Recover Suspended Twitter Account – For Age, Copyright, Violations

You can get back your suspended Twitter accounts unless it’s the case of permanent suspension. Many times Twitter suspends accounts for common reasons like spamming or other suspicious activity, violation of their rules, etc. You cannot use your suspended account, but it’s not deactivated either. So it’s just inoperable. 

As it’s not accessible during the suspension period, your profile information will be hidden from the views of others and they won’t be able to check your previous tweets and posts. Even you won’t be able to log in and use, as you’ll see their notice of suspension of your account prompting your screen.

But there are steps and measures you can follow and apply to get back your suspended profile. The measures vary differently according to the cause of the suspension. To recover a suspended Twitter account, try restoring the account by verification and changing the password or appealing to Twitter, which can help you in restoring the account.

You can get your account back unless they have suspended it permanently, then you need to create another one. 

All these steps to perform the restoration are very simple and easy. You can start doing it after getting to the login page of Twitter and then start the verification process. 

Over here, it’s about the method which you would like to know to get your suspended Twitter account back. If you perform the following mentioned steps correctly you will be able to restore the account to make it accessible again.

Why do Twitter Accounts get Suspended?

Twitter suspends its user’s accounts for various common reasons and those accounts can be required unless it’s permanent suspension. 

  • Reasons for suspending accounts include spamming which means you’ve posted some kinds of spam from your account.
  •  Aggressively following people on Twitter. 
  • If you violate any official Twitter rules. 
  • Even if you’re using fake account information, impersonating other users, or engaging in some or other kind of abusive behavior on Twitter.
  •  Sometimes Twitter suspends accounts when they notice suspicious activities of an account or compromising behavior which may signify hacking of the account. 

Chances are there that Twitter would suspend your account for some time and you won’t be able to access it unless recovered following different ways if you are seen performing any of the above-mentioned causes.  

The ways to recover the accounts are pretty simple, act according to the following techniques you’re good to access your account again but be sure to not make the same missteps. 

How to Restore a Twitter Account if Suspended?

To restore the Twitter account if that is suspended then you have two different ways to restore it for two different reasons.

1. For Suspicious Activity:

If you’ve got the suspension of your account on the grounds of suspicious activity in your account you can recover it back by following some easy steps that are being jotted down in the following points. You’ll get to know about all the details from the same. 

  • For the first step, open the Twitter application on your mobile phone or you can visit the Twitter website.
  • Now to log in using your email or phone number and password and then click on Log in.
  • If your account is suspended then you’ll see a message on your screen that your account has been locked due to suspicious activity and you need to verify.login activity-twitter
  • You need to confirm and verify your account again to recover it by confirming your email and other personal information. Now, click on the Start button. enter email
  • Provide all the personal information and respond to a question promoting on the screen about your account correctly by following the instructions then click Verify
  • Now you need to enter your email or phone number correctly which is associated with your account and Twitter will send you a verification code via email or SMS.
  • Check for the verification code in the mail or SMS. You’ll find the code in bold which you can use to unlock your account. If you’ve not received the email in the inbox, check in the spam, junk, or social email folder.
  • Copy and paste code to the Twitter verification page and click ‘Submit’.verify email twitter
  • For the next step, it’s better to change your password.
  • You need to enter your current password. Then change it by entering a  new password in the next line and confirm the new password to complete the verification. 

2. For Violating Rules:

If you’ve violated some of the rules of Twitter, they’ll suspend your account so you won’t be able to access it or log in to it. But you can appeal to Twitter for the recovery of your account. 

It’s simple and you can do it by acting according to the l necessary steps that are being jotted down below:

  • First of all, open the Twitter application on your device or open the website from your desktop.
  • Now login to your account using your credentials and then click on Log in to get into your account.
  • You’ll find a message prompting on your screen about the suspension of your account or the limitation of your account feature.
  • Now if you wish to recover your account fully you need to submit the appeal form by going to Twitter Help.
  • After getting on the site, first, you need to log in. To log in go to the right upper corner of the other and click Log in. Now log in using your account credentials. 
  • You’ll find a form flashing on your screen on the following page.
  • You have to select the issue you are facing. For that use the drop-down menu which you’ll find next to Where are you expecting this issue? to select a problem that closely fits yours.
  • In the next box which is the Description box, clearly explain your issue. State it in a polite manner why you should get your account back or if you haven’t violated any of the rules and they’ve made some kind of mistake.
  • Then type your username in full in the next line.
  • Provide them with an email address that they can use to communicate with you.
  • Type or enter your correct phone number if you wish to do so in the next box.
  • Now after all these boxes are filled up you need to submit the form by clicking on Submit.
twitter suspended appeal

Twitter Account Permanently Suspended:

The most severe enforcement action that Twitter takes against the violation of rules or some other kinds of notorious activities is the permanent suspension of the Twitter account. Once Twitter has permanently suspended your account you won’t be able to restore it. On the grounds of violation of Twitter’s terms and service, they suspend accounts permanently. 

Twitter doesn’t inform the user about which particular tweet caused the violation of the terms but they do inform about the terms that the user has violated and that their accounts cannot be restored. The suspended account will be removed from the view of the world and the violator will never be able to create another one with the same personal information. 

Alternative Solution – Get Back Twitter Account:

Once your Twitter account is permanently suspended there’s no way you can get it back even after appealing. But the only alternative solution you can apply to be able to use Twitter again is to create a new account using different personal information or any information about products or services. As you are not allowed to create an account using the same information that you had used earlier when creating the previous account you need to use different information like another email, phone number, etc.

By following the mentioned steps create a second account on Twitter:

  • Open the Twitter application or visit the website.
  • On the home page, you’ll see the option to Sign Up. Click on it.
  • Now on the Create Your Account page you need to enter your name.
  • Then enter your correct phone no. and verify it or use an email address but not the one which was associated with the precious account. Then click on Next that you’ll find on the lower side of the form.
  • Then tap on the Signup option which implies that you are agreeing with all the terms and policies of Twitter.
  • Now verify the email or phone no. Using the code that you’ll receive as SMS or email ( whichever you have used to sign up) verify it.
  • Click on Next to continue.
  • Now enter a strong password and confirm it and you’re good to use the account to follow people or for tweeting stuff.

The Bottom Lines:

For different reasons of violation of terms or conditions Twitter suspends the account but if it’s a permanent suspension then that’s too bad as you won’t be able to have it back. The mentioned techniques can help you deal with situations of account suspension by Twitter and you’ll be able to recover it by applying the ways that are being noted for you.

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