work”.

Click on NO

Step 5: Now you have to write down your issue to the Instagram technical team, and they will reply when they are ready with their work.

Click on submit

4. From Instagram Help Center

If no details are available and you have no access to email or phone, you can get back your Instagram account by providing your ID or selfie photo. To do that:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Instagram, click “Get help logging in.”, click “Can’t reset your password?” then click “Try another way”, and choose “My account was hacked”. 

Get help logging in
click on the Get help logging in. option
choose My account was hacked. 

Step 2: They will ask if you have your photo on your account; if yes, select the Yes option, and if no, you have to choose a different way. 

Select yes

Step 3: After selecting the option, enter your email address, scan your face, take a video selfie, and you are done from your side.

Enter email
scan image

Step 4: They will give you a reply within 1 business day through the provided email. 

Submit video
Click on Done

Is It Possible To Recover An Instagram Account Without a Phone Or Email?

Yes, it is possible to recover the Instagram account without a phone number and email, but only in a few cases, such as:

1. If your profile photo is updated on your Instagram

The picture is updated as a profile picture then, you can easily recover your account. For this, you have to provide the photo identity proof to the Instagram Support team and they will help you recover the account. 

2. If you have proof to own a business or brand account

If you are having any identity proof that the following business or brand account belongs to you, then by providing the proof to the Instagram Support team, you can instantly recover your account.

In short, if you have your photo added to your profile picture then a photo ID proof can recover your account. The same is with the business account, you have to provide proof to recover the business or brand account.

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