How To Recover My Eyes Only Pictures On Snapchat

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You can change the passcode anytime but if you forgot the passcode then by resetting that you might lose all the data.

If you contact the Snapchat support team before you reset the passcode then there could be a chance to get the My Eyes Only data on your mobile.

To recover the My Eyes Only pictures or snaps, first, contact the Snapchat support team and then go into the appropriate option ‘passcode’, and then a form will display.

You just have to provide the username, mobile, email, etc, and describe the problem regarding your passcode that you forgot and the team will contact you by email letting you know the procedure to recover the pictures.

You can install the Snapchat++ to Bypass My Eyes Only passcode on the Snapchat++ app and see the saved snaps or memories.

In this article, a few things that you have to follow if you just forgot the passcode are mentioned in a detailed guide.

To bypass the My Eyes Only passcode on Snapchat,


Step 1: First of all, install the MOD of Snapchat which is Snapchat++.

Step 2: Now just open Snapchat and go to My Eyes Only on Snapchat++.

Step 3: Once it asks passcode, just tap on the ‘BY-PASS‘ button.
bypass my eyes only snapchat++

This option is if you forgot the passcode and see the memories.

What to do if You Forgot the My Eyes Only Passcode:

If you just have forgotten the My Eyes Only passcode from your Snapchat then there are several things that you can do in order to take action to protect your Snaps or memories saved under the section.

what to do if locked

1. Never Tap Forget Passcode

While using Snapchat or any other social media platform, there is a possibility that you might forget the passcode of your account or My Eyes Only on Snapchat.

If you forgot the My Eyes Only passcode,

◘ You will lose the memories and Snaps saved in the My Eyes Only section.

◘ If you reset all data will not be recoverable there. But, changing the passcode does not affect anything.

It’s found on the Snapchat website that by resetting the passcode, you would lose all data that are not recoverable.

Snapchat cannot recover support

However, to retrieve your passcode you must never click on Forget passcode.

According to Snapchat, if you click on the button forget passcode somehow you will be able to retrieve your passcode but, you will lose all your memory related to Snapchat.

My eyes only passcode forgot

This memory will be in the form of your photos, videos, and many more. If you click on the forget passcode button then after just tapping your password will reset but simultaneously your memory will also wipe out from your account.

After losing your data or snap, Snapchat will not be able to solve your problem regarding retrieving data from your account because of My Eyes Only on Snapchat.

Your snap will be saved there and after resetting the passcode Snapchat has no way without your consent to check your data.

If you ever click on forget the password to recover your My Eyes Only, then you will lose all your snaps and videos which be a drastic loss to anyone. However, there is an option to recover your My Eyes Only passcode.

2. Ask Snapchat Team for Passcode

You better ask the Snapchat team about the issue if you forgot the passcode as if you reset the passcode you might lose all the My Eyes Only data from your Snapchat account.

If you have just lost your Snapchat My Eyes Only passcode then just open the Snapchat contact support form and explain your issue.

To get help from Snapchat Team if you have lost your passcode,

Step 1: First of all, you just go to the Snapchat support page.

Step 2: Then from the help category choose the ‘Passcode’ option and continue.
passcode help

Step 3: Next on the form, provide details of your account, i.e. Username, mobile, etc, and explain the issue that you’ve forgotten your Snapchat My Eyes Only passcode and you want to recover the passcode without the data deleted.
fill snapchat form

Step 4: Now, if something is possible, the Snapchat team will contact you over email and let you know the procedure.

That’s all you’ve to do.

3. You can change the Passcode

There are more ways to change the passcode without losing your memory from My Eyes Only. The first thing you have is to click on the option and after that, you will get two choices that will pop up on your screen. One is the ‘Change Passcode‘ and another one ‘Forgot Passcode‘ to change the passcode, you have to simply select the change passcode option.

change passcode

To change the passcode, you have to enter the previous password or passcode.

(If you forget your previous passcode then there will be no other option other than resetting the password.)

But, if you ever remembered your old password then a new screen will open on which the system will ask your old password what you have entered previously.

Lastly, you get an option to create your new password and after entering the old one, your ‘My Eyes Only’ account will be recovered.

4. Report Issue to Snapchat (From PC)

After selecting the option of forgot password then your complete data related to Snapchat will be wiped out from your account.

To recover the My Eyes Only pictures on Snapchat,

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is select the browser you are using and search the Snapchat Support website to fill out the form.

