How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram – Unsend Message Recovery

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If you want to recover unsent messages, several third-party apps and tools like Notification History and AiGrow can help you in reading unsent messages from the notifications.

Unsent Messages On Instagram

If you’re logged into your Instagram account from a device that isn’t connected to an internet connection since the message was deleted, the unsent messages can still be there as the server hasn’t updated it yet and you can view them keeping the internet turned off.

The Notification History Log app saves the notifications so that the unsent messages can be read from the app later. The AiGrow tool sends email notification of messages that stays unchanged even if the sender unsent the message.

Furthermore, the only shortcoming is that these apps and tools can’t recover the message that the sender has unsent before the installation of the apps and tools, but only the ones unsent after the installation of these apps.

There you have a few other steps to recover all deleted Instagram messages.

🔯 Can you Read Unsend Messages from Instagram?

Instagram allows users to delete or unsent messages without leaving any trace of them. But if you’re logged into your account from any other device which is not connected to an internet connection, you’ll be able to read the messages that the sender has unsent from there.

Not being connected to data or WiFi, will benefit you in this situation, because, due to the absence of an internet connection, the server of Instagram has not updated the DM section. Therefore, if you open the app without connecting it to the internet you’ll be able to see and read the deleted messages from the other device.

How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram:

You can use third-party tools and apps to read unsent messages on Instagram.

1. Unsend Message Recovery: Notification History

You can use this third-party notification manager app that records and saves all your incoming notifications. As Instagram lets users delete sent messages even after the message has been delivered or viewed by the receiver without leaving any trace of it behind, you need to use this app named Notification History that saves all your notifications to be viewed later.

Therefore, if anyone sends you an Instagram message, the app will save it from the notification panel, and even if the user deletes the message from the chat screen, later on, it will be safely stored by the Notification History app from where you can read it. Not only for Instagram, but it can record the messages of any other social media app whose notifications you receive on your device.

⭐️ Features:

It’s designed with some of the best features which are listed below:

◘ The app provides you with a history log to see all the notifications you’ve ever received in a timeline structure.

◘ It autosaves all the incoming notifications and messages that your device receives.

◘ It can help you review old notifications for many days and even weeks.

◘ It offers a search tool using which you can search for the app whose notifications you’re looking for.

◘ You can use different filters to manage and sort out notifications.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Install the Notification History app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: You need to tap on ALLOW ACCESS and provide the app with permission to have access to your device notification.


Step 3: You need to click on SEND TEST NOTIFICATION and at once you’ll receive a notification on the top panel. You can see that on the app.


Step 4: On the interface of the app, you’ll be able to see all the notifications displayed one after another from several apps.

Step 5: You need to use the Search icon to search for Instagram and then tap on the notification that appears as result.

search for Instagram

You’ll be able to read all the unsent messages from there.

2. Third-party tool: AiGrow

You can use a third-party tool like AiGrow to read unsent messages on Instagram. This is an online tool that offers several varieties of features to Instagram users that not only help users read unsent messages on Instagram but to grow social media accounts too. You need to add your Instagram account to your AiGrow account.

AiGrow manages the DMs of Instagram accounts that are received, and therefore, as the DMs are received on Instagram within the AiGrow account, even the deleted messages are visible. It’s because the deleted messages don’t disappear from the AiGrow server.

Whenever your Instagram account is connected to AiGrow, you can turn on the DM to Email notification to get an email notification whenever you receive any messages on Instagram.

⭐️ Features of AiGrow:

◘ It helps in growing followers on Instagram accounts.

◘ AiGrow allows users to schedule their posts by setting a particular date and time.

◘ It can send automated DMs and reply to messages.

◘ The tool can send formal and automated replies to emails too.

◘ AiGrow maintains the highest security standards and it doesn’t store your account password. It offers a free trial period of seven days.

◘ You’ll be able to see all the unsent messages as the messages don’t get auto-deleted from the AiGrow server.

◘ It can help you make your posts more engaging and get more likes without using hashtags.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Here are the steps you need to follow to use AiGrow:

Step 1: First, you need to create an AiGrow account to start the process.

start the process

Step 2: It requires your name and a few other details like your email address to sign up and create an account.

AiGrow create an account

Step 3: After you sign up, you need to add your Instagram account to AiGrow. To do that, click on Add Instagram Account and then log in with your IG account.

Add Instagram Account

Step 4: Next, click on the Manage Account option, and then you’ll find the DM to Email option under the Direct Message tab. You need to click on DM to Email.

Step 5: You’ll have to add your email address there and then turn it to Active.

Step 6: Next, you’ll need to verify your messages using the code sent to your email.

Now every time you receive a DM, you can manage it through the AiGrow tool chat, it will also be notified via your email too from where you can read the messages.

🛑 Disadvantages of the Method:

Although these third-party tools and apps are perfect to help you read unsent messages, they would not be able to recover the unsent messages that happened before the installation of these apps.

After any message is undone from Instagram, it leaves no trace behind. Therefore neither the sender nor the receiver can see it ever again.

Even if you use third-party notification managing tools and apps, they can only recover the unsent messages that are deleted after the installation of the tool or app.

The receiver doesn’t get any notification after a message is unsent by the sender from Instagram directly.

However, these third-party apps can show you the notifications of messages that you receive after the installation of the application, therefore, all the deleted messages that were unsent before the installation of the app are gone forever and cannot be restored directly.

🔯 Can You Recover an Unsent Message?

On Instagram, if you’ve unsent a message, you won’t ever be able to get it back. The message simply disappears from the chat screen of both the sender and the receiver and you won’t be able to undo it to send the message again.

Instagram has this feature that allows users to unsend a message that he or she has previously sent. Unlike other social media messaging apps, whenever a message is unsent on Instagram, it just disappears from the screen with no following notifications or traces.

The only way you can undo such action is by typing the same message on the chatbox to send it again.

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