How To Reduce PDF File Size Online

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If you want to make a lighter PDF document then you might know that the only text document without images makes the size smaller and quicker to send.

Sometimes, due to larger images and lots of images the document size becomes larger, although you can pre-upload the compressed images while creating any PDF file and that could reduce the size by up to 60% than normal.

You can compress the PDF file using the online tools just by uploading and compressing through the tools and the newly-downloaded file will be lesser in size than the original one.

If you want to make a 1MB file to 100-200 kb then you might edit or compress the file and definitely, the quality of the document would decrease in this process.

When you have a larger PDF document and you want to make it compressed for a smaller size version then just edit the file & remove the images and then readjust the pages to make a new lighter PDF.

There you have some different ways to send files of more than 100 MB.

Why Should you Compress PDF to a Lower size:

To make it quicker to send, compressing the PDF file is very important and should be done for most of the files without compromising the quality. The main reason one compresses a PDF file is to reduce its size and fix it to the acceptable size so that it will be easier to send that file through mail or any other online portals.

People are applying for jobs through online sites and the main thing they have to do is to upload their documents and files. In that case, the site might have set some guidelines on the expected file size. So, the PDF file should be compressed and then uploaded to the application.

How To Reduce PDF File Size:

PDF can be compressed manually by following several steps. The first and foremost step in compressing PDFs is to remove unwanted images or texts from the file.

Step 1: If you have the images handy then you can just compress the images before creating any PDF.

Step 2: Simply reduce the size using your Paint tool to a reduced percentage of up to 40-50%.

to lower size in paint

The first thing you can do just by eliminating the images from the PDF documents that are unnecessary and for this you need to split the PDF into multiple pages.

For getting the page you can use the online tool order to split images and then compress each page & re-create the PDF.

Now if you want to remove a few unwanted pages then you can exclude them and re-create a new PDF file that will have a lower size.

🏷 Now after these three steps manual methods, i) Reducing pixels by percentage, ii) Compressing images, and iii) Eliminating a few pages, you will see a huge decrease in the size of the PDF file and this will help to get the lower size file.

On choosing one, it shows the file size and you can choose which one you need.

How to Reduce PDF File size below 100 kb:

Sometimes, it is important to reduce the file size even below 100 kb without compromising quality. For that, just use Adobe Acrobat Pro software to reduce the size.

To reduce the file size from 1 MB to 100 Kb,

Step 1: First of all, open the file on the Adobe Acrobat Pro tool and see the quality.

Step 2: Click on the File>>Save As Other and then select the option ‘Reduced Size PDF‘.

reduced size adobe acrobat

Step 3: In the pop-up window, you will see the version to select to reduce the size.

reduce file size ver 4 pdf

Now from the window, once you make the setup complete, click on the ‘OK‘ button and save the new file.

If you check the new file the size will be reduced a lot up to 90% of the original size, just select version 4 as this lowers the size according to the lowermost version you select.

How to Compress PDF to Reduce its File size:

There are countless online sites available to compress PDFs to the expected size. Here is step-by-step guidance on how to compress it using an online site.

  1. Open the online site in which you want to compress the PDF.
  2. It will ask for the PDF file to be uploaded.
  3. On clicking that a new window will open where you would have saved all your files. Select the PDF file that you want to compress and attach it.
  4. If you don’t have the PDF file stored in your computer, but in your drive, then choose the option ‘Google Drive’.
  5. A new window will open and you have to select the mail id in which you have saved the file.
  6. Once you allow access to your mail, your drive will open from which you can select the PDF.

If you don’t want to attach any files, you can just drag and drop by clicking on ‘Drop files here’ on the online site. If you just have the PDF online, you can select the ‘URL’ option and can copy the URL from the internet & paste it.

How to Reduce PDF File size Online:

Here are three online sites to resize the PDF file and make it up to 100 to 200 kb.

1. Smallpdf

To make the lighter PDF and reduce PDF file size,

Step 1: First of all, open and scroll down to click on resize pdf. online resize

Step 2: A red color box will open along with the ‘CHOOSE FILES’ drop-down menu or drop the file here option below it.

open along with the ‘Choose files’

Step 3: On clicking the drop-down arrow, select ‘From device’ to choose the PDF file from your computer. You may also drag and drop the file directly using the ‘Drop files here’ option.

Step 4: Or, select ‘Google drive’ to attach the file from the drive.

Or, select ‘Google drive’ to attach the file

Step 5: Choose basic compression mode and click on it.

Your file will be resized and compressed.

2. Docupub

To reduce PDF file size,

Step 1: First of all, go to

Step 2: Select resize/scale pdf on the topmost row of the site.

Step 3: Next, set the page settings as you want on Docupub. settings online

Step 4: Upload the PDF file and click on resize.

After a few minutes, your resized document will be there for you to download and review.

3. Avepdf

In order to resize the PDF document,

Step 1: Go to

Go to

Step 2: Click on choose files and select your PDF file.

Click on the choose files and select your PDF file

Step 3: It will take some time to upload the entire pdf.

Step 4: Once the document is uploaded, choose the document size you want from the drop-down menu.

choose the document size you wan

Step 5: If you choose custom, then you should provide the height and width in MM.

Step 6: If you choose anything other than custom, like A0, A1, A4, etc., the heights are automatically filled.

Once the columns are filled, click ‘resize’. The resized PDF will be available to you within seconds.

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