Step 2: After that, you have to select the first option to ‘Contact us’ from Snapchat support.

Step 3: Entering the contact us, a list will open on your screen which will ask “What can we help you with?” From that list, you will tick the option “My Snapchat Is Not Working”.

Step 4: After selecting, you will get numerous choices from the list but you have to select Memories.

Step 5: Then you will select the passcode option from the given list of “Which part of memories can help with?

Step 6: Next, the system will ask you “Need help with Something Else” you have to click on the yes button and after that, enter your username, email, and phone number in the fourth option you have to enter the device by which you use Snapchat.

Step 7: Next, your issue will be asked to put the date from which you lost your picture.

In the next option, you have to write a detailed analysis of your problem. Lastly, a message will be visible “Your message has been sent! Thank you”. After that, all your data will be recovered by the Snapchat team within a few days.

You may be asked to provide some proof of being an account holder of Snapchat.

🔯 Snapchat My Eyes Only not Working – How to Fix

There are many reasons your Snapchat My eyes Only not working, one of the obvious reasons is that you forgot your password you do need to reach out to Snapchat to resolve the issue because it is strictly protected. You can check for an update because it will get rid of bugs from the last update. If the app has any bugs, then Snapchat My Eyes Only will not work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Bypass My Eyes Only without a Password?

The snaps that are locked into the My Eyes Only section can only be seen by the user when he or she unlocks the section with the password. If you forget your My Eyes Only password, you won’t be able to see the pictures that are stored in the My Eyes Only section.

If you forget the passcode of the My Eyes Only section, you’ll be able to reset the passcode of the My Eyes Only section.

You need to click on Options and then click on Forget Passcode. You’ll need to enter the password of your Snapchat account to open your app’s My Eyes Only section.

2. Snapchat My Eyes Only Backup:

If you’re using Snapchat for the first time, here you’ll be able to know how to use Snapchat My Eyes Only to hide pictures from anyone else.

The snaps that you click on Snapchat after saving get stored in the Snaps section under Memories. You’ll be able to find your gallery pictures in the Camera Roll section.

You can store and lock any of these photos or snaps into that section. If you lock any photos from the Camera Roll, the picture gets saved into the My Eyes Only section and you can delete the original one from your gallery directly using the Snapchat app also.

Here’s how you lock a picture:

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Get into the Memories section by swiping up.
  • If you want to lock and store snaps in the My Eyes Only section, scroll and look for the one that you want to lock and then click and hold it.
  • You’ll be able to see the option Hide. Click on it.
  • Click on Move and the snap will be shifted to the My Eyes Only section.

3. My Eyes Only Password Finder:

You can use the My Eyes Only Password Finder tool to recover the lost password of your Snapchat My Eyes Only section. This app can be directly downloaded to your mobile from the web.

⭐️ Features:

  • It can open your My Eyes Only section by knowing your mobile number and Snapchat username.
  • You’ll be able to receive the list of your last three My Eyes Only passwords along with your current password.
  • You can also use this app to change the password of the My Eyes Only section when needed so that you can unlock it without having to use the password finder tool.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

  • Open the application after downloading it from the web.
  • Click on Start and then enter your Snapchat username and mobile number.
  • You’ll need to click on Proceed.
  • The tool will generate you a report that has all the previous three passwords along with your current password.

4. My Eyes Only App:

You can also use the My Eyes Only app that’s available to be used on iOS. It’s a managing tool that can help you manage your data and other confidential information better in a more organized manner. This tool supports the feature of multi-device syncing and auto backups of your data to keep all your data safe.

The tool provides you with many categories to store and manage your information better. You’ll be able to save images, and get fast keyboard input with this application. You can store information about your credit cards, store card images, notes, etc using this app.

If you use this application, you’ll be able to unlock your My Eyes Only section with the help of your fingerprint. You no longer need to just depend on the passcode. This app can keep your snaps safe and you won’t have to worry about losing them.

5. Why is the ‘My Eyes Only’ Grayed Out?

If your Snapchat account has troubleshooting memory issues, you might find the My Eyes Only section is grayed out. You should always make sure that your data is securely backed up before you uninstall the application or log out of it.

Even graying out might happen due to lack of space or using an old version of the Snapchat application.

You can update Snapchat from the Google Play Store or App Store to get the latest version of Snapchat.

However, if it’s due to a lack of memory space, clean the space and free up some memory. After you fix it, the grayed-out screen will automatically get fixed and you’ll be able to see your locked snaps.

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